Friday, 10 June 2016

BLEACH London Haul

I absolutely love dying my hair, it's been all kinds of colours from blue, to red to Hulk green, almost every colour you can think of, I've done it. 
Recently the regulations at my workplace changed, and now we can all dye our hair (we previously had to have 'natural' colours), wear piercings and wear neutral nail polish! So naturally, I'm going to have another go at dying my hair, this time trying out a few new products. 
I'm pretty casual about dying my hair, simply because you can always change it back, I've found a hair dye that matches my natural colour that I use to cover up really bad dye-jobs. 
This month, I've decided to try my hand using Bleach London bleaches, shampoos, dyes, and restoration products.
Their products have always caught my eye, along with the fun names, the packaging is really cool, and very 'hipster-chic' rough.I bought six products that I've never tried online at Boots, which I'm pretty sure is the only high-street shop that sells Bleach products. I also got them on a three for two deal, so altogether not a bad deal. 
I love doing a dip-dye, but wanted something that would come up a little higher on my head, and something I'd never tried before. So I picked up the 'Beach Lights' kit which is a balayage kit for only £7.
Naturally if you want your colours to come out as pure as possible, you want the whitest base you can achieve so I also got the 'White Toner' kit. From reviews I've seen, this is actually white and not purple like most toner kits. Also £7. 
Even though my hair recovers pretty fast naturally, for some reason, bleach doesn't seem to damage it at all really. I did decide to grab the 'Reincarnation Mask' because silky summer hair is THE DREAM! This one was £6 and is actually much bigger in person, than I thought it would be. 
Again, to go with the colour correcting and also the fact that I'm 99% completely out of shampoo altogether, I decided on two colour-safe shampoos. This one which is the Bleach 'Silver Shampoo', a really, really dark purple colour-correcting shampoo to knock out brassy tones. £5. 
I also got the 'Live Forever' shampoo, which is meant to stop the colours from fading so quickly because most, if not all really bright dyes are semi-permanent so are more prone to fading. This one was £6. 
Finally, the dye! I only bought one dye colour, as I have a lot of Crazy Colour dyes too, but do really want to try more of the Bleach ones. This is 'Awkward Peach'. At £5 I think it's a pretty good deal, and the colour does look very nice, although on some it seems to lean pinkish. I don't think I'll be mixing this with conditioner, which I have seen some people do, as it'll wash out pretty fast anyway. 
So that's everything I've bought from Bleach London so far. I definitely want to try out 'Blullini', 'Seapunk' and either 'Parma Violets' or 'Violet Skies' but for now, we'll give this one a whirl. And you'll be seeing LOADS of reviews of these things soon! 
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