Thursday, 18 August 2016

Lime Crime Superfoil|Malibu/Convertible

As soon as Lime Crime started advertising their new 'Superfoil' eyeshadows, I just knew that I'd have to try them. They promised and über metallic finish, and great shine and wear. 

Today I'm reviewing the colours 'Mailbu' and 'Convertible', both of which come together in one pan. So you pay for two colours, rather than one, which I think is a very nice idea.
The packaging is very cute and surprisingly sturdy. It's a pastel pink compact, with the Lime Crime logo and some daisy designs on the top. I mention the sturdiness because it really doesn't feel flimsy at all, and I'd definitely be happy packing these if I were going on holiday. 
'Malibu' is the light blue on the left, and 'Convertible' is on the right. Despite essentially being the same product, both Superfoils have different formulas. 'Malibu' feels like a regular metallic or shimmery eyeshadow. Whereas 'Convertible' is chunkier, less dense and more fragile, and does end up being more metallic.
I feel like you can see the difference in formulas, 'Malibu' is more dense, harder, and 'Convertible' is soft, almost fluffy and cushiony. 
As it states on the base of the packaging, these can be 'activated' with water. You could use a drop of water on a brush, or your finger. Or you could use something like MAC's Fix+, I've actually tried out the Cooling Urban Decay Setting Spray, and that does the job just fine too. 
The above is one swipe dry, they aren't showing up as well in the photograph as in real life. I think here you can definitely see the difference in the formulas though, 'Malibu' isn't as pigmented as 'Convertible'. 
I've found that applying these to the eyes with a brush is pretty useless. But it's a complete game-changer using your fingers to pat it onto your lids. 
This is them wet, they are amazingly easy to blend. I thought they'd end up kind of hard to blend, like cream eyeshadows, but they are buttery and soft and so beautiful to blend. I used these a couple of nights ago on a trip up to London, they lasted all night, and were just as metallic and vibrant at 12pm as they were when I applied them and 2:30 that afternoon - that's nearly ten hours of wear! 
To say mega-impressed would be an understatement. 

What do you guys think of the metallic trend? Personally, I love it, glitter and shine are my two favourite things! 
You can get the Superfoils on the Lime Crime site for £13.80 or off Love Makeup for £13.95
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