Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I've been to France - Vlogging and Blogging!

I've been away for about a month now, and I've really enjoyed that brief hiatus. I felt that I needed to take a break from blogging, my material wasn't as good as I wanted it to be, and I just wasn't 'feeling' it anymore. 
But I'm back, and if you haven't noticed, I have a brand new blog design! It's a lot more autumnal than the last one. It was about this time of year last year that I created the old design, and I felt it was time for a change. Being the A-type personality I am, when I change my mind I HAVE to change something, and I've wanted to change my design for a while. Ps. I really love my new header! 
Let's get into what this post is all about, I recently went on a family & friends holiday to France. I've never had a 'proper' holiday in France, other than our year 8 trip, so thought it'd be nice to share some pictures with you guys! Please be aware, this means this is a very picture/selfie heavy post!!! 
 I never really understood the allure of Sephora, beauty bloggers and vloggers always seem to be going on about it, then I went into the Sephora on the Champs-Élysées. I've never been into a Sephora before, but if they all look like this, BRING THEM TO THE UK! It was one of the most luxurious cosmetics stores I've ever been in. 
 A quick selfie under the Eiffel Tower! 
 The view from the second level of the Eiffel Tower. The top was closed for some reason, which SUCKS! 
 The biggest churros I've ever eaten! There was a little 'city' of tents near the Eiffel Tower where they were selling food and jewellery. 
 Outside the Louvre, we were standing under an arch and taking pictures near the Louvre, when we figured out that the writing on the arch was talking about defeating the British. It was an awkward walk away! Haha! 
 In the queue for the Notre Dame, one of the most beautiful buildings I've ever seen. Two days after we left Paris, Hugh Jackman took a selfie in the same place...I missed him but TWO DAYS DAMMIT! 
 Side of the Notre Dame. 
 A picture of the Eiffel Tower that I took from our cruise down the Seine. I'd definitely recommend taking one of these cruise tours at night, after about 9. 
I had a mini black forest gateaux for breakfast the next day before we left Paris. We went to wine country, but all of those pictures are of my friends and I and I don't want to add pictures of them without their permission. 
You can check out my WHOLE France vlog here: 

All in all, I had a lovely time in France and would really like to visit Paris again in the future! 
In reference to my blog design, there are some bits and pieces I need to edit/fix, but I'm really happy with it. I didn't want it to be all white and black, or bright pink again, but I hope y'all like it as much as I do, it's a little more minty-neutral! 

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