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Lime Crime Spring Velvetines 2016 Collection

When I saw the promo pictures for this year's Spring Lime Crime Velvetine collection, I knew it'd be something I had to get in on. 
The cute spring alien aesthetic, combined with luminous bright colours, is extremely interesting. 
I ended up buying three out of the four 'limited' colours released, skipping out on 'Zenon', a bright metallic gold. 
The packaging on these is exactly the same as the regular Velvetine packaging, frosted tube with a red metallic, painted lid, and doe-foot applicator. In each tube you get 2.6ml/0.088floz. If you buy from the Lime Crime website (like I like to) the lipsticks are £13.93/$20.00 each, which is pretty steep for the amount of product you are getting. Especially when compared to something like Jeffree Star's lipsticks which are £12.54/$18.00 from Jeffree's website, for 5.6ml/0.19floz. More than double the product you get with Lime Crime, for less cash. 
I think if you properly work it out, these are quite steep, but if you're looking for really unique and wonderful colours, these are definitely worth a look. Also, can we all appreciate the maths up there? 
The colours I did end up purchasing, are 'Flamingo', 'Alien' and 'Teacup'. 'Flamingo' and 'Alien' were released together, and 'Teacup' was released alongside 'Zenon' about two or three weeks later. 
All three colours smell amazing, like the butteriest buttercream scent, it's really lovely and I'm a big fan. 
They all claim to also be black-light-reactive, meaning if you're going to a club, rave or 'Space Ship Earth' at Epcot they'll light up like the fourth of July. I haven't been able to test this myself as I don't have a black light and you know I'm a social recluse. I'm really hoping that they stand up to this claim, because next time we go to Orlando, you know I'mma wear one of these to Epcot! 
I'm going to review and swatch each colour individually, so be prepared for the most pictures EVER! 
'Flamingo' is a beautiful bright, Nicki Minaj-esque pink. It's slightly warm-toned, which I think makes it more wearable. 
I absolutely love the colour of this one, it definitely carries a tinny amount of coral undertone, to make it that true 'Flamingo' pink. I also really like the doe-foot applicator Lime Crime uses in their Velvetines, it's smaller than the Jeffree Star doe-foots, but very soft and less fluffy. This makes it really, really easy to apply straight from the tube, which makes it great for touch-ups. 
This one has great pigmentation, and looks absolutely amazing on, I think that this one has the best and truest amount of pigmentation throughout the Spring collection. I do find that this one crumbles a bit more than other Velvetines that I own (Riot/Cashmere), possibly down to the use of a white base in this one. It wears well, but at the inner lip, and is slightly crumbly, but you can apply over top. 
I do find it best to just remove all of the product on my lower lip and apply all over again, which to be honest isn't the easiest if you're out and about. 
But, it does wear for a decent amount of time, as long as you aren't eating anything greasy like salad dressing. 
'Alien' is an absolutely gorgeous, and completely unique colour. It's a bright radioactive cool-toned green. It leans more to the minty side of green, than to a grassy green. Also, it's called 'Alien' and anyone that knows me, knows I love sic-fi, aliens and any conspiracy theories about Area 51. 
The formula is really nice on all of these lipsticks, it's not whipped and moussey, it's more of a thin, very smooth, liquid formula, which I really like. They all sit pretty comfortably on the lips, as long as you prep your lips right (moisturise, leave for ten minutes, scrub, moisturise, wipe off moisturiser and then apply). Yes, I do have a routine for this, and yes, it works really well!
I found that this one had the strangest coverage, this swatch is two coats like the others, and I just couldn't get it completely even. I found it wore off the same way 'Flamingo' does, slightly chunkily on the inner lower lip (also please bare in mind, I am a lip-licker), but I just don't think the formula of this one is as opaque as 'Flamingo'. Thinking about it, that could be because it's not a skin-colour, so any thinner patches don't blend in as well as they would with a pink lipstick like 'Flamingo'. 
I do really love the colour of this one, it's incredibly bright and very beautiful, it'll look amazing as eyeliner too. 
The last colour I purchased is 'Teacup' which is described as a periwinkle blue. It really is a true periwinkle blue, and definitely live up to that (looking at you Hermione's dress in GoF!). 
Much like 'Alien' this is an incredibly unique colour, and I'm definitely falling in love with it. It's a beautiful colour for spring and summer. It's less harsh than Jeffree Star's 'Jawbreaker', 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' and 'Blue Velvet', as it's a softer more pastel-toned colour. It's a neutral blue, so not hugely cool or warm, and is very soft and pretty. 
I find the opacity of this one somewhere between 'Alien and 'Flamingo', it's more pigmented than 'Alien' in two coats, as you can tell from the swatch. But, requires more a more precise second coat than 'Flamingo', by this I mean with 'Flamingo' you can just swipe on two coats, whereas 'Teacup' requires a second coat to precisely cover up thinner patches. I seriously love this colour, it's so beautiful, and again like 'Alien' would be an amazing eyeliner. 
This one wears the same as the other two, it dries beautifully, but crumbles slightly on the centre of the lower lip after a long amount of wear, or greasy food. 
The above swatches are all one-coat swatches, and I think that these re-iterate what I was saying about the opacity of all three lipsticks. 
I definitely want to try out all three of these with a nude lipliner, and a white liquid lipstick underneath, just to see how the colours turn out. 
I think that for the price, 'Teacup' and 'Alien' should be more pigmented, or the formula should be a little thicker, just to fix the opacity issue. The crumbling, for me, is typical of how most liquid lipsticks wear on my lips. They are generally very dry anyway. 
I do really like these lipsticks, they are incredibly bright, and colours that I've never before seen which is really cool, and they'll definitely draw compliments! Trust, everyone will be asking you where you got your lipstick. 

Where's the appropriate place to wear these lipsticks? I hear you ask. 
Anywhere! It's Summer, you can wear them anywhere you want! Festivals, fairs, vacations, to the shops, literally wear them anywhere, and as always you can test the waters with them as eyeliners if you want. Also remember you can always mix liquid lipsticks, so you could mix any of these with 'Drug Lord' from Jeffree Star to create pastel versions, or mix 'Alien' and 'Teacup' for a neon turquoise. Or even 'Teacup' and 'Flamingo' for a purple. 
Which is your favourite Velvetine? Or which one of these three would you like to try the most? How would you wear it? 
You can purchase these lipsticks online at Lime Crime's website for £13.93, or if you're in the UK over on Love Makeup for £13.95. 'Alien' and 'Flamingo' are available on Love Makeup right now, and 'Teacup' and 'Zenon' will be up soon too. 
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