Saturday, 31 January 2015

LUSH Review | Avobath

I don't often try out the main line bits from LUSH, but I've decided to delve further into them. And whilst I do have a couple more V-Day products to review, I wanted to start letting y'all know what I think about their normal stuff.  A very popular bath bomb is the Avobath, I've heard so many people talk about it and wanted to give it a go myself! 

The bath bomb is a regular LUSH-sized bath bomb, it's a nice pastel green colour, and I think it has a slightly sherbet scent to it. I've avoided this one for ages as it's avocado, and I hate avocados (except guacamole with tomatoes in -YUUUM!), but I was pleasantly surprised by the lemony sherbet scent. 

It is a beautiful pastel green the whole way through, so no colourful surprises. But I quite like that they've kept this nice and simple. It smells sherbet-y in the bath as well, and the scent does linger on the skin nicely. 

It creates really nice, soft pastel green water, and is definitely moisturising. 
At £3.35 each, you could definitely split this bath bomb for two baths. But I like to use the whole thing. It's very nice and calming, and if you are into citrus, fizzy scents, this is the one to go for! 
All-in-all this bath bomb is simple but effective, and was definitely one of the most moisturising bath bombs that I've tried from LUSH so far. 

I'm starting to develop a list of stuff from LUSH that I want to try, so I might put up a wish list at some point (because that seems to be a thing?). What's your favourite thing from LUSH? 

The Body Shop | Bath Jellies | REVIEW

You may remember from way back before Christmas, that I did a little Body Shop haul. One of the things I bought was the Glazed Apple Bath Jelly, I tried it and really loved it. So in the sales, I also got the Vanilla Brûlée one too, and today is that review I promised! 

I love the packaging of these, it's nice and clean with a metal lid and plastic pot. I like that the pot is plastic rather than glass, because it means if you have slippery hands from water or the bath, and you drop it, it's not going to smash. I also like how on my Glazed Apple one, there was a little wooden scoop. It makes it so much easier to get the jelly out, rather than dipping fingers into the pot. I use this same scoop for the Vanilla Brûlée jelly, as I didn't get one with that pot. 
The Glazed Apple jelly has the consistency of a thick Flubber-like gel, it's clear and rubbery. The gel is a deep green, however the colour doesn't transfer to the bath water. It smells more  like sour apples than glazed ones, but each to their own, and the scent lingers nicely in the water. I didn't feel like this had any beneficial properties to my skin, other than a nice hot bath, and the scent stayed on my skin for about half an hour afterwards. 
The Vanilla Brûlée jelly is the exact consistency of custard, it's thick and creamy and smells just like very fragrant custard. Unlike the body scrub, it doesn't have any vanillery 'bits' in it, it's just a smooth creamy-yellow colour. It doesn't give any colour to the water, but the custard scent lingers nicely in the water and pleasantly on the skin. Don't worry though it doesn't make you smell like Ambrosia! Again, I didn't feel that it was particularly moisturising. 
Both jellies give off a nice amount of bubbles, to achieve the huge amount, I suggest using either the scoop you get with the jelly, or a spoon. Scoop a bit out of the pot, and run the spoon or scoop under the running water. 
Overall, I'm pretty chuffed with these jellies. They are a homage to classic bubble bath, without the fancy added herbs and dried flowers, and made with new, innovative scents. 
I'd give these a: 
I would like some sort of benefit to my skin when I use them, however I love the packaging, the consistency and the scents of both. I really hope that The Body Shop looks into developing more scents for the summer, although baths aren't as popular then, I think a raspberry or peach jelly would be amazing! 

Monday, 26 January 2015

Healthy Recipes | Smoothies | 'The Pink One'

You've probably noticed a few changes on my blog, like the name, the design and a couple of other things. I want to make my blog more beauty, lifestyle and organisation orientated, I want to share my favourite eyeshadows, but at the same time share my favourite recipes. So that's what I'm going to do! 
I decided to change the blog name because I wanted something less 'me' orientated, I wanted something a little quirky and different. So I decided to take one of my favourite things, from one of my favourite childhood movies 'Essence of Llama' from 'The Emperor's New Groove'.
I'll do a post later once all of my changes have been made, but thought you'd like a little explanation! 

