Monday, 23 November 2015

Jeffree Star Hoe Hoe Hoe *LIMITED EDITION* Liquid Lipstick YouTube GIVEAWAY!!!

Today, I'm announcing my 2015 Christmas Giveaway - A Jeffree Star Hoe Hoe Hoe *LIMITED EDITION* Holiday Liquid Lipstick to ONE lucky winner! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rules and regulations -

You MUST be over 18 years of age, or have a parent, or guardian's approval to enter this giveaway.

You can live anywhere in the world.

You MUST be subscribed to my MAIN YouTube channel to be eligible to enter.

You MUST make your YouTube subscriptions visible.

If you choose to enter with other means as well - such as Twitter or Instagram - your account must be viewable AKA. NOT SET ON PRIVATE.

I will contact you through my business email -

I will NEVER contact you through YouTube or any other email - please be aware of scammers - I will NEVER ask you for money or any form of payment for the prize.

If the winner chosen at random by Rafflecopter does not reply to my email within 48 hours after being emailed, a new winner will be chosen again at random with Rafflecopter.

Please do not beg me to give this to you, no one needs this, it is a nice gift from me to you to say thank You.

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Monday, 5 October 2015

Confidence - How to get it, and how to use it! #1

I will start this post off by saying I've recently (as in fifteen minutes ago) been inspired by another blogger here on the internet, Amber, she's crazy eloquent and extremely intelligent. Also this is a part one so there will be more, no I'm not just going to leave you with a brief outline! Don't worry. 
Unfortunately I am neither of those things, my 'words' are always muddled up, and my intelligence I would say is average in my opinion. I was fortunate enough to go to school with some very, very intelligent science-y, math-y types, and when it comes to things like politics - I've no clue, and I'm not ashamed to admit that. 
I'd like to know more, and I try to focus on learning more, I know that it's important for women to use their vote, so I always do, I figure out which parties are saying things that I like, and vote for them. 

