Saturday, 1 October 2016

LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs 'Supernatural' Palette

I've been oggling the LunatiCK Cosmetic's 'Supernatural' Palette for ages, and I do mean ages, as in two Christmases have passed! 
I finally took the leap and bought it at the beginning of the month, after loving my Contour Book, I knew I'd love this palette. 
The palette is an awesome coffin shape, and made of good, sturdy cardboard- think Urban Decay Naked palette. The outer packaging has a Ouija board pattern on the top, and has the palette ingredients and shades on the back. One thing that irritates me about LCL palettes, is that they don't have the shade names printed on the inside of the palette, next to the shadows. But, I realised that this is so that you can switch out the colours etc. So it's a so-so situation for me. 
The inside of the packaging is super-cool. The bottom part is a bright cheetah print, with cats and all kinds of supernatural stuff. The top has a bat-shaped mirror, and a bunch of awesome graphic designs, a wolf mosaic, a fortune teller, a crypt, an alien spaceship and more! It's awesome. Unfortunately, this packaging isn't exclusive to this palette, this is the same packaging on all of the LCL shadow palettes. Which I think makes it hard to differentiate them if you have a few. 
It's a nice compact size which I'm sure will be great for travelling, as you have pretty much every colour you need for a simple eye look. 
All of the shadows are purple-rose tones, think Naked 3 but creepier? 
Shadows are swatched in the same order they are in the palette. 
The glittery shadow in this palette is 'Invocation' a smooth cool-toned pink neutral, with silver glitter. This is gorgeous on the lid. 
The matte cream is 'Myth' and this has gorgeous pigmentation for a light eyeshadow, it's so smooth and buttery, it's a real delight to use as a base for the other colours.
The middle shade 'Spook' is a gorgeous cranberry, rust satin colour. It's got a slightly matte base, but is absolutely stunning on the lid or  blended up through the crease. It contains very fine red micro glitter, and has very little fall-out. 
'Reincarnation' is a gorgeous purple matte neutral, it's surprisingly darker on the skin than it looks. But it's really lovely. 
Finally, there's 'Ghoulight' a pretty bruise toned matte neutral purple. The last two shades do kick up a bit in the pan,  but it's nothing to worry about. Again, this one comes out darker on my skin tone than I thought it would, but adds a lovely gothic amount of dimension to my eyes. 
These shadows are all buttery smooth, and very pigmented. I do think that this palette is quite pricey, at £24.99 for five eyeshadows. However each eyeshadow is full-sized which is something you don't get in other paletts like the Naked ones. 
They blend so easily together, across primer and with other shadows. All of my swatches are over absolutely no primer, which with that amount of pigmentation I'm super impressed. 
I really love this palette, it is expensive, but if you want some serious, quality shadows definitely look into LCL. They are currently producing individual shadows/refills for these palettes, as well as the Contour Book, and let me just tell y'all - the packaging. They're all in little black rose magnetic holders. 
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