Monday, 23 March 2015

LUSH Review | Fluffy Egg

As we all know by now, I am more than a little bit of a LUSH-aholic. So when the Easter collection launched, you KNOW I was there ready and waiting. 
You can check out all of the things I bought in my latest haul here: 
But, I know you're really here for my review of the Fluffy Egg
I'm pretty sure that this bath bomb was released last year as well, but I never tried it so I'm really pumped to be able to test it out this year. 
It's a really cute little bright pink bath bomb, it's shaped like a little easter egg and has sugar flowers implanted into the top on both sides. 
Scent-wise it's super sweet, and smells a little like the Candy Mountain seen at Christmas, or the Creamy Candy bubble bar. 
It's also one of the cheapest things within this year's Easter collection, at £2.95 a piece. You could definitely crack this in half and use it for two baths, but I used it in one as it's relatively small and I have a medium-sized bath tub. 
I really enjoyed using this bath bomb, it smells deliciously sweet, and it makes the bath water a beautifully bright shade of pink. 
You want the girliest bath ever? This Fluffy Egg will provide it! It's really cute, and smells amazing and is a definite recommend from me. Even if it doesn't contain glitter or popping candy, it smells gorgeous and looks wonderful in the tub. 

What do you want to try from the Easter and Mother's Day collections? Have you tried this Fluffy Egg? And if so, what did you think? 
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Friday, 20 March 2015

Primark HOME Haul

When it came to Winter last year, everyone started getting their bed linen and cute bedroom accessories from Primark. Unfortunately, I think I was too late to get any bed sheets, and none of the decorations were really my thing. 
Fortunately though, I seem to have stumbled in early into Primark's Summer HOME collection, as I managed to pick up a lot of cute things, and have my eye on other bits too. If you regularly shop in Primark, you'll know that a lot of times you'll see something and think 'Oh I'll pick it up next time' only for it to be sold out when you return. So this time around I made sure to pick up everything I really wanted, so that I didn't come back and find that everything had gone. 

I'm not usually someone for 'dressing for the season', but for some reason, I'm really looking forward to summer this year. I've no idea why, I just think it's going to be a lot of fun, I guess because I've not idea what I'm going to be doing after April, the thrill of the unknown I guess. I'm so ready for the bright colours of the summer, the maxi dresses, and the woven shawls that I'm already there in spirit! 
The first thing I spotted was this bed set, it's called the 'Pineapples' bed set (obviously). It's a plain white duvet and pillow set, with bright pineapple prints all over one side, and smaller grey prints on the other. The coloured side is definitely my favourite, but I think it's really nice to have the two patterns to choose from. It also means it looks cool when you get into bed! 
I also got this 'Flamingo' bed set, it's got a light grey zig-zag background and bright pink flamingo prints on top. The underside is bright pink with white flamingoes. I'm really excited to try out these new bedsheets, it's a nice change to the ones I've been alternating for the past few years. Do you ever get stuck in a style rut, and just need to change it up? 
Both of these sets were £11 for a double duvet set. 
I then went to the pillows and cushions section, and wanted to pick out some bright, fun cushions to really brighten up my room. I first picked out this bright peach cushion with white flamingoes on (£4), then the little neon pink sequin cushion (£3.50 I think, lost the receipt!) and then a pineapple cushion to go with my pineapple bed sheets (£3). They have so many beautiful cushions in at the moment, whether you want to go flirty and floral, or bright and bold there's definitely something for everyone. 
Lastly it was a 'quick' stop by the candles section, I first picked out the two jar candles on the bottom, 'Red Berry and Jasmine' and 'Sweet Vanilla and Coconut', these little beauties only cost 80p each...EACH! I then picked up the decorative jar candle, this one came in three different coloured jars all containing the same scent, so you could pick the colour that best co-ordinates with your room! This one is 'White Jasmine and Amber' (I LOVE jasmine!) and was £1.50. 
I finally picked up two of these awesome flamingo decorative candles (£1.50), I've got one resting on the right side of my lower shelf, and one on the left side of my upper shelf. 
They are so cute, and because of the colour they really bring some summer fun into my room! 

How are you injecting the coming seasons into your life? Are you looking forward to the florals or the brights more? 

I can't wait to see what more Primark has to offer for the coming months, I've already got my eye on some bright palm-floral sandals! 
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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Bomb Cosmetics REVIEW | Sweet Cherry Pie

If you saw my last review of a Bomb Cosmetics bath bomb, you'll know how much I really enjoyed the Queen of the Nile Whoopie Blaster. So much so that I decided to try out the Sweet Cherry Pie Blaster, as it's named after my favourite 'Warrant' song. 
It's a pretty whitish pink bath bomb, with chocolate curls and little sugar hearts imbedded in the top. It had little dark flecks through it that I thought were little chocolate bits, but were actually seeds. It smelt sweet and cherry like, and looked really cute. I thought it'd make the bath a pretty pastel pink colour. 
It made the water a little white and murky, the bits inside are little red seeds. To be honest, this really wasn't my favourite. I don't like things that float in the bath (oo-er) unless they will melt, like the chocolate. I just thought that the seeds were a little unnecessary, and didn't really add anything. I found a load of them stuck in the back of my hair at the top of my neck, and had to have a shower afterwards anyway. (UGH!) The scent wasn't strong at all in the bath, and I was overall not so happy about this one. I didn't feel particularly moisturised afterwards either, and found the little red seeds took ages to wash down the drain. 
I liked the name and the appearance, but overall it wasn't as nice as the Queen of the Nile Whoopie Blaster from last time. 
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Monday, 2 March 2015

Regal Rose Mini Haul

I recently made a couple of purchases on one of my all-time favourite jewellery sites, and thought I'd share them with you! 
I've loved Regal Rose's jewellery for absolutely years, and was lucky enough to receive a necklace from my friends from Regal Rose for my birthday a couple of years ago. I haven't made a purchase myself until now, and I'm so thrilled with how lovely everything is. 
I decided on two rings, Ivy and Black Tide
Ivy was on sale and was originally £24 reduced to £19. I'd had my eye on the Ivy ring for ages, and was so excited when I saw it on sale that I had to get it! It's a gorgeous little chunk of labradorite set in a sterling silver ring. It's fairly plain and simple, but the stone is absolutely stunning.
 "A tiny piece of fiery labradorite set into a delicate sterling silver ring"

As you guys know, I LOVE 'The Hobbit', and labradorite is the stone that Kili has in 'The Desolation of Smaug' (just a little geeky fact for you there!). I've been set on getting a labradorite ring and am so glad to have this little gem. 
The second ring is the Black Tide ring, now don't tell me you don't think of pirates. I love pirates. The name is what initially intrigued me, however the detail on this ring is absolutely stunning. It is £24 and consists of an onyx gemstone set inside a sterling silver ring. 
"A delicately detailed ring featuring a dark and deadly Onyx gemstone. Delicately feminine with a deadly twist."

It is very pretty and beautifully detailed. 
I am very, very happy with my purchases and have already got my eye on the Sea Gypsy ring, which is a white mother of pearl version of Black Tide. I really wanted the Sansa ring in labradorite, but unfortunately they have sold out in my size. Both rings that I purchased are a medium which is a UK O and a US 7. 
I have also (after purchasing these rings funnily enough) started watching 'Black Sails' and it is a 100% definite recommend if you like pirates or 'Game of Thrones'! 

Have you bought anything from Regal Rose? What is your favourite jewellery shop? Let me know in the comments! 
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