Tuesday, 2 September 2014

MAC A Novel Romance | Lingering Kiss Lipstick | First Impressions

I've decided on a new format for my reviews etc. When I get a product, I'll do a first impressions/swatches/initial thoughts. Then once I've worn it in a bit, and got a real feel for the product ('bout a week or so) I'll do a real rated review. That way y'all get to see my initial thoughts, and then what the product's really like after a week or so. 
When the MAC A Novel Romance collection was announced, I was vair vair intrigued. I love the 'look' of romanticism, so when it released in America, I'd already picked out the one thing I really wanted, this lipstick. 
 Now here I'm going to say something I've never said before, I really don't have a colour like this in my MAC collection! I can't wait to try it out over a red lipliner, I think it'd make a really nice deep berry. 
 It's the classic MAC Matte formula, but it has a slight sheen. It's not as flat as Ruby Woo but isn't as shiny as a Satin finish. It's a deep berry wine shade, and is utterly that perfect colour for this time of year! It comes out lighter on the skin than in the tube, but I've found that can be the case with some MAC lippies. 
 - Left: 1 Swipe - Right: 3 Built Up - 
It is easily built up and layered, and I'm completely smitten with the wine colour of this lipstick...the guy on the promo pictures wasn't bad but, I digress. I'll probably be wearing this over my Sleek Raisin lip liner, as it's a little darker than Lingering Kiss. Or try and wear it over black! 
It's a great vampy colour, and I can't wait to wear it and let y'all know what it's like! 

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  1. I like the dark lips!



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