Thing is, knowing that I am not the most eloquent or the most intelligent of people, I don't have a lot of confidence in myself. However, I recently had a FaceTime chat with someone I knew way, way back. And by way back I mean probably 3-4 years ago when my mental state was not all that good (depression, anxiety, being bullied - the usual bastards), I was very unconfident at school, because I was surrounded by beautiful, intelligent, eloquent friends, and I kinda felt like a freak. 
And this friend of mine, said that I now seem so much more confident than I did all those years ago (I say all those years, but if you think about it that's way over a thousand days!). 
I've come to learn though, that although I felt like the freak in school, that's probably how a lot of my peers saw themselves. We're all just trying to fit in. 
Over the past couple of years, I have developed my confidence in ways that I never would've imagined I could. 
It starts off with little things, I was in a GAME store (Horsham), buying the latest Sims expansion (about 2012 - because I was just learning to drive), and I'd noticed that some of the prices in-store were more expensive than online. So whilst I was checking out, I asked about it. Honestly, just that one sentence made me realise that it's ok to ask questions, it's ok to question things that you don't understand. 
So my first piece of advice, just ask questions, be as inquisitive as you humanly can. We're naturally curious animals (because yes, we are animals), so ask questions. If you're in class and don't understand something, just ask. Yeah, I guess this little post is going out to those kids that aren't quite sure whether they're coming or going (like me back in 2009 - 2014), I literally have no plan for this post and am writing everything as I think about it! 
But seriously, don't be afraid to be inquisitive, it's endearing when you speak to people who want to know more. I have people ask me questions about all kinds of random stuff from makeup, to relationship advice, and I in turn like to ask questions. I'm constantly asking my younger friends about 'lingo' - because frankly I just don't understand any of it. 
In 2013 I left school and went on to study a Foundation Art Degree (which I obtained), but with a year that started out so amazing, it quickly went downhill. I got sick around the Winter of 2013, and going into 2014 I'd started to develop a wonderful (sarcasm) new trait - panic attacks. 
These panic attacks weren't just the usual hyperventilating, oh no, I would be in physical pain, my whole chest would close up and my heart would race like crazy. Occasionally (thankfully this only happened at home) I would throw up, and what really, really sucks about me developing this is that I missed out on going to Berlin in early December (one of my favourite places) and on seeing one of my all-time favourite bands - Nickleback - at the O2 with prime seating in the front. 
I will never not regret that. (Genuine picture of me that night) 
One thing that did happen, when I got back into class, I made a couple of new friends. The friends I made at Art school, were great but all in a separate class to my Graphics and Illustration one, I made friends with people in my own class, and even found a couple of friends that I'd gone to primary school with! Which is nuts! 
I am very thankful to all of the friends I made in Art school, because if I hadn't had them, it probably would've been hell. 
So whilst the teachers may not have liked me very much (art teachers never do!), and I may have been knocked down a few times (that bitch who called out my female fawn with antlers - 'er you do know female deer don't have antlers' - sit down bitch it's beautiful!), I feel like that built up my confidence, it made me cope with crap. It also let me see a whole world outside of the two schools I'd ever been to, I mixed with people from all sorts of different places, and in the end, it was good. I got my Foundation Degree. 
What I'm saying is, if you get knocked down, if you think that there's no way back, toss the bastards and do what you want. Because believe me I am more proud of that sketched Fawn and more proud of my London in the style of Rivendell painting (still not completed), than I ever will be of anything I was 'told' to do. My favourite piece from my Art A Level, was something I did outside of class, of my own volition. 
Forget 'em, and do what you want to.
God this post is long. But I'll carry on because if I leave now, I'll probably forget where I was going with it. 
Over the past year or so (end of 2014 - now), I've been up to London by myself, gone on a weekend taster course in London by myself, travelled on the train by myself, driven down to Brighton everyday for a MONTH by myself to go on a makeup course, made even more friends, one of which I hope to keep for a long time - she's hilarious. Had a job, finished at the job, done a professional photoshoot, and now have a new job which I start 'training' for on Wednesday (and I am nervous). I'm also getting more orders for my Etsy shop than ever - which is amazing! 
Whilst those may not be huge accomplishments for some people, those are amazing for me! I navigated the bitch that is London Victoria and the London Undergound. 
I drove down to Brighton for a solid month, and found that I absolutely love deriving, all whilst becoming a qualified TV, Film and Theatre makeup artist. Whilst I was there I met some amazing people, it was awesome to hear everyone's stories, where they came from in the country as well as life, and where they were going. 
I also started a new job (Oct '14) and finished at said job (May '15 - to go an do my MUA course). I met some very interesting people, and made a new friend who seems to be in a similar state of 'I don't know what the heck I'm doing with my life' as me and that is refreshing to know I'm not alone.
I was asked to do the makeup for an outdoors pro photoshoot, I said yes, ended up meeting a couple of fantastic people, and was reassured because it was the model's first one too! Got some amazingly beautiful pictures out of it too. 
I start my induction for my new job on Wednesday - earning more money PH than at my last one, and I'm also earning more through my Etsy shop now which is amazing - I hope one day that I'll be able to make that, this and YouTube my full-time job but, we'll see. 
All of these things have happened in the past year, and I couldn't be more thankful. Thankful to everyone that's helped boost my confidence when sometimes, I really, really needed it. Thankful especially to my friends that would come out to dinner or lunch, or even a movie with me, because it actually means a lot. 
What I mean, is that to be more confident, you have to step outside of your comfort zone sometimes. I'm not saying all the time, because even now I won't go in a club and I won't go to big parties, sit-down meals etc. fine, drinking and dancing - no. But sometimes, sometimes you have to say yes. 
Yes to things that you wouldn't usually say yes to, I met two random strangers at a reservoir for a photoshoot - two years ago I'd never have said yes. Now, I am thrilled that I did. 
I am happy with where I am, I have a goal that I am working towards - looking at you Cordon Bleu - and I am going to be earning soon so that I can buy gifts for my friends and family for Christmas. 
So that's a brief journey of me and my confidence over the last few years. Yeah it has taken a lot for me to get here, mentally, and the majority of my friends and family have no idea. Some are unaware of this blog, and my YouTube, which is crazy!  
I've also found new role models, I used to see role models in people like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, but I'm now much more inclined towards people's characters rather than looks or even gender, because yeah, men can be role models towards women just as much as women can be to men.  (Two of my role models are even quoted!) 
It's the little things that'll give you confidence, like meeting up with a friend, writing a blog, listening to 'Boss Ass Bitch' (thank you Nicki Minaj), asking a question, or even looking down at a tattoo and thinking - 
"I know my value - everyone else's opinion doesn't really matter
- Peggy Carter/Hayley Atwell 
Thanks Peggy! 
And a little note to those of y'all who are stuck where I was three years ago, I didn't know what I was going to do with my life, I didn't know if I would survive school (and that is the truth), but I'm here now. It's ok to not know what you're doing, it's ok to be a little bit different and quirky. 
And a quick note to teenage me - It's ok. 

