Thursday, 28 August 2014

MAC Lipstick Collection | CB 96

When I was in Paris I took a walk up the Champs-Élysées and not only went into Sephora (and bought nothing), but also went into MAC (and bought nothing). I know! I managed to walk in and out of two beautiful shops, and bought nothing, nil, nacho cheese! 
Naturally though, I did swatch everything in MAC, but wasn't looking for anything in particular. 
And then CB 96 came into my life, as soon as I swatched it I knew I had to have it. After begrudgingly leaving the MAC shop in Paris, I ordered this lippie off of Debenhams as soon as I got home! 
Just look at the sparkles, so sparkle, so shine! To this day I don't think I have ever owned a MAC frost finish lipstick *goes to check collection* NOPE! I often avoided the frost section, because I've never really liked the look of a lot of them. My Mum often used to wear these frosty finishes, and I've always thought of them as old and stuck to Matte finishes. But CB 96 really pushes the boat out. It does have that old-timer sheen/glitter/shift to it, but it's a bright orange-peach lipstick with a GOLD shift! 
- Right 1 stroke - Left 3 strokes - 
It comes out as a beautiful orange peach on the lips with a C-3PO like gold shift, it's perfect for the Autumn/Winter time because it's orange (Halloween) and gold (Christmas)! 
- With flash - 
Please note as you can see my lips are rather pinkly pigmented, so if you have lesser pigmented lips or more pigmented lips, this WILL look different as it's sheer, not opaque. 
Look at that gold highlight, it makes my lips look so pouty. It also doesn't linger over dry areas, and it feels a little moisturising which is a nice change to flat Matte from MAC. It's slightly balmy and slippery, but lasts for a good 2 or so hours. 
I applied this about half an hour before I left to see 'Wings & Wheels' in Dunsfold last weekend, and only had to re-apply about an hour after we arrived. (Also, I had bubble tea for the first time! Yum!)
So it LASTS. 
It's also easy to re-apply, unlike a Matte, you can easily layer this, whereas I find that to re-apply a Matte, you have to remove the original layer and then apply. Here, you can easily apply one layer atop another with no problem, and no clinging! 
My rating of this beautiful orange lipstick would be:
Whilst the colour and shimmer are beautiful, I wish it would last a little longer, and through eating like Mattes do. However, it's not far off darn perfect!!! 
I'm thinking about making posts about all of my MAC lippies and rating them similarly, what do y'all think, is it something you'd want to see? 

(PS. Don't cha love my new signature? "So eleganté Harriet!" If you know where that's from...I love you)

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