Monday, 2 March 2015

Regal Rose Mini Haul

I recently made a couple of purchases on one of my all-time favourite jewellery sites, and thought I'd share them with you! 
I've loved Regal Rose's jewellery for absolutely years, and was lucky enough to receive a necklace from my friends from Regal Rose for my birthday a couple of years ago. I haven't made a purchase myself until now, and I'm so thrilled with how lovely everything is. 
I decided on two rings, Ivy and Black Tide
Ivy was on sale and was originally £24 reduced to £19. I'd had my eye on the Ivy ring for ages, and was so excited when I saw it on sale that I had to get it! It's a gorgeous little chunk of labradorite set in a sterling silver ring. It's fairly plain and simple, but the stone is absolutely stunning.
 "A tiny piece of fiery labradorite set into a delicate sterling silver ring"

As you guys know, I LOVE 'The Hobbit', and labradorite is the stone that Kili has in 'The Desolation of Smaug' (just a little geeky fact for you there!). I've been set on getting a labradorite ring and am so glad to have this little gem. 
The second ring is the Black Tide ring, now don't tell me you don't think of pirates. I love pirates. The name is what initially intrigued me, however the detail on this ring is absolutely stunning. It is £24 and consists of an onyx gemstone set inside a sterling silver ring. 
"A delicately detailed ring featuring a dark and deadly Onyx gemstone. Delicately feminine with a deadly twist."

It is very pretty and beautifully detailed. 
I am very, very happy with my purchases and have already got my eye on the Sea Gypsy ring, which is a white mother of pearl version of Black Tide. I really wanted the Sansa ring in labradorite, but unfortunately they have sold out in my size. Both rings that I purchased are a medium which is a UK O and a US 7. 
I have also (after purchasing these rings funnily enough) started watching 'Black Sails' and it is a 100% definite recommend if you like pirates or 'Game of Thrones'! 

Have you bought anything from Regal Rose? What is your favourite jewellery shop? Let me know in the comments! 
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