Sunday, 13 November 2016

Vegan Christmas - Spinach and Mushroom Plait

One idea I've had for this Christmas on both my blog, and my YouTube channel, is to show you how to hold a Vegan Christmas, as it'll be my first as well. So we can be rookies at this together! 

Today I'm sharing with you a freakishly easy recipe, even for the lazy cooks among us. This is incredibly easy to make, and you can keep it either in the fridge or freeze it in portions. If you wanted, you could make this a couple of days before Christmas, refrigerate it, and then have it instead of a Turkey. 

Don't be afraid of the amount of steps, it's just me over-explaining, this is actually super simple, and it doesn't require you to make sauces, spices, pastries or ANYTHING like that. 

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Filofax Planning and a Vegan Journey - Where I've been

I do feel like I'm constantly wiring things like, 'sorry I've been gone', or even saying it on my YouTube channel, which I haven't updated in about a month... and I am sorry. 
But at the same time, I've used this month to develop myself, and by that I mean seriously tidying, cleaning, sorting, organising, and becoming an 'adult'. 
I've started using my Filofax seriously, and I've become Vegan. 
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