"Embrace your differences and the qualities about you that you think are weird. Eventually, they're going to be the only things separating you from everyone else"
- Sebastian Stan 
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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Jeffree Star 'Weirdo' Velour Liquid Lipstick Review

Guess who's back, back again...
No, it's not Slim Shady, but you were so, so close, it's me! 

Yes, I did abandon this blog for a while, a long, long while. What's it been? (Goes to check) FOUR MONTHS!?!?!?!  
It's been a while since I last posted here, and I know that really sucks, as in it really, really sucks. You know why? Because I've had all the time in the world a lot of time, to write, record, edit and post, I just, haven't. For that, all I can say is I'm sorry. 

Aneh-whay, I have been more adventurous with my makeup-purchasing. I'm one of those people who will absolutely love something, and then when it comes to me finally having saved the money to buy it, I convince myself that I don't need it and will never use it. Thus me generally using 'safer' makeup options. 

Nevertheless that is all about to change! 
I used to be seriously into gothic makeup, style, culture 'back in the day', but never went even into red lipstick-realm, let alone anything darker. However, over the years as I wear more and more outrageous shades, I've been growing more and more confident in my colour choices, my teeth (thank you braces!), and my general application of lipstick. So I took the jump, and bought a black lipstick. 
It was a toss-up between LA Splash's Lip Couture in 'Venom', or Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipstick in 'Weirdo'. 
In the end, I went with Jeffree Star, and bought it from Cocktail Cosmetics. I like Cocktail Cosmetics a lot, however as they are a specialist boutique, they don't always have everything in stock. It's really easy to just contact them and ask though. 

I am in lust, with 'Weirdo', it's practically perfect in every way. 
The packaging makes me think of some crazy Nicki Minaj-Barbie collaboration, it's big and bright, shiny and super bold. Jeffree's coming out with some limited VLL's in November, with white and rose gold packaging, and I am entirely psyched for that! 
They have a simple doe-foot applicator which is perfect for the product, meaning it has a nice amount of leeway for outlining, and it's a smaller, concentrated tip for better application. 
The formula is super smooth, however, you definitely have to at least moisturise and exfoliate beforehand, as with other matte and liquid lipsticks. 

I've found that the easiest way for me to get a smooth, clean line at the edge of my lipstick, is to take some product off of the wand, and apply it with a lip brush. I don't know where I was without lip brushes in my life, but oh hot damn they are so useful! 
Once I've established my edges, as a smooth foundation for the lips, I then go in with a wand-full of product and smooth it on. 
[Above photo is freshly applied]

The lipstick will remain tacky for a while, and you don't want to be smacking your lips together during this time. It'll make your lipstick patchy, cracky and a bit gross-looking to be honest. Just sit back, relax, and do something else. It dries very quickly compared to some matte liquid lipsticks that I have tried, however, you don't want to go smacking your lips together straight after application. You can always use a black lip liner, or even an eyeliner underneath/to line your lips instead. But, I can't be bothered, and frankly with a product this pigmented, you don't need to. Unlike a matte lipstick, this product will dry down. 
With a matte lipstick, you are transferring one formula onto another base, whereas this one is liquid and turns completely dry. It's BEAUTIFUL. 
[Above photo is dried down to it's velvety matte finish]

It's so beautiful I already have my eyes on at least three other VLL's and am in a veritable state of excitement about the limited edition collection to come this Autumn!

Price-wise they're pretty decent. If you buy them from Jeffree's cosmetics website they're $18 (around £11.60), and if you buy them from Cocktail Cosmetics they are £13, neither of these prices include shipping. 
They cost less than a MAC lipstick, and are definitely on-par with them, if not better - if you like a matte formula that is. 

