Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb | Lush Review

Today I've decided to try out the Instagram LUSH favourite - The Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb. 
I've been patiently waiting to use it, and have decided that now is the time. Finally. 

This bath bomb is rather large, I can't close my hand around it. It's also flat and a very pretty leaf shape. This is definitely one of the prettiest bath bombs LUSH has released this Autumn/Winter, with a beautiful selection of Autumnal colours, yellow, red and teal. 
How cool is that!??! 

This one would be a really easy bomb to snap in half, if you wanted to use it for more than one bath. But why would you? When seeing this beauty floating around on top of your bath water, is just so Insta-worthy, and mesmerising. 

The scent is pretty faint, I didn't find that it lingered on my skin very long. There's a mixture of grassy, leafy smells, and citrus which is surprisingly quite lovely. I would've preferred for it to be stronger, as I really love scents that pack a punch. 
Apologies for the quality of that one ^ I really wanted to get in this bath! 

This bomb is £3.75, and as I said, can easily be snapped in half, or even quarters. But I decided to go full on and used the whole thing! 

The Autumn Leaf is still available online here, and if you can, I'd definitely suggest buying one for yourself. Or if you're feeling cheeky, two! 
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