Thursday, 11 September 2014

Sleek Gloss Me Lip Glosses | Phoenix Rising, Hawaii Honey & Thai Orchid | Review

 After my rave review of the Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams, I could hardly skip out on the Sleek Gloss Me Lip Glosses now could I? If your answer was no, you're correct! 10 points to Gryffindor! 
 I decided on the colours Phoenix Rising, Hawaii Honey and Thai Orchid. I wanted Hawaii Honey as I'd swatched it in store and it's beautiful. Thai Orchid is purple lipgloss so that's a given, and Phoenix Rising is nothing like anything I own. 
The packaging is a clear tube with a matte black lid, exactly the same as the Matte Me Creams, but they have 'Gloss Me' written on the front. The name of the colour is featured on the bottom, but is also featured on the back or opposite side to 'Gloss Me'. Meaning no matter if you want to store them upside-down or on their sides, you can easily check the colour! 
Phoenix Rising has a beautiful brown, red base gloss with tons of purple and gold glitter. I do wish that this glitter would show up more on the lips but ho hum! It's like nothing I own, I really do see where they got the name from, these are exactly the colours I associate with Phoenixes (Pheni? Phoenixi? A herd of Phoenix? Plural? I presume Phoenixes is right, as it has no red line under it in my spell check?), red, gold and purple! 
Look at that applicator though! It's odd-looking but makes applying these glosses a dream, because of their smooth texture and glossy finish, they are wonderful to apply and to wear! 
Hawaii Honey is a gorgeous orangey peach with gold glitter, I really am not usually one for glitter, but if you see these in real life (or IRL as the young ones say these not hip and trendy!) you will understand, they are beautiful! Hawaii Honey is that perfect colour to just throw on when you're in a rush. It has a very subtle gold glitter, but the addition makes your lips look plumper! It is also a lovely little thing to see in certain lights, and adds a little glamour to an otherwise everyday product.
 Y'all really think I'mma pass on purple lipgloss? It's a pretty purple cream base with a translucent finish, and pink and gold glitter. What about that description doesn't make you think that this is some magical Unicorn ish? NOTHING! It's glorious to behold!
All the glosses are rather sticky, but not uncomfortably so. I find that HH and TO sit more on top of the lips, whereas PR seems to set 'in' them, but not in a feathery gross way. It just looks a little more 'proper' or 'grown up'. I definitely don't have one that I prefer, they are all equally stunning. I never thought I'd describe a lipgloss as stunning! (Ha ha!) 
They all have glitter, it's pretty and not over-done (although I kinda want a SUPER glittery lipgloss so if you know of one, tell me!), and they blends are beautiful. 
As mentioned before, they have a sticky texture, but this means that once you've applied your gloss perfectly it's on your face! I wore HH to an auction the other day, it was 'fresh' feeling for at least 2-3 hours until I ate a jacket potato. 
Despite the odd applicator, this actually makes the glosses REALLY easy to apply! You don't get gloss on anywhere but your mouth, and the thin pointed-ness of the applicator means you can get it into the corners without getting it on the rest of your face. It also means you can create some killer cupid's bows! 
I'd give these glosses a:
They are beautiful, have lovely packaging, convenient applicators and LONG wear time for glosses. Plus at £4.99 a piece (and often on some kind of deal in Superdrug or Boots - They're on buy 1 get 1 1/2 price in Boots right now!) the price is nothing to be sniffed at!
There's NOTHING to not like about these, and I really want to "Catch 'em all!". 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Rimmel Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet | Meteoric Matte & Orange-ology | First Impressions & Review