It's more that a little bit perfect, the packaging is Barbie-bright and out-there, but I actually really like it, and it's a bit of a different shape to there liquid lipsticks on the market. It's shorter, rounder, and easier to get all of the product out. 
I really like this, and would definitely recommend buying one of these, you could definitely try a lighter, more 'wearable' shade if black's not your thing. Jeffree Star has something for everyone!
You can see me using it in my latest video on my YouTube channel, and remember to SUBSCRIBE! 

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Saturday, 30 May 2015

LUSH Review | Space Girl Bath Bomb

Space Girl was one of those bath bombs I spotted on my first trip to LUSH, and always ment to pick up but never did. I recently got the chance to try it and am so happy, as I think it's going to be a firm favourite! And at £2.35 it's probably one of LUSH's cheapest bath bombs. 
The bath bomb is a cute light purple planet with rings, dusted in orangey red powder calling to mind Mars.  
It smells very sweet, not floral, and carries a strong still-there scent in the bath. This is one thing I'm really excited about, because I've found that a lot of LUSH's bath bombs often lose a lot of their scent in the tub. 
It creates gorgeous bright pinky purple water, with a little silver glitter, and it smells divine. I would've liked some popping candy or something, or even for it to last a little longer when it as fizzing. But for the price, and how nice it smelt in the tub, I'm really pleased with this purchase. 

Have you tried Space Girl? What's your favourite bath or shower product right now? 
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Monday, 25 May 2015

Review | Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick | Wolvesmouth

Kat Von D's makeup range is something I've wanted to get my hands on for a long, long time. Unfortunately, it's only sold in Sephora. If you are a UK based makeup fan, you'll know Sephora doesn't exist here in the UK, no matter how much we cry and beg for one. 
Therefore getting one's sticky mitts on anything from Kat Von D's line is a straight up pain in the ass! There are so many things I want that I cannot have, and that is infuriating. 

However after searching like a mad person I finally stumbled upon Roses Beauty Store, a shop that sells US brands to us in the UK.
And they sell Kat Von D, albeight at extremely high prices. I picked up Wolvesmouth for £26.99 ouch. 
The packaging is the bomb, literally it's probably some of the coolest packaging to come out of the makeup industry. The top has Kat's KVD seal, and the sides are studded. It's shiny black plastic, which means its really easy to clean, however it does carry fingerprints if you look up close. The packaging is sturdy, and doesn't feel cheap. 
I like that Kat's seal is also engraved into the actual lipstick. You get 3g of lipstick, which is the same as MAC lippies. I guess this makes the price even higher, they are over £10 more expensive than MAC lipsticks, again OUCH! 
Wolvesmouth is a gorgeous purple burgundy with pink and blue shimmer. For some reason when it's coming up to summer, I'm constantly drawn to shimmery and metallic lipsticks. Don't know why. 
Left - One swipe 
Right - Several swipes
Top - With flash
Bottom - Without
In the sunlight this looks super metallic and shiny, but indoors in looks like a really dimensional purple red lipstick. Scent-wise it smells a little like MAC bit is much less scented, so for people who don't favour the strong vanilla/lipstick scent of MAC, this could be a good alternative. It feels silky and smooth on the lips, and lasts for a pretty good time, about 3 hours before touch-ups. Please remember I lick and bite my lips A LOT, so it'll probably last longer for you if you don't have these nervous ticks. 
I absolutely love how it looks on, but think I might have to put it away until the Autumn, or if I'm feeling a little gothy at some point this summer. It's a little dark. 
I like the colour, the texture and the lasting time. The packaging is awesome, and I can't wait to see the super secret Christmas colours! But, price-wise it's pretty expensive, you can order from the Sephora website now, but again, that's pretty expensive to get shipped here. I guess you could share an order with a couple of friends to split the cost? 
I definitely want to get my hands on Gothica, but will have to save up for it again. 

Which lipstick would you want to try from Kat's line? Which is your favourite metallic lipstick? 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Summertime Budget Sunglass Picks | 2015

It's here! My favourite sunglasses this year that you can buy on a budget. Like the majority of people, I can't afford to spend more than £30 on a pair of sunnies. I am clumsy and forgetful, so to buy designer sunglasses would be a huge commitment. Every year I always rely on budget high street sunglasses, I buy a couple of pairs to switch it up a bit. 
As you may know from my previous post on designer sunglasses, I want to get into fashion blogging a bit more, I haven't done a lot so bare with me. Uncharted waters here guys. 

