Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Maverick Does Christmas | Top Tips on Preparation

My friend Emma over on Anchors Away Beauty, recently did a post on her top tips for preparing for Christmas. It's a brilliant idea and I find that Christmas is all about preparation! 
So today I'm going to share with you my top tips on how to prepare for the Holiday Rush! 

1. Lists - (Emma's first point was the same! Just goes to show how important they are!)
Make Christmas Card lists, gifts for others lists, where you put things lists, as well as your own Christmas list! 
I find it really handy to have one notebook in which to write everything, that way everything is in that notebook. Or if you are accident prone (aka. you lose things all the damn time, like me) make your lists on the computer, (doubt you're gunna lose that!) and then print them off! It means you can still cross things off, but also that you don't have to try and read that hasty scrawl because you've got the advantage of Helvetica! Plus, if you lose the initial print-out, hey you wrote the list on your computer! Print it again! No list-losing stress! 
2. Organise your gift wrap - Organise it into one place, I LOVE using structured bags like this one from Clintons. 

You could also use a gift wrap organiser bag (yes, those are a real thing) to store your wrap. But, I like to have my bows, bags, ribbon, tags, post-its and wrap in the same place. You could organise it all into big boxes too! My bags are a quick, temporary solution as I ALWAYS manage to use up all of my gift-wrapping things, but if you like to save wrap, or find yourself having some execs products, big plastic boxes like these from Homebase, or these from Ikea are great for year-round storage. 

3. Retain anything you can use to wrap - Remember that Victoria's Secret bra that was wrapped in red tissue paper? Or that fragile china ornament you ordered online that came wrapped in bubble wrap? Save that stuff! It's an easy money-saving device, meaning your gifts will look beautiful, but, be protected at the same time. 
4. Keep those 'good' bags! - By good bags, I mean the nice structured ones that you get when you go shopping, sturdy bags not plastic ones. They are great for quick, good-looking organisation, and for people like me who don't want containers hanging around for a whole year. 
5. Separate gifts by person - I use the above bags to separate my gifts by people, I like to add a tag to each bag letting me know who the gifts are for. 

As I said earlier, you could totally use plastic containers for this, but as I'm on a budget at the moment these bags are cost-friendly. Why? Because they are free when you buy your gifts! Another quick tip, when in store, always ask if it's possible to get a bigger bag. You can fit more stuff in it when you get home, and if you go to another store and only get one or two things, you can pop it in the big bag you already have (saving the Earth here people!). 

6. Pre-Decorating - A new tip for me this year because I finally got a 'proper' tree! I'm so utterly chuffed with how amazing this UNDER £20 (!!!!) tree is! But I want to do a whole post on that! 
By pre-decorating, I mean figuring out how your ornaments look on your tree, checking if you need any more or if you need to take something back to the store. 
I have pre-dec'd my tree, I remember to keep all the price tags on all my baubles. I now know from pre-dec-ing that I need another chain of crystals, another feather boa (don't ask) and some more individual baubles. I also know that I need to give the gold baubles in my big set to my Mum for our downstairs trees, as the gold colour doesn't match my gold. I know that my shell and purple ones look great! Also remember to bring out your lights early and make sure they work! Because ain't no chance that you'll get any the week before Christmas! 

7. Watch Videos! - I know it sounds weird, "Steff why in fresh hell do I need to know how to dec-out my tree?", well my sweet and unassuming friend, this woman is why. She has great tips on how to decorate, fluff, place, and add general wickedness to Christmas. She also has videos on how to organise and put your stuff away after Christmas, so you can prep for that early on too! Also check out Organized Like Jen, as she always comes out with great Christmas organisation tips around this time of year! 

Have a wonderful Christmas, and I hope I helped you with my tips!!! 

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