Monday, 10 November 2014

Previously in my life...

I know, I forever feel like I'm writing these sorts of posts! But, I have been at my new job for just over a whole month now, and I'm still really enjoying it. I've never worked with such nice people, if you have questions or anything they'll all always take time out of their day to show you how to do something. Everyone's so nice! 
I also took a weekend short course at a Makeup Academy in London, it wasn't too great. I had an allergic reaction on the first day, my face stung so badly I couldn't go the second day, which sucked! 
I've been working on my YouTube channel A LOT! I'm trying to make a presence for myself there, and it's really, really, hard, but muck like here in the blogosphere I will keep persevering (I'm singing 'I will survive' right now in my head!).
I have a few posts planned, I want to do some more LUSH reviews for you guys, as I find those very helpful when deciding on what I want to buy myself or others (it's coming up to Christmas you know). 
I also want to do some Christmas organisation and planning posts and videos this year, I LOVE organising things, and it's becoming something I feel like I'm getting better at. I'm going to be posting a video on how I cut up and store my LUSH stuff soon so look out for that. 
I'm well aware that I haven't been here, and no matter how long my list of excuses is, I feel really, really bad for neglecting my blog. I want my blog and YouTube to co-exist alongside each other, whether that means changing themes or creating co-ordinating blog posts for my videos like Organized Like Jen does, I WANT to become more pro-active and organise my time to fit this little beauty in to my schedule. After all, it is through this blog that I've 'met' the internet! But I do want them to be a little more streamlined together, so whilst I sort that out please bare with me! 
I feel like I've gone through more blog designs in the past through months, than Kat Von D has tattoos on her body! 
Now I'm just going to share with you a few of my most recent videos, because why the hell not?!?! 

I hope y'all enjoyed that! Please stay tuned for actual stuff! 

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