On to the recipe! 
I recently bought the NutriBullet in CostCo, simply because I eat soup for lunch every day when I'm at work. I thought it'd be nice to make my own, to know that there are no added sugars, preservatives and other chemicals. Don't get me wrong though, I'll still be going for the odd can of Heinz Tomato Soup every now and again! 
I've started making these smoothies, one for breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner or supper (and if you get that reference, you get a friendly pat on the back from me!). 
But seriously, I like to have one for breakfast some days, or a large one if I sleep in 'till 12 and miss breakfast (like today).  

'The Pink One' 
50g Blueberries 
1 Petit Filous
1 Apple
1 Pear
2 Plums

1. Add the blueberries to the cup. 
2. Chop the apple into quarters, here you can peel the apple if you wish and de-seed if you wish. However, I don't bother as the skin holds a lot of the nutrients in fruit and veg like this. 
3. Add to the cup. And yes, I have started calling this 'The Mortal Cup' because it makes it sound more magical. 
4. Chop the pear. Again, you can peel and de-seed the pear. I usually just chop the stem off, and then chop the pear into smaller pieces like you can see in the above picture. 
5. Add to The Mortal Cup. 
6. Halve/chop the plums, do NOT add the plum seeds. I'm pretty sure they'd break the NutriBullet. You can easily peel these if you want. 
7. Add them to the cup. I like to add these last as they are the squishiest fruit, so they will easily squish down when you screw on the blade. The plums are also a huge addition in flavour to the drink. You can easily add more fruit or exchange fruits that you don't like, for ones that you do! 
8. Add the Petit Filous to the cup. I like these because they are only around 45 calories each, and they make the drink more creamy. Petit Filous also have added calcium and vitamin D to aid in the absorption of the calcium, you can easily use any other type of yoghurt you want, or leave it out. 
9. Fill the cup with water up to the MAX line. You can use juice, milk or whatever you want. I always use water though, as it means you are literally adding NO more calories. 
10. Then pop the blade cap on and push it into the machine! I generally like my drinks thinner, I don't really like thick smoothies a lot, so I blend it for at least 20-30 seconds. 
11. I find that the action of the blending, and the speed at which it blends can warm the drink up slightly. I really don't like lukewarm/room temperature smoothies, so I add a scoopful of ice (around 5 cubes) and blend again. I then add another scoopful before drinking. 
12. And you're done!  If you don't like skin or pips, you can sieve or strain this, or peel the fruits as you go. 

This is only one of a HUGE variety of smoothies I've been experimenting with, I've found that I really like melon, kale, bananas and nectarines in my smoothies too. 
So in between the LUSH posts, and the makeup reviews, you'll be seeing some of my own recipes!!! 

