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I've seen a lot of Halsey over on Tumblr over the past year or so, and she seems like a seriously cool person. She's constantly encouraging her fans to love and to be themselves, which in this day and age, is a really, really cool message to be sending to people. Especially younger, more impressionable ages, the message of self-acceptance is very important. 
Halsey recently collaborated with MAC to create a lipstick that is totally different to anything I've ever seen them create. This lipstick makes me so, so excited for the Summertime MAC collections, which I will be writing a piece on in due course. It's also £15.50, like regular MAC lipsticks. 
Let's begin with the packaging before we get into the really exciting part. 
I love this box, it's bright, beautiful and has definitely brought the spark back to MAC for me. I've not been buying from them for a while, but this has renewed my interest in the brand. The box is bright blue, and furry looking, it looks like hair. I'm pretty sure this is meant to represent Halsey's hair which was bright blue for a while. 
I really wish MAC had brought some of this beautiful colour through onto their packaging, because it would have made the lipstick that bit better. Or even, just brought it through the same way the do the red on Viva Glam lipsticks, by turning the silver parts blue. It would've looked awesome. *le sigh* 
This lipstick though, you guys! It's so beautiful, and completely the opposite of a colour for Springtime, but I'm in love. It's a dark, cool-toned cement grey. It's in the MAC Matte formula, so it's a bit creamier than the Retro Matte formula, but still wears for a very good amount of time. This one is slightly shiny, but that could just be because I've been wearing a lot of matte liquid lipsticks recently, which are all really matte. 
The formula is very comfortable on the lips, and I can definitely forget I'm wearing it. It is, however, a little translucent. It needs a couple of coats to get fully opaque. As you can see on the swatch above, nearer the centre of my lips are more layers of lipstick, than are towards the outer edges. 
I feel like this makes it more wearable though, to have that ever so slight tint of skin tone coming through. 
Whatever it is, I do find this to be a 'wearable' grey lipstick, as it doesn't completely cancel out your skin tone. If you're into grey tones, this is definitely a lipstick you need to check out. 
If you want something more opaque, that is a very, very similar colour try Lime Crime's Cement - £11.33, or for a more blue toned version LA Splash's 'Vindictive' - £9.95, or NYX's Stone Fox - £6.50.
Overall I'm a big fan of this lipstick, it's the exact opposite of a lipstick you'd expect to be wearing in the Spring, but I love it for exactly that reason. It's blue-toned and beautiful, it's almost the opposite of all the grey-toned browns we've been seeing, this is blue-toned grey. A new frontier in grey! 
This one is sold out right now, but MAC usually does a re-stock in a few day's time, so be on the lookout both in-store and online. 
You can check out live-swatches in my latest YouTube video here: 
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PS. MAC, I hate your new website, takes forever to load. Sometimes simpler is better. 

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  1. This is amazing- I never even would have thought of the idea of grey lipstick, but when you see it on it's lovely. I really need to get out of my comfort zone of tinted lip balms!


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