Friday, 17 June 2016

BLEACH London|Beach Lights Review

Adventures in Hair! 
I haven't dyed my hair in a long, long time, and since the regulations and rules at work concerning this have changed, I thought it was high time to start experimenting again. 
To start off this dip-dye/balayage adventure, I started with the BLEACH London 'Beach Lights' kit. 
 It's a pretty standard bleaching kit, and for £7 I think that's a pretty good deal, considering there's a 3for2 on selected hair care in Boots at the moment.
I will add in a little disclaimer here, I've used bleaching kits before many, many times, but I've never tried balayage before, and after this, not sure I'd bother again.
In the kit you get two packets of bleaching powder (yes, you need to use both), developing lotion (yes, I did forget to put this one in the photo), gloves, a mixing trough, a balayage board, a brush and a pretty decently sized tube of 'Reincarnation Mask'.
You mix together the two packets of bleaching powder with the developing lotion, then tuck the balayage board under a small section of your hair and apply the product with the brush.
Pretty simple right?
Unless you're cack-handed like myself, and this becomes literally the hardest task ever. I ended up giving up on the balayage board about two strips in, and just decided to use my regular dip-dye technique. It's a much quicker and easier way to get bleach or any dye into your hair, but it doesn't hold the same highlight style effect balayage is meant to. However, for what I wanted, the dip-dye technique is probably the one I should've gone with from the beginning.
I ended up leaving the bleach on my hair for about forty to fourth-five minutes, as I have very dark brown hair. The lighter the hair, the less amount of time you probably have to leave it.
My main tip is to put the bleach on you hair at the ends first, and work it up your hair, rather than the other way around because you want the tips lighter than the rest. My hair at the end was somewhere between a light gold and a white-blonde, it definitely wasn't pure white, but I honestly didn't expect that with my natural hair colour.

I do think that this kit worked faster than any other bleaching kit I've used before, I've tried Directions, Garnier, and another one that I can't remember the name of. And my hair was certainly lighter than it's ever turned before so I am actually really impressed with this bleaching kit.
I do think the balayage board is pretty useless unless you are a super-coordiated human. But, the rest of this kit is far superior, and at only £7 a box, a pretty good price too, considering all BLEACH bleaching kits are £7, including the full-head kit.

You can see me using this kit live-style in my YouTube Hair Adventure video!

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