Friday, 23 January 2015

Illamasqua Haul

I absolutely adore Illamasqua, they are a wicked British alternative makeup brand. The products all have crazy names; Sex, Succubus and Sangers are just three of the awesome names from this brand. 
If you guys have been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I love everything that's a little more 'different', a little more off the beaten path. 
When I heard that Illamasqua were having a sale, (50%, 60% and 70% off) I jumped on the wagon. 
I only bought three things that were on sale, and then a couple of things I've wanted for a while.  
 When I travel, I usually take 2-3 makeup bags. NO that's not completely full of makeup, it's usually one bag with makeup, one bag with a toothbrush, flannel and toothpaste, and then a third bag with bits like a moisturiser, toner, makeup remover etc. 
I have two beautiful makeup bags, and have used them for years, but my third broke, so when I saw this pretty little makeup bag in the Illamasqua sale, I knew that it'd be perfect for my third! 
 It's a little faux leather bag, with Illamasqua indented into the front. The zipper is around the top, and it's gold with a little gold brand symbol as the zipper handle (pic below). 
 I got this bag for £10, reduced from £20. Honestly, it's not worth £20 in my opinion, but it is a very nice bag and if you wand a good, little makeup pouch for travelling, or are restricted on space, snap this little beauty up for a tenner
 Something I've always been interested in, is using the Illamasqua Sealing Gel. This was not in the sale. 
It's a gel that transforms powders into liquids, I really want to try it out with some of my loose shadow pigments. I think that this would look gorgeous with Sugarpill's Paperdoll, or Shiro Cosmetics' Lingered in Twilight or War of Five Armies. 
 I cannot wait to use this to make my shadows into liners and my bold pigments super bright, and slick! 
 Another thing I've been wanting for AGES, (AKA since the Once collection was released last year) is this nail polish. I've been in love with the colour since I first saw it, it reminds me of patina on copper things. This nail polish is Melange, a gorgeous golden teal with a matte base. 
 It's genuinely my new favourite nail polish. If you apply it in thin coats it dries really quickly, and it looks both beautiful with a top coat and without. It's also one of those brilliant polishes that looks EXACTLY the same on the nail, as it does in the bottle. 
 It has a beautiful green-teal base, with loads of gold glitter and dark rust spots. It really, really does look like patina on copper, it's so vintage and beautiful. It has so much depth and is so beautiful, I feel like this polish is going to be in my life for a long, long time! Price-wise, this one was not in the sale, there are some polishes in the sale, but this is not one of them. This polish was very pricey at £14.50, if you can find a high-street dupe, do! I have my eyeballs on Hemlock too, so stay tuned! 
 Another item in the sale was the Stephanie Medium Pencil, it was £13.00 reduced to £5.20.
 The pencil is a gorgeous wooden pencil, and the colour is so, so pretty! It's a beautiful combination of dove grey and light lavender in one pencil, it's absolutely gorgeous. What I really like about this pencil is that it can be used anywhere on the body, the eyes, the lips, toes, back, nose, wherever! 
It's such a pretty colour, and before you say anything, yes I do like to go for the more random colours. There's something so vintage and gothic about all of the colours I chose, it just goes to show Illamasqua makes some stunning colours. 
 Lastly, I bought one of the cream pigments. I wanted another one (Delirium) as well, but unfortunately that one was out of stock. I did manage to get my hands on Mould, yup Mould! 
 Can we just look at the packaging? So, so pretty! 
 The pigment is a little more oily than the Maybelline colour tattoos, but has a really, really nice pigmentation. It's a very nice deep blackberry colour. I am so in love with this, I want to try this with either Sugarpill's Birthday Girl or Paperdoll over the top. 
As you can see it's definitely not matte, it's more on the shiny side. I'm not sure how this will perform on the eyelids, or on oily eyelids but I really want it to look a little slick and oily. I hope they make this in black one day! 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

LUSH Review | Heart Throb Bubble Bar

It's that time of year again, when rose petals fall beneath your feet, and love is in the air. Or you're alone and buying a Cadbury Dairy Box for one again. 
Which ever it is, never fear because LUSH is here! 

LUSH has already released their Valentine's collection for this year, and no it's not even February. They have a few offerings consisting of bubble bars, a couple of bath bombs, shower gel and a couple of lip products. 
I originally wasn't intending to pick anything up, and didn't even know the collection'd been released. But when walking past the window and seeing something bright, spirally and very unicorn-y this girl can't not go in the shop! 
So I did, and I bought three bubble bars. 
The first one I wanted to use and review for you is this one, the Heart Throb bubble bar. 
It's pretty cool, and very reminiscent of LUSH's ever popular bubbleroons. It's two bright red hearts sandwich together with a layer of squishy gold stuff, which I presume is supposed to be moisturising. 
It's really cute and a little larger than regular bubbleroons, but the one thing I'm not really keen on is the scent. It smelt really nice in the shop, but otherwise is floral and smells a little baby-powder-y which is not a huge favourite of mine. 
Bubble bar in action. This thing was really, really hard to crumble! I'd even equate it to trying to squish gravel, it came of in really hard chunks and was just not good. 
The moisturising stuff in the middle. 
The water was a bright orangey red, reminiscent of blood orange juice, but still not quite the blood colour I'm still striving for. 
To be honest, I really didn't like this bar. I used the whole thing and the bubble payoff wasn't great, it was really hard, and it didn't smell good. 
When I get out of the bath, I usually feel like a baby sea-lion, all moisturised. But today I actually had to put on body lotion, something I've not done in YEARS! So although this is meant to have squishy moisturisey stuff in the centre, it just wasn't good. 

I give it: 


That 2 is for the cool appearance, and the addition of glitter, because I bloody love glitter. I'm really not impressed with this first offering from LUSH's Valentines line, but I'm looking forward to trying the Lonely Heart and the Unicorn Horn. Because who the heck can't say yes to UNICORNS???

