Saturday, 10 January 2015

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection - 301 Flat Contour Brush

If you know me personally or "professionally" from my YouTube channel, you will know I love me some contouring. As in full on Kim-K style contour. So when Real Techniques came out with the beautiful Bold Metals collection, it was on like Donkey Kong. I was all over this brush from the second I saw it online. 

These brushes can be found in Boots here in the UK, or in Ulta in the US

The Bold Metals collection consists of brushes in three categories, the 'Base' category, the 'Finishes' category and the 'Eye' category. As in the last RT collection, all of the brushes are colour coded, 'Base' brushes are gold, 'Finishes' brushes are rose gold and 'Eye' brushes are silver. All of the brushes released are pretty basic, the only brush that looks pretty unique is the foundation brush which is a triangle. 

I've needed a straight contouring brush for ages, I've recently been using the brush from my Benefit Hoola bronzer and have completely fallen in love with the flat, squared shape. So this was an obvious go-to. 

The packaging is pretty cool, it's the classic Real Techniques plastic. It's clear with bits printed on the front and the back. The top is a rectangle and it's been tapered at the bottom. 
On the back they've printed all the information, what it is, how it's made, the thought process behind it. The usual. 
This brush is so pretty! It has a rose gold tapered handle, and a rose gold ferrule. Where the bristles are attached it's tapered to shape the brush, it then turns rounded and tapers off at the end to a square. 
I feel so fashion guru-y with the 'rose gold this, rose gold that' when in my head it's pinky copper. When did copper get phased out and replaced with rose gold? It used to be copper/bronze, silver and gold. I'm feeling bad for copper and bronze now. Rant for another day. 
The squared off shape makes it really easy to slip in and out of pro makeup belts, so if you are a pro artist that's a plus. 
I love the shape of the brush, and the bristles are pure white at the end and light pink at the base. The gold and silver brushes seem to carry this same theme, and I definitely have my eye on the silver pencil brush. The brush is squared off, but isn't as flat as the Benefit Box O' Powder brushes. It is however, a lot denser and so soft. 
I don't think I actually own a brush as dense and soft as this one, I think angels made it. On one side of the ferrule the Real Techniques logo is printed in grey, it could be engraved but I'm not sure, it doesn't seem indented. I feel like this area could be a little more seamless if the handle and the ferrule were integrated together, as in if that seam/split wasn't there. But I guess they have to be separate so that the bristles don't slip down into the handle. 
On the back of the ferrule they've also printed the number of the brush, I really like when companies do this because it gives you something to refer to. Let me give you a for instance (2 Broke Girls reference anyone?), if someone asks me on YouTube which specific brush I'm using it's nice to be able to say "It's the Real Techniques 301 Contour Brush". 
The bristles are meant to be shed-resistant and so far I'd have to say it's held up to that claim. 
The bristle end of the brush is weighted, apparently this is for comfort? I feel so stupid when I don't understand why it has to be weighted at one end, but it definitely is heavier at the bristle end. It actually makes it quite a bit heavier than regular brushes, compared to the Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour brush, it is a lot heavier at the brush end. 
A quick pic from the side to show you just how tapered it is. 
This is a very pretty brush and I do really like it, I definitely want to pick up the big gold powder brush, and one or two of the eye brushes. 
I think that this collection definitely has room to grow, there are a lot more brushes that I want to see developed as this brush is true luxury. Yes, I'm going to say, this is a GLAM brush. 

I really like this brush, there's only two downsides to it, the price because yes £22 is an OUCH price for a brush that's not MAC! (I don't own any MAC brushes, and yes, that's because I don't think they're pretty enough to justify the price point. I'm sure they're great but I still love my Sigma Mrs Bunny Brushes) And the non-integrated ferrule. 

Overall, I'd give this brush an:


It's VERY pricey, not something that I think would be readily available to tweens and teens compared to their last collection. But a very glamorous, luxurious brush, and a collection that I can't wait to see expand! 

Remember to hit up (man I'm hip and trendy!) Boots to find them here in the UK or Ulta to find them in the US

Have you bought anything from the new collection? Which is your favourite brush? Which do you want to try? 


  1. Looks like a gorgeous brush although I don't really want to pay that much for a drugstore brush x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. Yeah, I get what you mean. At the same time though to me this brush is 50X better looking than a plain MAC brush.
      It's just a shame that they couldn't bring out a more budget friendly line that looks this good.Xx

  2. Very good first impression! Can I ask how you're liking the brush now after a few months? Is it still amazing?
    Can't decide if I should go for this or the NARS Ita brush haha x)

    1. Still loving it! I use it whenever I wear makeup, and swear by it for a gorgeous, defined contour! Never tried the NARS brush but I'll check it out! Xx


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