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Makeup Revolution | Lip Lavas

The Too Faced 'Melted' lipsticks, are one of the most talked about products from the end of 2014. I can definitely see that they will be popular this year, and I plan on getting a couple of the brighter colours for the summer. However, their seep price-point of £19 makes them a bit of an investment. 
Luckily the great ones over at Makeup Revolution have come up with their own dupe! These are called 'Lip Lavas' and at £2.99 a piece, they are much more budget-friendly. On their website, you can buy all five colours for £11.96 and seeing as I wanted to try out four of these, I figured why not eh? 
Too Faced definitely win on packaging, I think that the MR packaging looks much cheaper, and doesn't have the smooth, velvety feel of TF. However, I guess that's to be expected as this is a much cheaper product. One thing that irks me about this packaging, is that it doesn't have the names of the colours on the products, but the names are on the boxes. This makes it much harder to reference if I use it in a video, or even when writing a post like this. 
Each one has this squishy, foamy applicator. These are similar again, to the ones used on the 'Melted' lipsticks. They definitely apply a nice amount of product, although personally I prefer something like a doe-foot applicator. Although, the softness of this applicator aids in a more even application. I do feel like having it as a squeeze tube, means that it's really, really easy to apply way too much product, and to overload your lips. 
L-R: Tremor, Unleash, Shockwave, Firestorm & Forgiven 
They settle down nicely, and the thinner the layer, I find that it holds a lot longer. The more you add, the slower it takes to settle onto the lips and the more it will transfer. 
I found that Unleash, Tremor, Shockwave and Firestorm left a stain and Forgiven did not. I really like how the first four colour turn out on my lips. 

Tremor is a gorgeous warm-toned dusty rose pink, that would look lovely with a tea dress in the spring
Unleash is a bright orange coral that would be perfect for the summer, and glow on top of any tan
Shockwave is a bright pink-toned purple, it's absolutely gorgeous and again would be perfect for the summertime
Firestorm is a bright blue-toned classic cherry red, and also has the same name as a character from 'The Flash' (yay!) 
Forgiven is a basic flesh brown colour it's not appealing, and looks awful on me, I can't really see myself wearing this, but it could be used as a mixing colour. 

The lipsticks can settle down to a silky finish, not matte or velvety but silky and smooth. I'd definitely suggest exfoliating the lips before application, it definitely clings to dry patches and highlights rather than covering. 
I like these but I don't feel that they are perfect, I usually like a really glossy finish, or a velvet matte finish. However, colour-wise I think that four out of the five are really nice, bright colours that would look amazing in the coming seasons. 
I gave this score because I think that the formula could be improved, I think it could be less clingy and more glossy like the L'Oreal liquid lipsticks. But that's just my preference, I know that these will definitely be a go-to product for this summer for me. I'd say skip the weird brown colour, and go to the brighter end of the spectrum. 
I feel like the packaging is a little cheap, they didn't even print the colour names on the actual products, or add any stick-on labels to them. And I feel like TF just win at packaging, the little gold accents and attention to detail is what makes these actually feel cheaper. 
I do like the lower price point, and feel like this will mean that these lipsticks are really popular. 

Have you tried any of these? Or have you tried the Too Faced lipsticks? What are your thoughts? 
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  1. Tremor and Firestone is my favourites from your swatches. These look amazing!



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