Monday, 23 February 2015

Makeup Revolution | Lip Lavas

The Too Faced 'Melted' lipsticks, are one of the most talked about products from the end of 2014. I can definitely see that they will be popular this year, and I plan on getting a couple of the brighter colours for the summer. However, their seep price-point of £19 makes them a bit of an investment. 
Luckily the great ones over at Makeup Revolution have come up with their own dupe! These are called 'Lip Lavas' and at £2.99 a piece, they are much more budget-friendly. On their website, you can buy all five colours for £11.96 and seeing as I wanted to try out four of these, I figured why not eh? 
Too Faced definitely win on packaging, I think that the MR packaging looks much cheaper, and doesn't have the smooth, velvety feel of TF. However, I guess that's to be expected as this is a much cheaper product. One thing that irks me about this packaging, is that it doesn't have the names of the colours on the products, but the names are on the boxes. This makes it much harder to reference if I use it in a video, or even when writing a post like this. 
Each one has this squishy, foamy applicator. These are similar again, to the ones used on the 'Melted' lipsticks. They definitely apply a nice amount of product, although personally I prefer something like a doe-foot applicator. Although, the softness of this applicator aids in a more even application. I do feel like having it as a squeeze tube, means that it's really, really easy to apply way too much product, and to overload your lips. 
L-R: Tremor, Unleash, Shockwave, Firestorm & Forgiven 
They settle down nicely, and the thinner the layer, I find that it holds a lot longer. The more you add, the slower it takes to settle onto the lips and the more it will transfer. 
I found that Unleash, Tremor, Shockwave and Firestorm left a stain and Forgiven did not. I really like how the first four colour turn out on my lips. 

Tremor is a gorgeous warm-toned dusty rose pink, that would look lovely with a tea dress in the spring
Unleash is a bright orange coral that would be perfect for the summer, and glow on top of any tan
Shockwave is a bright pink-toned purple, it's absolutely gorgeous and again would be perfect for the summertime
Firestorm is a bright blue-toned classic cherry red, and also has the same name as a character from 'The Flash' (yay!) 
Forgiven is a basic flesh brown colour it's not appealing, and looks awful on me, I can't really see myself wearing this, but it could be used as a mixing colour. 

The lipsticks can settle down to a silky finish, not matte or velvety but silky and smooth. I'd definitely suggest exfoliating the lips before application, it definitely clings to dry patches and highlights rather than covering. 
I like these but I don't feel that they are perfect, I usually like a really glossy finish, or a velvet matte finish. However, colour-wise I think that four out of the five are really nice, bright colours that would look amazing in the coming seasons. 
I gave this score because I think that the formula could be improved, I think it could be less clingy and more glossy like the L'Oreal liquid lipsticks. But that's just my preference, I know that these will definitely be a go-to product for this summer for me. I'd say skip the weird brown colour, and go to the brighter end of the spectrum. 
I feel like the packaging is a little cheap, they didn't even print the colour names on the actual products, or add any stick-on labels to them. And I feel like TF just win at packaging, the little gold accents and attention to detail is what makes these actually feel cheaper. 
I do like the lower price point, and feel like this will mean that these lipsticks are really popular. 

Have you tried any of these? Or have you tried the Too Faced lipsticks? What are your thoughts? 
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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Bomb Cosmetics REVIEW | Queen of the Nile

Bomb Cosmetics is easily one of the biggest competitors for LUSH's bath bombs. 
Their bath bombs are equally as cute (if not cuter) and, they all have great names. I was recently given a few bits from Bomb Cosmetics by my Aunt, and from my experiences trying out this one first, I just can't wait to try the rest! 
Bomb Cosmetics is against animal testing, and none of their ingredients or final products are tested on animals. Also everything they make is completely handmade! 

The whoopie blasters are two bath bombs shaped like doughnuts, with cocoa butter and essential oils swirled together in the middle. It's all combined to create fun, strange, cute little bath bombs. All-in-all these bath bombs are a little bit special, and are mostly cheaper then LUSH's offerings. 
I chose to start off with the Queen of the Nile whoopie blaster. It's a bright teal bath bomb, with lavender sprinkles, and lavender cream in the middle. Naturally it was the name of this thing that interested me, I mean, it's Cleopatra. Yes. 
Let's start off with the price. Price-wise this is pretty good, at £2.99 it's cheaper than most LUSH bath bombs. You could easily split this in half with a good knife, and it'd be easier than splitting normal bath bombs because of the squishy cocoa butter in the centre. 
I would suggest when unwrapping to have a small pair of scissors, tweezers or something to get the plastic wrap off, and also to unwrap this over the bath. Simply because the little sprinkles will go to all reaches of your bathroom floor. These sprinkles will be like the One Ring lost in a cave with Gollum, except you are not Bilbo Baggins, you will never find them again. 
When it's submerged it fizzes like crazy, I thought that the lavender cream would give the water some sort of colour, but it didn't. The water turned a bright, Nile green. It really did look like river water, river-y, not Caribbean blue, and not Thames brown but a river-y green. (Does this make any sense?) A few of the sprinkles were left floating on top, but soon dissolved. I'm pretty sure there was some sort of shimmer in there, but not something overly noticeable, being someone who loves glitter, there could've been more though. But, I understand that not everyone wants to get out of the bath looking like a Saturday Night Fever disco ball... 