I'm not a particularly 'trendy' person, I either dress grungy or really sleek and polished, there's no in-between. Just thought I'd give you a little background! 

All of these sunnies are £30 or below. 
These super sleek glasses are from one of my personal favourite high street retailers, River Island. I love the gold metal frames and the slight cat eye edge to them, and I always have time for tortoiseshell. The gold champagne pink of the lenses is chic and I think would look really sophisticated, especially with white on the beach, or sipping Cosmos at the pool bar! They are also available in deep red tones, which would look amazing with a darker coloured outfit. 

These are definitely some of my favourites from my picks, and these are from Warehouse. The chunkier gold frame really shows up, and as you can probably tell I am really inclined to gold in the summertime! The frames are a dark brown colour, and look slick and sophisticated on. At £16 these are definitely a great bargain, and when on I think they actually look really expensive. 

Probably a second favourite, because who doesn't want sunnies that make it look like there's flames in them!?!?!? These are from Urban Outfitters, and are a big, chunky pair of glasses. They look amazing on, but beware they are HUGE so if you're not a fan of big sunnies, I'd steer clear. The lenses are a deep brown, and I just think that these look awesome. These'd be brilliant with some blue denim shorts, a vest top and a checked shirt. They are also available in a crystal brown finish

I initially picked these out from Urban Outfitters because they reminded me of the Enchanted Garden sunnies from my last post. But, I think I like these ones more...? I'm a huge fan of the translucent style frames, I like when frames aren't quite opaque as I think it takes some of the 'heavy' look away from glasses. If you know me IRL, you'll know that I'm a HUGE fan of hardware, I have metal accents on shoes, hairbands, jumpers you name it. So the really simple gold hardware on top of these sunglasses really calls to me. I like that it's a really thin, simple line, rather than a huge chunk on the front. These are also available in black with the same gold hardware. 

These are the most expensive glasses here, on the higher side of 'budget'. These are by Quay but are sold in TopShop. For me, this pair is all about that amazing gold hardware. I like that the hardware extends as the arms, and these look wicked on. They'd definitely be a serious statement/conversation piece, and they are also available in black with smokey lenses if you'd prefer to be on the dark side. You could pick out the hardware on these with some hardware on a bag, a swimsuit or even flip flops/sandals! 

I hope you guys enjoyed my 2015 sunglasses duo posts! If you did let me know which is your favourite pair from this post. What do you want me to talk about next? I'm thinking of handbags/crossbodys for summertime tourism or shoes...? Let me know! 
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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Review | Tanya Burr Lipgloss - NEW COLOURS!

You guys may, or may not know that I love the Tanya Burr lip glosses. They glide on beautifully and I found myself gradually adding to my collection  over time. She recently released a few more colours, so obviously I had to take a look! 
Fragrance Direct are having a huge sale, and the Tanya Burr bits are all included, so naturally I took advantage. I bought three of the new colours, all for £1.99 each! 
I picked up the colours Aphrodite, I found Nemo and Lunch Date. 
From left to right - Aphrodite, I found Nemo and Lunch Date. 

Aphrodite is a gorgeous coral-red colour, that is a little less opaque than I'd honestly like it to be. However I do like the gel texture, rather than milky/creamy glosses. It has a lovely amount of pink shimmer in, that isn't too much, and shows up subtly on the lips. 
It does go on a little inconsistently and patchy, but I really like the juicy raspberry coral colour. These glosses are a little sticky, so be careful in the wind with long hair! 
I found Nemo, is a pretty peachy orange colour. However on the lips it's not as peachy gel as I'd like, it's a little more creamy. There's subtle gold peach shimmer, which again, I really like. I feel like a little glitter adds some dimension to the lips. I did find that this was a little more cream finish like Lunch Date, rather than wet finish like Aphrodite. 
Lunch Date is really creamy, and is probably my least favourite of the three that I bought. I feel like although Aphrodite settles in the lines it makes my lips look wetter, whereas with Lunch Date, it just looks a little thick. I do like this as a pretty, nude lipgloss, but it lacks the shimmer that the other two have, and in so doing, it lacks that dimension.

