Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Lime Crime Perlees|Penny and Roswell Review

You can probably tell from my last post that I am a big, big fan of Lime Crime right now. The colours and textures of the products they are creating, are truly amazing. 
When I saw the Lime Crime Perlees released, way back in December, I knew that I'd have to take a closer look. 
'Penny' was the first shade that really caught my eye, I absolutely love the MAC lipstick 'CB 96' and this one seemed like a more pigmented version. 'Roswell' combines two of my favourite things, aliens and lipstick, the colour looked weird and wonderful so it was a definite buy for me. 
As always, I'll start with the packaging. Lime Crime's always had pretty unique and interesting packaging, but this really takes the cake. The packaging on these lipsticks is absolutely beautiful, I myself am not a floral-print fan, but 'IRL' this packaging is amazing. 
The tubes themselves are cylindrical, nothing like I've had before, and soft, smooth, slightly velvety in texture. The floral print is a lovely green, yellow, pink and blue pattern on top of a black background with metallic silver logo on the front. This pattern also follows through onto the boxes. 
Another thing that I really appreciate about these lipsticks, is that like Urban Decay, Lime Crime's decided to use colour-representative stickers on the bottom of the lipstick tubes. Since you can't see the product inside, I think that this is a brilliant idea. Especially if you store your lipsticks upside down, or in a drawer and don't want to open every lipstick to see the colours. 
'Penny' is a gorgeous orange copper penny colour, it's slightly metallic and a really wearable orange. If you haven't been able to find an orange lipstick that suits you, try this one out, it's absolutely stunning, and surprisingly wearable.
The formula on both of these lipsticks feels very different on application, 'Penny' is very smooth and creamy. This initially concerned me, because creamy lipsticks don't usually last well on my lips. This lipstick has completely proven me wrong! Unlike creamy lipsticks I've had in the past, this formula seems to dry down and adhere to the lips really well, and lasts absolutely ages. I wore this one out to the cinema to see 'Captain America: Civil War' (great movie by the way), so it lasted well over 4 hours including Starbucks-getting time, movie watching time and driving time. It was still perfect when I got home, and not at all worn in the centre of my lips, which is crazy to me because lipstick always wears off there for me. You can wear a single layer, like in the picture above or build it up to be really opaque and metallic which you can see in the swatches below. 
Both of the lipsticks I have, have this quality to them, very wearable with one swipe, and a bit more awesome with a couple of layers. 
As soon as I found out the name of 'Roswell' I had to have it, never mind that it's the metallic sister of cult-fave 'Cashmere' (which I also own), it was aliens so it was mine. 
'Roswell' is really different and incredibly beautiful, described as "UFO Pewter" on the Lime Crime site, they aren't wrong. It's not completely silver, meaning that this lipstick is very wearable as it has a beige base. Unlike 'Penny', 'Roswell' does not go on creamy and smooth, it's a very hard lipstick, and you can feel the metallic glitter gliding onto your lips. However, I actually really like this texture, and find it a lot easier to apply and build up than creamier lipsticks. Again like 'Penny' this lipstick is extremely buildable and wearable. I've worn this one to work twice since I've had it and the wear time is brilliant, considering I work for eight hours in an office, and there's very minimal wear at the end of the day is really good. It seems to dry down a little after application to set itself on the lips, so it's immoveable. 
Whether these would stand up to greasier foods like oils or salad dressings, I'm not 100% sure, but I presume they'd wear like most any other lipstick and wear at the centre of the lips. 
The lipsticks are £12.43/$18.00 on the Lime Crime website, which is where I purchased mine from, or if you're in the UK you can also get them at Love Makeup for £12.95. 
These lipsticks are heralded as a matte pearl lipstick, which explains the drying down and long-wearing abilities of these lipsticks. 
I'm a big fan of these lipsticks, so far, and really hope that Lime Crime releases more colours of these over the summer. You can still get the Valentine's exclusive 'Lady' over on Love Makeup if, like me, you missed it. 
Which Perlee is your favourite so far? 
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