Saturday, 30 August 2014

Dior Lipstick | 578 Diorkiss

This is another 'when in Paris' purchase, but I actually bought this one IN Paris. After going through baggage (during which I was very nervous as I had a box of tea in my suitcase, which could have looked very dodgy on those security cameras!!!) and dumping our stuff at the Eurostar boarding gate, I decided to take a quick look around duty free. Low and behold I managed to bypass the 7 Euro English magazines (no, that's really how much Cosmo was!), and found myself in the makeup and perfume shop.
As they had no YSL stand (in PARIS), I headed to Dior. I've never had/owned/used any Dior lipsticks, and had no idea what to expect. 
After swatting a few I came across this little beauty! 
Let us just look at the packaging, it has a silver rim, and a little button on the end that you use to pull the lipstick out of the tube. Let's just look at the shift on the 'Dior' part of the tube, in the light it shifts from a dark navy blue on the 'D' end, to a bright gold on the 'R'. 
 I decided to choose a nice everyday shade, simply because I was spending 22 something Euros on a lipstick, and wanted to choose something I'd always wear. Rather than something I'd pull out on random occasions. 
 - Left built up - Right 1 swipe - 
The lipstick feels quite moisturising, and is a nice pink when built up. However when sheered out over my lips it turns a pinky coral which I really love. 
It's very balmy and wear time varies down to drinking, eating etc. 1-3 hours before touch-ups, has been my normal wearing. It's nice and moisturising, and doesn't have a hugely distinct smell, so this is great for y'all that don't like heavily scented lip products! 
It has a creamy, sheer finish with no sparkles but a little shine to add dimension to the lips. 
All-in-all this is an expensive lipstick, but as I chose an everyday shade it's more of an investment. It's that perfect lipstick that you can swipe on in a rush, and it'll just make you look so much more pulled together. It applies smoothly and doesn't cling to rough patches or dryness, even smoothing and moisturising in those cases! I'm chuffed with this and would give it:
It's beautiful, but it doesn't have a scent and I really do like a scent in my products. However, that's really a teeny set back! I'd definitely recommend a lipstick like this as an investment. 

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