Wednesday, 19 November 2014

LUSH Review - Father Christmas Bath Bomb

I rarely buy bath bombs, and this became apparent at the unfortunate moment when I had my towel round my ankles ready to get into a bath of clear, clean water. Where was my scented, colourful, misty, soft water, waiting to accept me like some bath-bound mermaid? Needless to say it ("unfortunately") meant I needed (yet another) trip to LUSH, and whilst Mark Constantine remains to be one of my least favourite people, The Body Shop doesn't sell many bath products. But they have brought out a few bath-y things with their Christmas Collection, so y'all know I'm hitting that Monday at Bluewater! (PS. I'm vlogging my shopping trip!) 
Aneh-whay the issue remains, so I popped into my local LUSH store (I swear they are starting to recognise me there!) and picked up some goodies. 
One of the things I bought was the 'Father Christmas' bath bomb. I'm pretty sure that this has been out in previous years, I've just never bought it, and I will be going back to get another one. (AKA - Yes'm, I like this)
FC is about the same size as your average LUSH bath bomb, it's a pink bath bomb with white detailing to make FC's face. I really like this detail, I especially like that mine had a little white blob on his nose, Lifeguarding Santa (oh yeah). 
FC is £3.50, and has a beautiful, sweet scent. If you like Snow Fairy you're sure to like FC was well! You could easily crack this bath bomb in half for two baths, but as my baths are a one - two times per week treat, I used the whole thing! 
I had to share this picture, I thought the face parts looked so funny! I like that the white parts and the red parts fizz away at different moments, so you can get an effect like this! It makes his facial hair look so bushy. 
I found that my skin felt really nice and smooth after this bath, it must be that white stuff? I find that if a bath bomb has the white foam that sits on the water, it's a lot more likely to be moisturising. 
Inside FC is a gorgeous, rich Christmas Green. It's that perfect tree/garland/wreath green and smells delightful in the bath. I find that to me, a lot of bath bombs from LUSH can lose a lot of their scent, but even I noticed that I could actually smell this one during the bath! It smells lovely and sweet. The scent lingered on my skin nicely, and I got a couple of compliments. 
Look at those swirls! Da Vinci would be proud. 
Overall I give Father Christmas
To be honest, and this IS just me being picky, I would have preferred something sparklier inside, lots of gold lustre maybe? I feel like they could make it more special for Christmas, as it IS a Chrimbo bath bomb. But otherwise I liked the scent, my skin felt smooth and moisturised and I smelt really good afterwards! 

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