Tuesday, 21 October 2014

LUSH Review - Sparkly Pumpkin

I haven't really done a LUSH review in a while, but that's because it hasn't been nearly Christmas/Halloween/Guy Fawkes night for a while (a year). If you want to check out my LUSH haul video, just scroll straight to the bottom of this post! 
 The Sparkly Pumpkin (or SP as we'll cool-ly abbreviate it to) is £3.50 for the one bubble bar, but it could easily be separated into two pieces for two baths. It's part of the LUSH Halloween collection, and is the only thing from the Halloween collection I've purchased so far. Nothing else really caught my eye, although I've heard that the Lord of Misrule has a deep red centre, and if it looks like blood, I'll bathe in it! 
 SP is a bright orange, circular bubble bar, shaped like a pumpkin and coated in gold glitter. It has a little cinnamon twig as the stem of the pumpkin, I actually took this little twig out before crumbling the bar into the bath. Simply because I didm't want it ending up anywhere untoward, and I don't really like when bath products have chunks of anything in like dried flowers etc. 
 Look at that action shot! I found that this was a little harder than the regular bubble bars, but that just might be my weakling-ness. This definitely needs a lot more crumbling than something like the bubbleroons to get more bubbles. I usually like to do an initial crumble then leave it to create more bubbles, but that wasn't so successful this time around so more attention needs to be paid to this one. 
It gives the water a lovely warming, pumpkiney, honey scent. And look at that colour! The water becomes almost opaque it's so highly coloured, and the gold glitter floats on the surface beautifully. If you don't like glitter then you'll have to make sure to wipe it off after being in the tub, but if you're like me and don't mind looking like the pumpkin fairy then leave the glitter to dry on your skin! You will have to wash the remaining glitter down the drain afterwards though, as there is some excess. 
I give this bubble bar a: 
I like it, but it could be more bubbly and the scent could be a bit stronger. This is perfect for people who want a warming scented bubble bar, but don't want the strong, heavily-scented Christmas products! If you want, you can check out the bubble bar here, and my video below.

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  1. It looks like a glitter bomb! I've so far refrained from going into Lush, but sooo tempted!
    Tania xx


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