Tuesday, 13 January 2015

LUSH Review | Heart Throb Bubble Bar

It's that time of year again, when rose petals fall beneath your feet, and love is in the air. Or you're alone and buying a Cadbury Dairy Box for one again. 
Which ever it is, never fear because LUSH is here! 

LUSH has already released their Valentine's collection for this year, and no it's not even February. They have a few offerings consisting of bubble bars, a couple of bath bombs, shower gel and a couple of lip products. 
I originally wasn't intending to pick anything up, and didn't even know the collection'd been released. But when walking past the window and seeing something bright, spirally and very unicorn-y this girl can't not go in the shop! 
So I did, and I bought three bubble bars. 
The first one I wanted to use and review for you is this one, the Heart Throb bubble bar. 
It's pretty cool, and very reminiscent of LUSH's ever popular bubbleroons. It's two bright red hearts sandwich together with a layer of squishy gold stuff, which I presume is supposed to be moisturising. 
It's really cute and a little larger than regular bubbleroons, but the one thing I'm not really keen on is the scent. It smelt really nice in the shop, but otherwise is floral and smells a little baby-powder-y which is not a huge favourite of mine. 
Bubble bar in action. This thing was really, really hard to crumble! I'd even equate it to trying to squish gravel, it came of in really hard chunks and was just not good. 
The moisturising stuff in the middle. 
The water was a bright orangey red, reminiscent of blood orange juice, but still not quite the blood colour I'm still striving for. 
To be honest, I really didn't like this bar. I used the whole thing and the bubble payoff wasn't great, it was really hard, and it didn't smell good. 
When I get out of the bath, I usually feel like a baby sea-lion, all moisturised. But today I actually had to put on body lotion, something I've not done in YEARS! So although this is meant to have squishy moisturisey stuff in the centre, it just wasn't good. 

I give it: 


That 2 is for the cool appearance, and the addition of glitter, because I bloody love glitter. I'm really not impressed with this first offering from LUSH's Valentines line, but I'm looking forward to trying the Lonely Heart and the Unicorn Horn. Because who the heck can't say yes to UNICORNS???

Also, a quick notice to let y'all know, I am planning on changing up the blog this year. I want to change the name, although it is my YouTube name, I'm envious of girls with pretty blog names and want something more fantastical. 
So stay tuned for that! 

It's all change here on the blog! 

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