Saturday, 30 May 2015

LUSH Review | Space Girl Bath Bomb

Space Girl was one of those bath bombs I spotted on my first trip to LUSH, and always ment to pick up but never did. I recently got the chance to try it and am so happy, as I think it's going to be a firm favourite! And at £2.35 it's probably one of LUSH's cheapest bath bombs. 
The bath bomb is a cute light purple planet with rings, dusted in orangey red powder calling to mind Mars.  
It smells very sweet, not floral, and carries a strong still-there scent in the bath. This is one thing I'm really excited about, because I've found that a lot of LUSH's bath bombs often lose a lot of their scent in the tub. 
It creates gorgeous bright pinky purple water, with a little silver glitter, and it smells divine. I would've liked some popping candy or something, or even for it to last a little longer when it as fizzing. But for the price, and how nice it smelt in the tub, I'm really pleased with this purchase. 

Have you tried Space Girl? What's your favourite bath or shower product right now? 
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