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Urban Decay|Alice in Wonderland Through The Looking Glass Palette

I was so excited when I first heard that Urban Decay would be collaborating with Disney, especially that it would be an Alice in Wonderland collaboration. 
I initially wasn't going to get this palette, but when I recently visited Debenhams after watching several YouTube videos on it, I had to get it. And I am so, so glad that I made that decision! 
I feel like the set up of this palette is somewhat like the older Vice palettes, when they used to have pop-ups and 3D bits in them. I was never fortunate enough to get one, so this for me is something completely new and different. 
The packaging itself is seriously meticulously designed and feels very special on it's own.
The palette is made of a thick, stable cardboard, and covered in kaleidoscopic bright flower and butterfly designs, with a looking glass on the top.
There are a few quotes all through this palette. On the inside of the lid, 'We're all mad here' is scrawled on the mirror, which is actually a pretty good mirror, and it's backed on melted clock printed card. A little Salvador Dali-esque. On the outside of the box, the above quote is written in gold on the actual eyeshadow palette itself. 'I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I must have changed several times since then.'
Inside the lid of the palette, are two little black doors with 'I'm not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours' written across in gold. When opened up with the little satin tabs, it reveals a bright blue card and plastic butterfly, that opens up with the doors. I really love this little detail, some may see it as a 'gimmick' but I really like it, it makes the palette overall feel really special and unique. 
As with pretty much all Urban Decay palettes, you get a little double-ended brush. This one has a really shiny centre with kaleidoscopic flowers on, and gold lettering. The ends are both fluffy, a long blending brush on the right, and a shorter, more dense one on the left. You can use the left for applying shadows, and the right for blending. I love this kind of brush, but I know that some people prefer the ones with one flat end, one fluffy, so you may need to use more or different brushes when using the palette. 
Look how pretty! 
Each eyeshadow is framed with three dimensional style lines in black and white, so make some of the shadows look raised and some indented. I really love this effect, but do feel like the white parts will get stained from these shadows pretty easily. Even 'Dormouse' has started to stain the white parts on mine, and that's a light brown. 
All swatches will be left to right. 
Looking Glass - A crazy smooth light cream with pink shimmer, and a satin finish. 
Reflection - This one's a really pretty matte light peach, slightly chalky with a bit of fall out. 
Dormouse - Warm mid brown base with gold glitter and a very smooth finish. 
Metamorphosis - One of my absolute favourites, a buildable periwinkle blue with very fine blue micro glitter. 
Hatter - A slightly patchy bright kelly green, with a smooth satin finish that's not quite matte. 
Gone Mad - Black based purple with a buildable even finish, and a little fine blue and red glitter. 
Paradox - Another personal favourite, this is a shining metallic orange, it's a little crumbly but nothing to worry about. Very pigmented metallic with no glitter. 
Cake - Slightly reflective fuchsia, very smooth with a small amount of silver micro glitter. 
Lily - A complete surprise, this shadow looks like a plain cream shadow in the palette, but holds a crazy bright pink duo chrome. I couldn't catch this fully on camera, but it's beautiful. 
Duchess - Peach subtle duo chrome eyeshadow, with fine gold glitter. It's very pretty but slightly hard in the pan. 
Kingdom - This is a very pigmented almost metallic brown, it's a very soft eyeshadow that's really easy to apply and feels very true to Urban Decay formulas. 
Chessboard - A very smooth matte brown, surprisingly brilliant pigmentation for such a matte eyeshadow. Very little fall out and not chalky at all. 
Heads Will Roll - Egyptian matte turquoise with gold glitter, slightly chalky but buildable. 
Bandersnatch - Least cooperative matte, a very hard eyeshadow that's patchy but buildable if you're willing to persist. 
Salazen Grum - Pretty metallic red with little to no fall out, and a slight pinky coral duo chrome. Slightly gritty in the pan but not on the eyes. 
Royal Flush - Warm icy white with a bit of fall out, slightly gritty, buildable but would look fab in the centre of the eye over any cream eyeshadow. 
Time - Insane pigment for a darker shadow, this one really surprised me! A blackened satin navy. 
Dream On - A very iffy shadow, possibly pressed glitter and not a shadow at all? The swatch above is about five or six swipes. No actual eyeshadow pigmentation, very hard and not easy to use with a brush. 
Chronosphere - Very pretty satin metallic brown, very pigmented with little fall out, reminds me of Smog. 
Mirror - Satin finish gunmetal grey, smooth and very easy to use with little to no fall out. 
A very picture-heavy post but with this palette, who can blame me?!
I'm seriously in love with this palette, and wish that I picked it up earlier. But, I did get lucky because when I went to get this in Debenhams, they were having a random 10% off day! And I managed to use some points off my Debenhams Beauty card and got an extra £5 off, so this only cost me £33.50 rather than £43.50. 
As of right now, this palette is completely sold out online here in the UK on Urban Decay, and I haven't seen it on either Debenhams' or House of Fraser's websites. However, like I did you may still be able to get it in-store. 
I do hope you manage to find this if you want it, because it's insanely beautiful and I'm really glad I didn't pass on it whilst I still had the chance. Whilst there are a couple of dud shadows, they aren't unusable and I do have some tricks on how to make them work. The other shadows like Metamorphosis, Paradox, Cake and Time are just stunning and I cannot wait to use them some more! 
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  1. It's a stunning palette, but I don't think I'd use half the colours! Tania xx


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