Scent-wise this blaster has a nice woody scent, there's definitely some jasmine and some sandalwood in there, as well as some patchouli and lemon. Altogether though, it's a beautifully calming, relaxing scent. One that I would like to try out again! I can honestly say that I've never had such a relaxing experience with a  bath bomb, it felt like I was bathing in an amazingly scented river. 
I found that the scent lingered nicely on my skin for a while afterwards, and I was left feeling loose and relaxed. This is the perfect blaster/bath bomb to use before bedtime, or if you've had a long, hard day. 
My mark for this little thing:
Whilst I would have liked loads of glitter, I do think that the amount used here was perfect for the blaster theme-wise, and majority-of-the-public-wise. The scent was beautiful, and it was amazingly relaxing. I think that the price is great, and the style makes it very easy to split if you want to. I would definitely recommend this bath blaster, if you are beginning your foray into bath products, or just want something new and a little different to try. Try this! 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection - 300 Tapered Blush Brush

The Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection really has taken me by surprise! 
I originally wasn't going to get anything, and now own three of the brushes in the collection. My most recent purchases are the 300 Tapered Blush Brush, and the 201 Pointed Crease Brush. 

Much like the contour brush, this brush is beautiful. Yes, the price is very, very high (£24). But just from the feeling alone, I am sure that these brushes will endure years of use. 
The brush is a rose gold colour and is very shiny and metallic-looking. The bristles are a pale pink nearest the ferrule, and are bright white at the tip. The bristles are tapered to a point, but are rounded in the middle. I'd never used a proper blush brush before this (I'd been using my Sigma stippling brush before - not good!), and can honestly say I'd never go back. I use the flatter part at the top of the brush the apply blush to the apples of my cheeks, and the rounded part to drag it along my cheekbones. It definitely aids in a variety of blush applications. 
The handle itself tapers down into a square at the base, and it beautifully cut. The ferrule is engraved with the Real Techniques logo, and the number of the brush on the opposite side.  The handle feels nicely weighted, and very substantial. I wouldn't say that the way it is cut/weighted has changed the way I hold the brush significantly, but it feels heavier and more substantial than my other brushes. 

The bristles themselves are so, so soft, and because they are white it's really easy to see how much product you've picked up. We all know that crazy neon blush should be left in the 80's! 
I don't have any other 'proper' blush brushes to compare this one to, but so far I'm pretty happy. I really enjoy using this brush, and whilst it is expensive, it is very, very good and easily rivals my Sigma brushes. Plus, you've got to admit it looks so much more majestic than a regular MAC brush! As you know, I like to spend money on things that look a little 'different', and this fits that brief perfectly. So if you're looking for something a little bit special, I'd definitely recommend trying these brushes out, you can buy these in Boots here in the UK, and in Ulta in the USA.  

Monday, 2 February 2015

LUSH Wishlist

I've seen a lot of people creating these wishlists (and yes, I've made it into one word even though it's two, because I like it that way), and wanted to have a go at making one myself. This is a list of the stuff that I'd like to try out from LUSH at some point this year. I want to start working my way through the regular, main line of products that LUSH offers, and this is sort of where I want to start. Obviously if there is a limited line like the Valentines or Easter lines, I'll be testing some products from those too, but this is a little wishlist of products I want to try from the main line. 
1. Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb - £3.35 - I've had one of these before, but completely forgot I had it, and came back to it about a year and a half later (before my organisation system). Obviously, I couldn't use it, so I want to get one again and really try it out! 
2. Powdered Sunshine - £6.59 - I'd really like to try this out because it's just so intriguing! Powdered sun tan lotion? Yes sir! I have very fair skin, so when it comes to the summertime I usually like to wear some sun tan lotion under my makeup, adding this on top instead sounds interesting. 
3. Copperhead - £5.75 - I absolutely love the LUSH shampoo bars, and already own the Jumping Juniper one, and Honey I Washed My Hair one. I really want to try this one as it contains red henna, and coffee, I'm hoping it might give my hair a bit of a tint and stimulate hair growth.
4. Blackberry Bath Bomb - £3.25 - After trying out the Avobath, I really want to try this one too. I think the smell sounds so intriguing and I love the smell of bergamot. 
5. Sympathy for the Skin - £11.75 - I've had my eye on this for a while, unfortunately I don't think it has the witty play on lyrics of 'Sympathy for the Devil' on the tub any more. Which sucks, as that is one of my all-time favourite songs! However, it has bananas in it, and I really want to give it a go. 
6. Vanilla Puff - £4.95 - After neglecting to buy the christmas powder, I really want to try out this one to lock in moisture. Plus, it's meant to smell like jasmine and vanilla, YUM! You guys know how much I love jasmine! 
7. Jackie Oates - £9.50 - I've never tried any of the LUSH makeup products before, and really want to give some of them a go. 
8. Ceridwen's Cauldron - £4.35 - Doesn't that sound so mystical? I've only tried one of the LUSH bath melts before, but can't wait to try this one. 
9. Phoenix Rising - £3.35 - Again, it sounds so mystical, also, it's bright purple with gold glitter. It has bergamot and jojoba which are two favourites of mine, anything spicy and exotic is perfect. 
10. Focus - £14.50 - As I said earlier, I really want to try out some of the LUSH makeup products. At £14.50 this shadow is RIDICULOUSLY expensive! But it's a beautiful colour, if I'm feeling splurgy one day, I might get it but for the moment it's unlikely. I just really want to try it. 

So that's my little list, I hope you enjoyed reading it (?). If there's something you've tried that you think should be on this list, let me know in the comments! 

Just a quick note, have you seen the videos on the LUSH product pages? I mean, I feel okay about watching the bath bombs at the top of the pages, but, watching someone rub shower gel over themselves in the shower feels really I'd rather watch them making the gel in those clips, I mean, EVERYONE KNOWS HOW TO USE DAMN SHOWER GEL!?!?!? 
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