Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Body Shop Christmas Haul

To be honest, I rarely 'brave' The Body Shop. As you know if you watched this video, I LOVE TBS's body scrubs, they give me life and make me look less like the lizard in Spiderman and more like Gwen Stacey (if only!). 
Alas, I will never be Emma Stone, but, TBS's body scrubs are fab-u-lous! By 'brave' I mean the lady always trying to throw body butter on my hands when I get through the door scares me, really.
Also, spritzer girls. Terrifying. 

Aneh-whay I made a quick (it was meant to be quick, but turned into about an hour) trip to The Body Shop in Bluewater on Monday, there was ONE thing I wanted. But, as we all know, when it comes to body products I have the breaking strain of a KitKat. 

I went in intending to buy the Glazed Apple Body Polish. The Glazed Apple range was the one that immediately caught my eye online, it's bright green and smells like on of my favourite foods. So, yes. Low and behold when I arrived in the store, they only had two display bottles, no scrub for Steff! Then, I looked up, and right on the top shelf of the display was the last damn-ass bottle in Bluewater!!! 
It's big, it's green and it's sparkly (like if the Hulk was a fairy in a bottle). I will be doing a review of this so stay tuned! 

They had a deal of 2 body scrubs or body butters for £16 which is a decent deal as they are usually £10 each, so you get £2 off each one. Not bad. So I had to get another scrub (as I said earlier I do not like body butter, at freaking all! No sir), I'll admit I was at a cross-roads between the Vanilla Brûlée and the Frosted Cranberry scrub, but decided on Vanilla Brûlée. I don't know what it is, but for some reason I really LOVE the scent of Vanilla. 
I love it so much to the point that I have perfume with vanilla undertones, because I like the vanilla in it! You'll be seeing a review on this. 

I wanted to try something from their bath range, it's nowhere near as big as their shower range which is the opposite to LUSH, but they brought some new bits out for Christmas. This little pot intrigued me the most simply because there's a spoon! 
Yes, I would very much like to feel like Sabrina the Teenage Witch cooking up my bath water like a potion. Thank You. This is the Glazed Apple Bath Jelly, it's more emerald-coloured than the rest of the Glazed Apple collection and I can't wait to use it in a bath and review it for you guys! 

I then picked up a couple of basic bits, a Frosted Cranberry hand cream. No you won't be seeing a review of this, you'd know why if you followed me on Twitter! I decided on the Cranberry because I thought it'd be a more universal favourite than the Vanilla, and they don't make an Apple one. I have to say that I really love the packaging for their hand creams though! 

I also bought a couple of Glazed Apple lip balms, because trust me, once you smell this ish, you'll want to rub it all over your face like I do! 

And again, there's two...hmmm, I wonder why? I really like the new tin packaging that TBS seems to be using on their more recent lip balm releases. I feel like it looks a lot cleaner, although I do like the coordinating colours on the original lines, and feel like that packaging is a little more durable, less dentable. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the bits and pieces I decided to buy from The Body Shop so far this year! Is there anything you want from the Christmas collection? Have you got anything yet? 

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