I really do like the general formula of the Tanya Burr glosses, they smell amazing, like red laces. They have a nice flat sponge applicator - I much prefer these to the weird splaying brushes you can get in some glosses, however they do need a coat or two to get a more even finish. They are a little sticky, but they are nowhere near as sticky as MAC glosses, and only really get tacky later on in the wear time, and obviously with long hair and wind - y'all know how it is! 

I'd definitely say try picking a couple of these up if you can, especially now that they are only £1.99 in the Fragrance Direct sale! But you can also pick these up at Superdrug. 
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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Summertime Designer Sunglass Picks | 2015

I am a huge fan of sunglasses, such a huge fan that I actually have a whole drawer dedicated to sunglasses. 
The only designer sunglasses I own are from my beloved TKMaxx, and whilst I have a while to go until I can afford to buy designer sunglasses, it's nice to dream right? 
I will also have a budget sunglass picks list next week, for those of us who can't afford to spend hundreds on sunnies. 
Also, I know I'm constantly saying that I'm not a fashion blogger, but I've really been wanting to get into it more. 

Pair one are from Dolce and Gabbana, they are a gorgeous shell peach colour, and inside they are a dark leopard pattern. I am in love with shell colours at the moment, from peaches to pinks even some white, love them! Whilst I really like injecting some colour into my wardrobe in the summertime, I also get excited to bring in these delicately coloured neutrals. 
These glasses come in a few different colours too, red, blue leopard and black. I'd love to find some high-street dupes for these, as I really like the delicate take on a Wayfarer shape. 

TWO - RB2180 49 - £135
Pair two are from Ray Ban. Unfortunately I can't find a name for this style. I really like this darker take on a regular neutral shade, and the dark lenses are really stylish. They are a rounded, curved version of Wayfarers and are made of a translucent coloured plastic. I really like when glasses are made of this type of plastic, as I feel that they look a little lighter on the face. I used to have a hand-me-down pair of Nicole Farhi sunnies (before they were lost at Discovery Cove), that were a gorgeous translucent shell pink. 
I think these would look lovely with some bright summer coloured clothes, or a neon bikini. These come in browns, blacks and greys. 

THREE - FT0374 61 - £249
I am in serious lust with these Tom Ford sunnies. The gold criss cross frames, and the champagne brown lenses are stunning. These are some sunglasses that I'd love to see in real life. I'm a huge fan of RayBan's Aviator style, and these feel like a more mature, classy version. 
These feel like the type of glasses rich women would wear on their way to tea at the Ritz. The glasses come in three different colours, brown, green and blue.

FOUR - BV8156B 54 - £273
These glasses from Bvlgari are a pair I didn't think I'd initially like, however, I do like tortoiseshell so maybe it's that? 
They are a gorgeous dark brown tortoiseshell, but what I really like is the gold detailing on the sides. It's very art deco, very The Great Gatsby. I think that you could easily find an amazing swimsuit to go with these sunnies, maybe in white or black with gold accents? 
There's also gold detailing around the rims, and indentations on the corners which incorporate the metal accents on the sides. I don't own any glasses with a cat eye shape, but for those of you who like the shape, these are beautiful! 
They also come in black with copper metal accents. 

I've never been one to really, want designer sunglasses, but if I were to leap into paying full price for a pair, it'd be some original Ray Ban Aviators! They come in a huge variety of colours, I really like these which are the gold and pink ones, but also love the polarised gold and orange ones. 
I think these would look amazing with crisp, white clothing in the summer. 
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Friday, 8 May 2015

Avengers Inspired | THOR | Makeup Tutorial

I've seen several YouTubers that write accompanying blog posts to their videos, and it's always a continuity thing that I've been interested in. So, here's the first one! I'm not promising a post for EVERY video, but it's a habit I'd like to get into. 
I've been wanting to start off this series since the last Avengers movie came out, and yes, it has taken me this long to get my shit together. 
I started off with Thor because since watching 'The Avengers - Age of Ultron', I like the character so much more. I don't know why, I just do. 
Thor's character in the comic's has a lot of blue and red going on, and in the movies his clothing (armour) is usually more cool-toned. So, I decided to incorporate a lot of blues and greys, as well as some metallic shadows. I obviously had to use red too, because, he has a red cape (NO CAPES!). 
I did a nude lip and didn't really like it, so added the gloss on top and I think it definitely finishes off the look well. 

