Tuesday, 8 July 2014

What Happened When: I learnt to complain to companies

No, I don't mean the usual, stereotypical complaining about things like the weather...although it is inconveniently stormy today, I mean complaining to companies. Now, I have NEVER complained about customer service, as mine is generally good everywhere. I complain about other things, like when a product isn't right or is broken etc. 
This is the second post in my 'What Happened When' series, it's not planned, it's just a series of things I want to tell you guys about, and things that I think are important. You can check out my 'What Happened When: I watched Blackfish' post. Also, if you follow me on Twitter, I always complain to companies first on there, before I take to email. So if somthin's goin' down and you follow me there, you'll be the first to know! 

Complaining is something that I've always had a hard time with, and I feel like over the last couple of months, I've matured a lot. Mentally. I realise that if I'm not 100% happy with something, there are always customer service people that are there to help/deal with me. 

My first complaint was a simple quick tweet to O2, and then a quick argument with them as to why service hadn't been working in my area for three days. Low and behold it was fixed that day and back to full signal! 

I LOVE Tyrells crisps, especially the vegetable ones (Parsnip, Beetroot and Carrot) so when I was treated to some by my loving Mutti, I was surprised to find less than a third of product in the bag. Don't get me wrong, I know crisp companies pump gallons of air into the bags, but this was so significant that I NOTICED it. Which I wouldn't usually if there was a slight discrepancy. 

So I tweeted them, they then emailed me and we sorted out a deal, meaning they sent me a 'box of samples'. I was expecting a couple of small Walker's style bags, low and behold when my samples arrived (VERY QUICKLY!) they'd sent me four big bags of crisps, one of the vegetable crisps, one crinkled veggie crisps with garlic, one sea salt and black pepper and a barbecue one! - Good? Heck yeah! 

Third time, my new perfume came in the post (this was yesterday - Monday 7th) it's the 'The Mortal Instruments - City of Bones - Angelic Power' perfume. I will be doing a review. I opened it and everything looked good, until I looked at the front of the bottle. Said bottle is covered in 'runes' which I will explain in the review, and there is the 'Angelic Power' rune on the front, mine is skewed to one side, again it's definitely noticeable, it's not just a little wonky that thing's SKEWIFF! So I opened up an Amazon live chat, and had a little chat with the guy at the other end, he's refunded me a quarter of the price meaning my perfume has gone from £12 to £9, not a lot but still, IT'S SOMETHING! 

Last and most recently, as in it was sorted today is Victoria's Secret. VS is pretty new here in the UK, I've known about it in the US for a LOOONG time but it's new here, and I took a trip to Blue Water to check it out (as well as do some serious shopping). The bras there are so unbelievably soft and smooth, I'd rather buy one of them than two M&S ones. Seriously. Luckily when I went it was the VS Semi-Annual Sale, I got two bras, I bought one and my Aunt treated me to a beautiful teal 'Fabulous' one (fabulous is the style name). I put the thing on and it was soft and pretty and oh-so-fab, but when I came to take it off at the end of the day I felt like my (*graphic*) boobs were sweaty. This was when it was REALLY hot here, so I just presumed okay, sweaty boobs no biggie, then I saw that the bra was oozing...OOZING my friends! 

It was only one cup, so I decided to call them, they told me the 'Fabulous' bras are filled with lotion (?) and that I could return or exchange it. This Saturday - 5th July, I drove the hour or so to exchange the little bugger. Unfortunately because there were no bras (in any style) in my size left in the sale, I went up to the desk, happily getting a voucher card. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to exchange my bra for another 'Fabulous' bra, (remember mine was FAULTY, I didn't take it back because I didn't like it, or it didn't fit right, damn thing was BROKEN) as there weren't any more in the sale. But, there were full-priced ones...I wasn't allowed to exchange my faulty product for one in a different colour, remember I'd already driven over an hour to return this damn thing. I was damn angry but still payed the extra £30 to get the new bra, because I NEEDED a new bra, yup I had to pay nearly double extra! 
Today, I decided to email Victoria's Secret UK, telling them this. They very quickly responded, and I am now getting a £50 (!) voucher card sent to me. Yup! £50! That's crazy! 

This just goes to show, if you're not 100% happy with something, let the company know. No, you're not being cheap, you're getting compensation, and letting the company know that something might be wrong...it's feedback with perks (?). 

So if you are shy like me, step out of that and assert your rights. Because you have them! 

A quick apology that this hasn't been a 'Tutorial Tuesday' but, I felt that this was more important. 


  1. Great post, I'm always scared to complain but it shows it does pay off! Xx


  2. I hate complaining to companies because I always feel like they're bigger than me and I'm whining about nothing, if that makes sense... But your post shows how admitting that you feel wronged can pay off! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences :) xo.


  3. My Mum taught me the value of strategic complaining as well. I don't complain unless anything is wrong but I've had some results too. I play Xbox One and I shelled out £50 for a game when it launched. A week after buying it I was getting the disc out the case and it snapped in half! Now I'm not heavy handed by any means so I emailed Amazon and they sent me a new one free of charge. Bonus!

    Jaq @ www.lazydaysbeauty.com


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