 When I went on my buying trip, I'd no idea these (Rimmel's Apocalips Matte Lip Velvets)  were being/had been released, and I loved the original Apocalips glosses so much I had to pick up a couple! There was also a read and a light pinky nude available, but I already have a load of reds so skipped that, and the pink wasn't flattering on my skin. I know there is also a nude available, but will skip that as I'm so in love with the Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams! These are £6.49 a piece. 
 Metoeric Matte is a wine-red, rather than a pure red, it's got purplish undertones. 
 Orange-ology is a BRIGHT tangerine orange, I can't wait to put this on my face! 
The packaging is the same as the original glosses, however, the black part is matte rather than shiny. 
 As per the original Apocalips lip lacquers, the applicators have a little divet in them to hold more product. I really like this but I do feel like sometimes, it can lead to the application of too much product, and that can be a problem particularly with mattes like these. 
These take a while to settle down and dry on the lips, but I find them to be neither drying not ultra-hydrating. They are very pigmented, and super opaque. They offer the high-colour payoff that the original glossy lacquers did, however unlike their originals, these have room for improvement. 
Lipsticks, glosses, lacquers etc. have never feathered on me. I don't have deep lip lines or anything like that, and I've never had a product feather before until now...
LOOK AT THAT! It's feathered up into my cupid's bow and down towards my chin. It literally made my lips look gross. I'll also say that this picture was taken after only half an hour of wear time, meaning I can't imagine how bad this would be if I'd worn it out for the night, eurgh! 
I'll have to just try wearing a lipliner underneath. The struggle is real! 
I'd give these lacquers:
They are very pigmented, apply smoothly and have nice packaging, but other than that, the wear isn't great and I find myself wishing they'd spent more time on these. There was no promotion, the TV ad hasn't even appeared on my TV yet, do they have one? I feel like these were a rushed product to 'get in' with the matte lip for A/W. 
They're just...Meh. For a good high-street matte lip, try the Sleek Matte Me Creams, they are less expensive and far superior. 

Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams | Birthday Suit & Fandango Purple | First Impressions & Review

I've bought quite a few higher-end products recently, and have decided that it's time to invest in some more affordable products. I want to do more high-street based tutorials on my channel, and want to expand my colour collection! 
Naturally what I want to expand the most is my lip products collection, as I have a decent amount of high-street eyeshadows, blushes etc. 
I was immediately drawn to Sleek, one of my favourite YouTubers, Cherry Wallis uses a lot of their products, and I really love the packaging. Y'all know I love nice, sleek packaging! Also Chloe recently reviewed one of their lipstick palettes, and I guess the brand just keeps calling to me! 
A few things caught my eye at the Sleek booth, but I decided to get the Matte Me Lip Creams and some of the Gloss Me Lip Glosses. They had such wonderful colours, colours that you'd rarely see on the high-street, even these days. 
As I already said, I really like the packaging. It's smooth and sleek, and feels nice and good quality. The bottom half that contains the product is clear, hard plastic and the top is a smooth matte black plastic. 
I got the colours Fandango Purple and Birthday Suit, a beautiful bright fuchsia purple and a brown nude. 
 Fandango Purple is a gorgeous fuchsia purple, if that's a colour? It's more on the pinky bright side of purple than a true royal purple, which makes it unlike anything else that I own. 
I've wanted a brown nude for a while, I'm much more a fan of the darker browny nudes, to the completely concealed lips nude (unless it's under a gorgeous sparkly gold gloss!). This is the perfect brown nude for my skin! 
- TOP : Fandango Purple - BOTTOM : Birthday Suit -
Both of them are absolutely lovely colours, although I don't get as much wear out of these as I do with a matte MAC lipstick, they have a good two-hours wear time. Unlike the MUA matte lip creams, they don't flake at the centre of the lips, they sort of wear away. The swatches above aren't completely dry. Below is what Birthday Suit looks like, once set on the lips. They are very opaque, the swatches above are just one swipe each!
I didn't find it moisturising nor drying which I thought was quite pleasant, and you can lick your lips as much as you like with little wear. They do however become a little shinier after a couple of hours, with a little wear in the centre of the lips but otherwise, I'm really happy with these! (I'll add a lip swatch of FP when I get the chance to photograph it!) 
I'd rate these:
I really do like them, and I like them a little more than the NYX Matte Lip Creams, as they are opaque in one swipe, which is pretty good. You can apply more layers, but you really don't need to. 