If you want to check out the tutorial you can do below, and my latest videos are always in the sidebar. 

Please remember to SUBSCRIBE to see the rest of the series! 
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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Rimmel Good to Glow Highlighter | Review

I know, I haven't been around in a while, and by a while I mean a really, really long time. What's it been since we last spoke? A month? Actually just checked the date on my last post and it's been over a month! 
I will talk about why I've been away in a bit, in a later post once I get my ish together. However, I'm going to start off with a good, old-fashioned review. 

Strolling down the aisles of Boots I saw that they had these new highlighters, now, I don't think I actually own any liquid highlighters. So this is something completely new for me. 
This is Rimmel's Good to Glow liquid highlighter
It comes in three different colours, 001 Notting Hill Glow, is a beautiful white pearlised pink. 002 Piccadilly Glow is a gorgeous golden coral, and 003 Soho Glow is a pretty tanned gold. 
I was initially going to pick up all three, but to be honest, 001 was very similar to one of the colours in the Sleek Highlighter palette. And 003 wasn't really the right colour for my skin right now, not ruling out that I'll buy it this summer though! 
002 as mentioned before is a gorgeous summery coral/orange. Initially I was a little perplexed by the colour choice, white/pearls I get, and golds I get, but orange? So naturally that was the colour I had to go for! 
I am so glad I did! 

I am not really a huge fan of glittery blushes, because I feel like they stand out from the skin, and just look sparkly and chunky. Whereas, because Good to Glow is a liquid, it sinks well into the skin and gives a gorgeous, glowy look. But don't get me wrong, it is still very sparkly, just not really chunky. 
It smells pretty nice too, it doesn't have the foundation smell or the suncream smell. It's light and pleasant. GtG isn't hugely pigmented, which is a bit of a downfall as I feel like Rimmel really could have packed colour in as they are a gel formula. I wish it was more colourful, then you could have the option to put it on top, or underneath foundation. 
It's not a replacement for blush, but if you are like me and rarely wear blush with your makeup (rosacea - YAY!) this colour could be a good replacement. 
002 kills two birds with one stone in that way., but you could also use it over the top of a blush. 

I can see this looking good on camera, and really pretty in the summertime. I think I might pick up 003 later on in the year, as it'd give a nice golden glow to the skin. 
I've enjoyed using the Good to Glow and like the gel formula. However, I feel like it could be more pigmented, less sparkly and just brighter overall. 
At £4.99 I'm pretty happy with my purchase, and Rimmel's having a 3 for 2 in Boots right now, so if you want to pick this up...GO! 

Have you tried out the Good to Glow? Did you like it, or is there something else you prefer? 

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Monday, 23 March 2015

LUSH Review | Fluffy Egg

As we all know by now, I am more than a little bit of a LUSH-aholic. So when the Easter collection launched, you KNOW I was there ready and waiting. 
You can check out all of the things I bought in my latest haul here: 
But, I know you're really here for my review of the Fluffy Egg
I'm pretty sure that this bath bomb was released last year as well, but I never tried it so I'm really pumped to be able to test it out this year. 
It's a really cute little bright pink bath bomb, it's shaped like a little easter egg and has sugar flowers implanted into the top on both sides. 
Scent-wise it's super sweet, and smells a little like the Candy Mountain seen at Christmas, or the Creamy Candy bubble bar. 
It's also one of the cheapest things within this year's Easter collection, at £2.95 a piece. You could definitely crack this in half and use it for two baths, but I used it in one as it's relatively small and I have a medium-sized bath tub. 
I really enjoyed using this bath bomb, it smells deliciously sweet, and it makes the bath water a beautifully bright shade of pink. 
You want the girliest bath ever? This Fluffy Egg will provide it! It's really cute, and smells amazing and is a definite recommend from me. Even if it doesn't contain glitter or popping candy, it smells gorgeous and looks wonderful in the tub. 

