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Healthy Recipes | Smoothies | 'The Pink One'

You've probably noticed a few changes on my blog, like the name, the design and a couple of other things. I want to make my blog more beauty, lifestyle and organisation orientated, I want to share my favourite eyeshadows, but at the same time share my favourite recipes. So that's what I'm going to do! 
I decided to change the blog name because I wanted something less 'me' orientated, I wanted something a little quirky and different. So I decided to take one of my favourite things, from one of my favourite childhood movies 'Essence of Llama' from 'The Emperor's New Groove'.
I'll do a post later once all of my changes have been made, but thought you'd like a little explanation! 

On to the recipe! 
I recently bought the NutriBullet in CostCo, simply because I eat soup for lunch every day when I'm at work. I thought it'd be nice to make my own, to know that there are no added sugars, preservatives and other chemicals. Don't get me wrong though, I'll still be going for the odd can of Heinz Tomato Soup every now and again! 
I've started making these smoothies, one for breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner or supper (and if you get that reference, you get a friendly pat on the back from me!). 
But seriously, I like to have one for breakfast some days, or a large one if I sleep in 'till 12 and miss breakfast (like today).  

'The Pink One' 
50g Blueberries 
1 Petit Filous
1 Apple
1 Pear
2 Plums

1. Add the blueberries to the cup. 
2. Chop the apple into quarters, here you can peel the apple if you wish and de-seed if you wish. However, I don't bother as the skin holds a lot of the nutrients in fruit and veg like this. 
3. Add to the cup. And yes, I have started calling this 'The Mortal Cup' because it makes it sound more magical. 
4. Chop the pear. Again, you can peel and de-seed the pear. I usually just chop the stem off, and then chop the pear into smaller pieces like you can see in the above picture. 
5. Add to The Mortal Cup. 
6. Halve/chop the plums, do NOT add the plum seeds. I'm pretty sure they'd break the NutriBullet. You can easily peel these if you want. 
7. Add them to the cup. I like to add these last as they are the squishiest fruit, so they will easily squish down when you screw on the blade. The plums are also a huge addition in flavour to the drink. You can easily add more fruit or exchange fruits that you don't like, for ones that you do! 
8. Add the Petit Filous to the cup. I like these because they are only around 45 calories each, and they make the drink more creamy. Petit Filous also have added calcium and vitamin D to aid in the absorption of the calcium, you can easily use any other type of yoghurt you want, or leave it out. 
9. Fill the cup with water up to the MAX line. You can use juice, milk or whatever you want. I always use water though, as it means you are literally adding NO more calories. 
10. Then pop the blade cap on and push it into the machine! I generally like my drinks thinner, I don't really like thick smoothies a lot, so I blend it for at least 20-30 seconds. 
11. I find that the action of the blending, and the speed at which it blends can warm the drink up slightly. I really don't like lukewarm/room temperature smoothies, so I add a scoopful of ice (around 5 cubes) and blend again. I then add another scoopful before drinking. 
12. And you're done!  If you don't like skin or pips, you can sieve or strain this, or peel the fruits as you go. 

This is only one of a HUGE variety of smoothies I've been experimenting with, I've found that I really like melon, kale, bananas and nectarines in my smoothies too. 
So in between the LUSH posts, and the makeup reviews, you'll be seeing some of my own recipes!!! 

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