Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Summertime Budget Sunglass Picks | 2015

It's here! My favourite sunglasses this year that you can buy on a budget. Like the majority of people, I can't afford to spend more than £30 on a pair of sunnies. I am clumsy and forgetful, so to buy designer sunglasses would be a huge commitment. Every year I always rely on budget high street sunglasses, I buy a couple of pairs to switch it up a bit. 
As you may know from my previous post on designer sunglasses, I want to get into fashion blogging a bit more, I haven't done a lot so bare with me. Uncharted waters here guys. 

I'm not a particularly 'trendy' person, I either dress grungy or really sleek and polished, there's no in-between. Just thought I'd give you a little background! 

All of these sunnies are £30 or below. 
These super sleek glasses are from one of my personal favourite high street retailers, River Island. I love the gold metal frames and the slight cat eye edge to them, and I always have time for tortoiseshell. The gold champagne pink of the lenses is chic and I think would look really sophisticated, especially with white on the beach, or sipping Cosmos at the pool bar! They are also available in deep red tones, which would look amazing with a darker coloured outfit. 

These are definitely some of my favourites from my picks, and these are from Warehouse. The chunkier gold frame really shows up, and as you can probably tell I am really inclined to gold in the summertime! The frames are a dark brown colour, and look slick and sophisticated on. At £16 these are definitely a great bargain, and when on I think they actually look really expensive. 

Probably a second favourite, because who doesn't want sunnies that make it look like there's flames in them!?!?!? These are from Urban Outfitters, and are a big, chunky pair of glasses. They look amazing on, but beware they are HUGE so if you're not a fan of big sunnies, I'd steer clear. The lenses are a deep brown, and I just think that these look awesome. These'd be brilliant with some blue denim shorts, a vest top and a checked shirt. They are also available in a crystal brown finish

I initially picked these out from Urban Outfitters because they reminded me of the Enchanted Garden sunnies from my last post. But, I think I like these ones more...? I'm a huge fan of the translucent style frames, I like when frames aren't quite opaque as I think it takes some of the 'heavy' look away from glasses. If you know me IRL, you'll know that I'm a HUGE fan of hardware, I have metal accents on shoes, hairbands, jumpers you name it. So the really simple gold hardware on top of these sunglasses really calls to me. I like that it's a really thin, simple line, rather than a huge chunk on the front. These are also available in black with the same gold hardware. 

These are the most expensive glasses here, on the higher side of 'budget'. These are by Quay but are sold in TopShop. For me, this pair is all about that amazing gold hardware. I like that the hardware extends as the arms, and these look wicked on. They'd definitely be a serious statement/conversation piece, and they are also available in black with smokey lenses if you'd prefer to be on the dark side. You could pick out the hardware on these with some hardware on a bag, a swimsuit or even flip flops/sandals! 

I hope you guys enjoyed my 2015 sunglasses duo posts! If you did let me know which is your favourite pair from this post. What do you want me to talk about next? I'm thinking of handbags/crossbodys for summertime tourism or shoes...? Let me know! 
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