What do you want to try from the Easter and Mother's Day collections? Have you tried this Fluffy Egg? And if so, what did you think? 
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Friday, 20 March 2015

Primark HOME Haul

When it came to Winter last year, everyone started getting their bed linen and cute bedroom accessories from Primark. Unfortunately, I think I was too late to get any bed sheets, and none of the decorations were really my thing. 
Fortunately though, I seem to have stumbled in early into Primark's Summer HOME collection, as I managed to pick up a lot of cute things, and have my eye on other bits too. If you regularly shop in Primark, you'll know that a lot of times you'll see something and think 'Oh I'll pick it up next time' only for it to be sold out when you return. So this time around I made sure to pick up everything I really wanted, so that I didn't come back and find that everything had gone. 

I'm not usually someone for 'dressing for the season', but for some reason, I'm really looking forward to summer this year. I've no idea why, I just think it's going to be a lot of fun, I guess because I've not idea what I'm going to be doing after April, the thrill of the unknown I guess. I'm so ready for the bright colours of the summer, the maxi dresses, and the woven shawls that I'm already there in spirit! 
The first thing I spotted was this bed set, it's called the 'Pineapples' bed set (obviously). It's a plain white duvet and pillow set, with bright pineapple prints all over one side, and smaller grey prints on the other. The coloured side is definitely my favourite, but I think it's really nice to have the two patterns to choose from. It also means it looks cool when you get into bed! 
I also got this 'Flamingo' bed set, it's got a light grey zig-zag background and bright pink flamingo prints on top. The underside is bright pink with white flamingoes. I'm really excited to try out these new bedsheets, it's a nice change to the ones I've been alternating for the past few years. Do you ever get stuck in a style rut, and just need to change it up? 
Both of these sets were £11 for a double duvet set. 
I then went to the pillows and cushions section, and wanted to pick out some bright, fun cushions to really brighten up my room. I first picked out this bright peach cushion with white flamingoes on (£4), then the little neon pink sequin cushion (£3.50 I think, lost the receipt!) and then a pineapple cushion to go with my pineapple bed sheets (£3). They have so many beautiful cushions in at the moment, whether you want to go flirty and floral, or bright and bold there's definitely something for everyone. 
Lastly it was a 'quick' stop by the candles section, I first picked out the two jar candles on the bottom, 'Red Berry and Jasmine' and 'Sweet Vanilla and Coconut', these little beauties only cost 80p each...EACH! I then picked up the decorative jar candle, this one came in three different coloured jars all containing the same scent, so you could pick the colour that best co-ordinates with your room! This one is 'White Jasmine and Amber' (I LOVE jasmine!) and was £1.50. 
I finally picked up two of these awesome flamingo decorative candles (£1.50), I've got one resting on the right side of my lower shelf, and one on the left side of my upper shelf. 
They are so cute, and because of the colour they really bring some summer fun into my room! 

How are you injecting the coming seasons into your life? Are you looking forward to the florals or the brights more? 

I can't wait to see what more Primark has to offer for the coming months, I've already got my eye on some bright palm-floral sandals! 
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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Bomb Cosmetics REVIEW | Sweet Cherry Pie

If you saw my last review of a Bomb Cosmetics bath bomb, you'll know how much I really enjoyed the Queen of the Nile Whoopie Blaster. So much so that I decided to try out the Sweet Cherry Pie Blaster, as it's named after my favourite 'Warrant' song. 
It's a pretty whitish pink bath bomb, with chocolate curls and little sugar hearts imbedded in the top. It had little dark flecks through it that I thought were little chocolate bits, but were actually seeds. It smelt sweet and cherry like, and looked really cute. I thought it'd make the bath a pretty pastel pink colour. 
It made the water a little white and murky, the bits inside are little red seeds. To be honest, this really wasn't my favourite. I don't like things that float in the bath (oo-er) unless they will melt, like the chocolate. I just thought that the seeds were a little unnecessary, and didn't really add anything. I found a load of them stuck in the back of my hair at the top of my neck, and had to have a shower afterwards anyway. (UGH!) The scent wasn't strong at all in the bath, and I was overall not so happy about this one. I didn't feel particularly moisturised afterwards either, and found the little red seeds took ages to wash down the drain. 
I liked the name and the appearance, but overall it wasn't as nice as the Queen of the Nile Whoopie Blaster from last time. 
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