Saturday, 7 March 2015

Bomb Cosmetics REVIEW | Sweet Cherry Pie

If you saw my last review of a Bomb Cosmetics bath bomb, you'll know how much I really enjoyed the Queen of the Nile Whoopie Blaster. So much so that I decided to try out the Sweet Cherry Pie Blaster, as it's named after my favourite 'Warrant' song. 
It's a pretty whitish pink bath bomb, with chocolate curls and little sugar hearts imbedded in the top. It had little dark flecks through it that I thought were little chocolate bits, but were actually seeds. It smelt sweet and cherry like, and looked really cute. I thought it'd make the bath a pretty pastel pink colour. 
It made the water a little white and murky, the bits inside are little red seeds. To be honest, this really wasn't my favourite. I don't like things that float in the bath (oo-er) unless they will melt, like the chocolate. I just thought that the seeds were a little unnecessary, and didn't really add anything. I found a load of them stuck in the back of my hair at the top of my neck, and had to have a shower afterwards anyway. (UGH!) The scent wasn't strong at all in the bath, and I was overall not so happy about this one. I didn't feel particularly moisturised afterwards either, and found the little red seeds took ages to wash down the drain. 
I liked the name and the appearance, but overall it wasn't as nice as the Queen of the Nile Whoopie Blaster from last time. 
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