Friday, 5 September 2014

Autumn Makeup Tutorials

I love the colours of Autumn and have been so inspired recently that I've done not one, but two tutorials featuring Autumn colours!!! 
I hope you like them, and please remember to Subscribe! 
Also, I have a VLOG channel which you can check out here. I will be adding a widget to my sidebar where you can see my most recent vlog just like you can my beauty videos! 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

MAC The Simpsons | Grand Pumpkin Lipglass | First Impressions

I've been a fan of The Simpsons for years and when I saw that MAC were collaborating with The Simpsons, I was a little surprised. I've never thought that The Simpsons would have a makeup collection, but, if it were to be any company it's great that it was MAC! Because can you imagine YSL doing it? Nhew! 
I only bought one thing from the collection, I have enough blushes etc, so went for something I rarely buy. Surprisingly though, there were no lipsticks in the collection?! 

Can we just...the packaging. I love the look of the outer packaging, the boxes are bright Simpsons yellow with blue insides. The name of the product is on the end of the packaging on a yellow sticker. Because this is Marge's collection, her hair is highlighted in blue on the front, and there are a while bundle of line drawings of different characters all over it! 
The thing is, I do feel that with the products, MAC really missed a trick. This is the company that brought us water droplets on products, I feel like the product packaging is a little last-minute. It sucks a bit. With the lipsticks (if they'd done some!) they could have made the lids 3D styled like Marge's hair, I mean SERIOUSLY they had so many creative venues to go down. I feel like they could have done better with the packaging, it's a bit of a let-down. 
None the less, I got the colour Grand Pumpkin. Its something I'd usually never go for but I think it's pretty awesome! There were a couple of more 'out there' colours, like this one and Nacho Cheese Explosion, which is a dubious greeny yellow. 
I chose Grand Pumpkin particularly because of the name, and this time of year. Also I LOVE the Grand Pumpkin Treehouse of Horror episodes, so it was naturally what I was drawn to. 
- Left: 1 Swipe - Right: Built up - 
It's a gorgeous creamy pumpkin colour, it's definitely not a peach or nude it's an orange. It's much more of a 'delicate' orange than a bright, loud orange which I think makes it more wearable. It's ver glossy and from what I can tell, like most MAC Lipglasses, it's slightly sticky. 
I really like this lipgloss and can't wait to try it out over a variety of lipsticks and liners! 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

MAC A Novel Romance | Lingering Kiss Lipstick | First Impressions

I've decided on a new format for my reviews etc. When I get a product, I'll do a first impressions/swatches/initial thoughts. Then once I've worn it in a bit, and got a real feel for the product ('bout a week or so) I'll do a real rated review. That way y'all get to see my initial thoughts, and then what the product's really like after a week or so. 
When the MAC A Novel Romance collection was announced, I was vair vair intrigued. I love the 'look' of romanticism, so when it released in America, I'd already picked out the one thing I really wanted, this lipstick. 
 Now here I'm going to say something I've never said before, I really don't have a colour like this in my MAC collection! I can't wait to try it out over a red lipliner, I think it'd make a really nice deep berry. 
 It's the classic MAC Matte formula, but it has a slight sheen. It's not as flat as Ruby Woo but isn't as shiny as a Satin finish. It's a deep berry wine shade, and is utterly that perfect colour for this time of year! It comes out lighter on the skin than in the tube, but I've found that can be the case with some MAC lippies. 
 - Left: 1 Swipe - Right: 3 Built Up - 
It is easily built up and layered, and I'm completely smitten with the wine colour of this lipstick...the guy on the promo pictures wasn't bad but, I digress. I'll probably be wearing this over my Sleek Raisin lip liner, as it's a little darker than Lingering Kiss. Or try and wear it over black! 
It's a great vampy colour, and I can't wait to wear it and let y'all know what it's like! 
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