Friday, 24 June 2016

French Toast Oatmeal and Egg White Pancakes

So now I'm writing things that make me happy, I'm going to start posting new recipes, things I'm trying out, changing or inventing myself. 
I recently did a lot of googling, and stumbled across Demi Lovato's 'What I eat in a Week' over on Women's Health. 
I noticed she ate Oatmeal and Egg White Pancakes for breakfast everyday, granted hers were with applesauce and fruit, not syrup and cinnamon, but I became intrigued. 
I love porridge, eggs and pancakes, so this kind of seemed like a pancake-alternative of oatmeal cookies. Which sounded strange, but delightful. 

After looking around the internet for about fifteen minutes, I gauged the general idea of which ingredients to use. You can always use different toppings if cinnamon isn't your favourite, something like plums, nectarines or cherries are my favourites. You can also add protein powder if that's your thing, but I wanted something that didn't necessarily require it. 
This recipe is also all in cups, because I'm a lazy arsehole in the morning and can't be bothered with scales. 

This recipe is also for either two thicker pancakes or three to four thin pancakes, depending on how large you make them. So this is really a recipe for ONE, but you can easily multiply it up, I have faith in your maths skills! 

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Where is my mind?

I feel like over the past months my blog hasn't really been about 'me'. Yes, I know it's not always about me, but this is my blog and whilst I love makeup and beauty, I feel like this blog's less mine and more reviews and hauls 24/7, which is 100% what I never wanted to happen. 
This was always my space to come and wright about my thoughts, feelings and absolutely everything else, but it's become stale and boring and I'm not happy at all. 
You may or may not know, whether you've been here a while or just a short time, I have previously had anxiety and depression. Over the past two or three weeks, they've come back, really badly. 
My biggest problem has been trying to explain how anxiety and depression make me feel, to people that have never encountered them. I have probably one, maybe two people, that seem to seriously take it into account. But that's the thing, I don't want people treating me differently, like I'm more fragile because I have anxiety and depression.
I just want them to know that if I'm not 100% myself, I'm not excited about something, if I don't want to go out, it's nothing to do with them, it's me, and it's something you have to leave well enough alone to let me deal with. 

Friday, 17 June 2016

BLEACH London|Beach Lights Review

Adventures in Hair! 
I haven't dyed my hair in a long, long time, and since the regulations and rules at work concerning this have changed, I thought it was high time to start experimenting again. 
To start off this dip-dye/balayage adventure, I started with the BLEACH London 'Beach Lights' kit. 
 It's a pretty standard bleaching kit, and for £7 I think that's a pretty good deal, considering there's a 3for2 on selected hair care in Boots at the moment.
I will add in a little disclaimer here, I've used bleaching kits before many, many times, but I've never tried balayage before, and after this, not sure I'd bother again.
In the kit you get two packets of bleaching powder (yes, you need to use both), developing lotion (yes, I did forget to put this one in the photo), gloves, a mixing trough, a balayage board, a brush and a pretty decently sized tube of 'Reincarnation Mask'.

Friday, 10 June 2016

BLEACH London Haul

I absolutely love dying my hair, it's been all kinds of colours from blue, to red to Hulk green, almost every colour you can think of, I've done it. 
Recently the regulations at my workplace changed, and now we can all dye our hair (we previously had to have 'natural' colours), wear piercings and wear neutral nail polish! So naturally, I'm going to have another go at dying my hair, this time trying out a few new products. 
I'm pretty casual about dying my hair, simply because you can always change it back, I've found a hair dye that matches my natural colour that I use to cover up really bad dye-jobs. 
This month, I've decided to try my hand using Bleach London bleaches, shampoos, dyes, and restoration products.
Their products have always caught my eye, along with the fun names, the packaging is really cool, and very 'hipster-chic' rough.
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