Thursday, 10 November 2016

Filofax Planning and a Vegan Journey - Where I've been

I do feel like I'm constantly wiring things like, 'sorry I've been gone', or even saying it on my YouTube channel, which I haven't updated in about a month... and I am sorry. 
But at the same time, I've used this month to develop myself, and by that I mean seriously tidying, cleaning, sorting, organising, and becoming an 'adult'. 
I've started using my Filofax seriously, and I've become Vegan. 
Now I have a few things I want to do here, so buckle yourself in, or don't, it's really not that exciting. Maybe just brace yourself? 
You'll be seeing a lot of planning posts, maybe even some free printables??? 
Secondly, lots of Vegan things. LOTS of Vegan things. Recipes, reviews, restaurants and more. 
This blog will be a bit more lifestyle, and a little less beauty, which I hope you're ok with. 
I think that as people evolve, things like their blogs will evolve alongside, and I have changed. I do still love makeup, but I just love lifestyle topics more right now, which is kind of why I'm struggling on Youtube. 
I watch way more vlogs and lifestyle videos than anything else, I literally can't even remember the last time I watched a makeup tutorial. So I don't really see the point in blogging and vlogging about subjects that I'm just not enthused with anymore. 
As I said before, I hope you're ok with this, I think that now is definitely the perfect time of year to switch over. Christmas is 100% the BEST lifestyle time of year. 
This is not me saying that I won't be making videos, or writing about beauty products, I'll just be writing about them less. 
Love you all so incredibly much, and thank you for your continuous support! 
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