Monday, 29 December 2014

MAC Keepsakes Smoky Eyes Palette

I was lucky enough to receive the MAC Keepsakes Smoky Eyes Palette for Christmas this year, thanks Nanny and Grandad! 
So as always, I'm going to review it for you and let you see the ins and outs of this pretty palette. 
Even the packaging is pretty! MAC has done a fab job with this collection as far as I'm concerned, everything is packaged so beautifully. The box is black and sparkly white with an embossed white cameo in the central white stripe, and white 'pearls' either side. 
The design reaches the full way around the box, and as always the information and ingredients are all on the back. It does mention how some of the decorative glitter may transfer, but as a self-confessed unicorn princess, I don't mind. It does however make me doubt the durability of the decoration. 
LOOK AT IT! This has to be one of the most beautiful palettes I've ever seen! The palette is square, but has rounded edges all the way around. It's sparkly white on top and has a matte black base, however the inside is patent black. There's a string of white pearls around the edges of the top, and a white cameo in the centre. It definitely feels like they were channeling Marie Antoinette with this collection, which is cool because she's my favourite royal. 

On the back of the palette they list all of the names for the shadows contained, some are exclusive and some are main-stream MAC shadows. I asked for this palette in particular, as all of the main-stream shadows it contains are ones I don't already own. From what I can tell you get four main MAC shadows, and four exclusive shadows, Kid used to be main but was discontinued from what I have found during my research. 
The closure is a nice, strong magnetic closure. I say that because I know a lot of people worry about magnetic closure, with this one, don't. It's not going to go flapping around like a baby pigeon in your luggage, so you are safe to take it away with you. 
It's so pretty *claps hands with excitement*! There's a nice mix of matte and non-matte shadows, and I love how this palette ranges from the extreme lights like Fancy Dress and Forgery to darks like Noble Spirit and Carbon. The palette also comes with a little double-eneded brush. I liked this palette the most out of the three because of the huge colour differences, Beige Eyes was warm and caramel-y and Plum Eyes was, er, plum-y. 
From top left to top right - 

Fancy Dress - Exclusive
Kid - Was Main (DISCONTINUED) now Exclusive
Honey Lust - Main
Satin Taupe - Main
From bottom left to bottom right - 
Forgery - Main
Divine Rule - Exclusive
Noble Spirit - Exclusive
Carbon - Main 
These are all swatched over Makeup Revolutions Focus & Fix eye primer in Original. The only thing, is I wish that Carbon and Fancy Dress were a little more pigmented, but they are definitely build-able. Forgery is a little chunky, but all of the other eyeshadows are buttery smooth and beautiful to apply. Honey Lust, Noble Spirit and Divine Rule are my top eyeshadows. 

I really love this palette, I think that it would be great for anyone just getting into the world of makeup, looking to build their collection. Or great for someone like me looking for beautiful pieces to add to their collection. All together, I give this palette a big:
It's gorgeous and I adore the colours, yes, some of the formulations could be improved but I do like the variations as it gives you a nice mix of textures, which is EXACTLY what Winter makeup is all about! 

Sunday, 28 December 2014


I know I haven't posted in 20 days, and yeah, that's a really long time. But, I'm finding blogging and YouTube pretty difficult right now. I think it's pretty pointless 'taking a break', because I'm ALWAYS saying "sorry for not posting" etc.  
My motivation is running at an all-time low at the moment, and I'm not really sure what to do.
I'm going to keep my blog here, and keep adding to my YouTube channel, but I just feel like the passion isn't there anymore and I desperately need to get it back. 

Anyway, that's whats up at the moment. 

Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas!!! 

Monday, 8 December 2014

CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY! - NEW Sleek Palette & The Body Shop Christmas Collection

This Christmas I will be hosting a new giveaway over on my YouTube Channel! 

You could win, 
- The NEW Sleek Highlighting Palette
- Sleek Matte Me in Rioja Red
- The Body Shop Hand Cream in Frosted Cranberry
- The Body Shop Lip Balm in Glazed Apple

Remember that I will contact you through my BUSINESS email - - and please be aware of scammers and ass holes that may try to take advantage. I will NEVER ask for payment for ANYTHING within my giveaways! 

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