Thursday, 19 February 2015

Bomb Cosmetics REVIEW | Queen of the Nile

Bomb Cosmetics is easily one of the biggest competitors for LUSH's bath bombs. 
Their bath bombs are equally as cute (if not cuter) and, they all have great names. I was recently given a few bits from Bomb Cosmetics by my Aunt, and from my experiences trying out this one first, I just can't wait to try the rest! 
Bomb Cosmetics is against animal testing, and none of their ingredients or final products are tested on animals. Also everything they make is completely handmade! 

The whoopie blasters are two bath bombs shaped like doughnuts, with cocoa butter and essential oils swirled together in the middle. It's all combined to create fun, strange, cute little bath bombs. All-in-all these bath bombs are a little bit special, and are mostly cheaper then LUSH's offerings. 
I chose to start off with the Queen of the Nile whoopie blaster. It's a bright teal bath bomb, with lavender sprinkles, and lavender cream in the middle. Naturally it was the name of this thing that interested me, I mean, it's Cleopatra. Yes. 
Let's start off with the price. Price-wise this is pretty good, at £2.99 it's cheaper than most LUSH bath bombs. You could easily split this in half with a good knife, and it'd be easier than splitting normal bath bombs because of the squishy cocoa butter in the centre. 
I would suggest when unwrapping to have a small pair of scissors, tweezers or something to get the plastic wrap off, and also to unwrap this over the bath. Simply because the little sprinkles will go to all reaches of your bathroom floor. These sprinkles will be like the One Ring lost in a cave with Gollum, except you are not Bilbo Baggins, you will never find them again. 
When it's submerged it fizzes like crazy, I thought that the lavender cream would give the water some sort of colour, but it didn't. The water turned a bright, Nile green. It really did look like river water, river-y, not Caribbean blue, and not Thames brown but a river-y green. (Does this make any sense?) A few of the sprinkles were left floating on top, but soon dissolved. I'm pretty sure there was some sort of shimmer in there, but not something overly noticeable, being someone who loves glitter, there could've been more though. But, I understand that not everyone wants to get out of the bath looking like a Saturday Night Fever disco ball... 

Scent-wise this blaster has a nice woody scent, there's definitely some jasmine and some sandalwood in there, as well as some patchouli and lemon. Altogether though, it's a beautifully calming, relaxing scent. One that I would like to try out again! I can honestly say that I've never had such a relaxing experience with a  bath bomb, it felt like I was bathing in an amazingly scented river. 
I found that the scent lingered nicely on my skin for a while afterwards, and I was left feeling loose and relaxed. This is the perfect blaster/bath bomb to use before bedtime, or if you've had a long, hard day. 
My mark for this little thing:
Whilst I would have liked loads of glitter, I do think that the amount used here was perfect for the blaster theme-wise, and majority-of-the-public-wise. The scent was beautiful, and it was amazingly relaxing. I think that the price is great, and the style makes it very easy to split if you want to. I would definitely recommend this bath blaster, if you are beginning your foray into bath products, or just want something new and a little different to try. Try this! 

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