Also, a quick notice to let y'all know, I am planning on changing up the blog this year. I want to change the name, although it is my YouTube name, I'm envious of girls with pretty blog names and want something more fantastical. 
So stay tuned for that! 

It's all change here on the blog! 

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection - 301 Flat Contour Brush

If you know me personally or "professionally" from my YouTube channel, you will know I love me some contouring. As in full on Kim-K style contour. So when Real Techniques came out with the beautiful Bold Metals collection, it was on like Donkey Kong. I was all over this brush from the second I saw it online. 

These brushes can be found in Boots here in the UK, or in Ulta in the US

The Bold Metals collection consists of brushes in three categories, the 'Base' category, the 'Finishes' category and the 'Eye' category. As in the last RT collection, all of the brushes are colour coded, 'Base' brushes are gold, 'Finishes' brushes are rose gold and 'Eye' brushes are silver. All of the brushes released are pretty basic, the only brush that looks pretty unique is the foundation brush which is a triangle. 

I've needed a straight contouring brush for ages, I've recently been using the brush from my Benefit Hoola bronzer and have completely fallen in love with the flat, squared shape. So this was an obvious go-to. 

The packaging is pretty cool, it's the classic Real Techniques plastic. It's clear with bits printed on the front and the back. The top is a rectangle and it's been tapered at the bottom. 
On the back they've printed all the information, what it is, how it's made, the thought process behind it. The usual. 
This brush is so pretty! It has a rose gold tapered handle, and a rose gold ferrule. Where the bristles are attached it's tapered to shape the brush, it then turns rounded and tapers off at the end to a square. 
I feel so fashion guru-y with the 'rose gold this, rose gold that' when in my head it's pinky copper. When did copper get phased out and replaced with rose gold? It used to be copper/bronze, silver and gold. I'm feeling bad for copper and bronze now. Rant for another day. 
The squared off shape makes it really easy to slip in and out of pro makeup belts, so if you are a pro artist that's a plus. 
I love the shape of the brush, and the bristles are pure white at the end and light pink at the base. The gold and silver brushes seem to carry this same theme, and I definitely have my eye on the silver pencil brush. The brush is squared off, but isn't as flat as the Benefit Box O' Powder brushes. It is however, a lot denser and so soft. 
I don't think I actually own a brush as dense and soft as this one, I think angels made it. On one side of the ferrule the Real Techniques logo is printed in grey, it could be engraved but I'm not sure, it doesn't seem indented. I feel like this area could be a little more seamless if the handle and the ferrule were integrated together, as in if that seam/split wasn't there. But I guess they have to be separate so that the bristles don't slip down into the handle. 
On the back of the ferrule they've also printed the number of the brush, I really like when companies do this because it gives you something to refer to. Let me give you a for instance (2 Broke Girls reference anyone?), if someone asks me on YouTube which specific brush I'm using it's nice to be able to say "It's the Real Techniques 301 Contour Brush". 
The bristles are meant to be shed-resistant and so far I'd have to say it's held up to that claim. 
The bristle end of the brush is weighted, apparently this is for comfort? I feel so stupid when I don't understand why it has to be weighted at one end, but it definitely is heavier at the bristle end. It actually makes it quite a bit heavier than regular brushes, compared to the Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour brush, it is a lot heavier at the brush end. 
A quick pic from the side to show you just how tapered it is. 
This is a very pretty brush and I do really like it, I definitely want to pick up the big gold powder brush, and one or two of the eye brushes. 
I think that this collection definitely has room to grow, there are a lot more brushes that I want to see developed as this brush is true luxury. Yes, I'm going to say, this is a GLAM brush. 

I really like this brush, there's only two downsides to it, the price because yes £22 is an OUCH price for a brush that's not MAC! (I don't own any MAC brushes, and yes, that's because I don't think they're pretty enough to justify the price point. I'm sure they're great but I still love my Sigma Mrs Bunny Brushes) And the non-integrated ferrule. 

Overall, I'd give this brush an:


It's VERY pricey, not something that I think would be readily available to tweens and teens compared to their last collection. But a very glamorous, luxurious brush, and a collection that I can't wait to see expand! 

Remember to hit up (man I'm hip and trendy!) Boots to find them here in the UK or Ulta to find them in the US

Have you bought anything from the new collection? Which is your favourite brush? Which do you want to try? 
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