Saturday, 31 January 2015

The Body Shop | Bath Jellies | REVIEW

You may remember from way back before Christmas, that I did a little Body Shop haul. One of the things I bought was the Glazed Apple Bath Jelly, I tried it and really loved it. So in the sales, I also got the Vanilla Brûlée one too, and today is that review I promised! 

I love the packaging of these, it's nice and clean with a metal lid and plastic pot. I like that the pot is plastic rather than glass, because it means if you have slippery hands from water or the bath, and you drop it, it's not going to smash. I also like how on my Glazed Apple one, there was a little wooden scoop. It makes it so much easier to get the jelly out, rather than dipping fingers into the pot. I use this same scoop for the Vanilla Brûlée jelly, as I didn't get one with that pot. 
The Glazed Apple jelly has the consistency of a thick Flubber-like gel, it's clear and rubbery. The gel is a deep green, however the colour doesn't transfer to the bath water. It smells more  like sour apples than glazed ones, but each to their own, and the scent lingers nicely in the water. I didn't feel like this had any beneficial properties to my skin, other than a nice hot bath, and the scent stayed on my skin for about half an hour afterwards. 
The Vanilla Brûlée jelly is the exact consistency of custard, it's thick and creamy and smells just like very fragrant custard. Unlike the body scrub, it doesn't have any vanillery 'bits' in it, it's just a smooth creamy-yellow colour. It doesn't give any colour to the water, but the custard scent lingers nicely in the water and pleasantly on the skin. Don't worry though it doesn't make you smell like Ambrosia! Again, I didn't feel that it was particularly moisturising. 
Both jellies give off a nice amount of bubbles, to achieve the huge amount, I suggest using either the scoop you get with the jelly, or a spoon. Scoop a bit out of the pot, and run the spoon or scoop under the running water. 
Overall, I'm pretty chuffed with these jellies. They are a homage to classic bubble bath, without the fancy added herbs and dried flowers, and made with new, innovative scents. 
I'd give these a: 
I would like some sort of benefit to my skin when I use them, however I love the packaging, the consistency and the scents of both. I really hope that The Body Shop looks into developing more scents for the summer, although baths aren't as popular then, I think a raspberry or peach jelly would be amazing! 

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