Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Tutorial Tuesday - 'Defiance' 'The Pale Wars' Nails

If you've been here for a while, you will know I LOVE doing TV and Movie themed nails, for example, I've done 'Being Human', 'Kili' and 'The Hobbit' nails. I've been thinking about making sets of 'Hobbit' nails and selling them, but I digress... 
'Defiance' is back and I am so, so happy. It is one of my all time favourite TV shows, it's sci-fi and is ultimately, amazing. 
If you don't know what 'The Pale Wars' are, it's basically a nine-year-long war between the Earth Military Coalition and the Votanis Collective (this particular look is based on Castithians, pale white aliens). 
I decided on holographic nails, as it reflects both white and silver (as well as a load of other colours), silver for Earth, and white for Castithian colouring. The red jewels are for the blood shed during the six battles. 
1. Start of with a base coat, my favourite at the moment is the Sally Hansen Miracle Cure strengthener. I will be reviewing this because, it's amazing! 
2. Add a couple of coats of a white or silver holographic nail polish, I used GOSH's 549 Holographic Hero. 
3. Use a clear nail polish (or in my case my base coat) to add little dots on the nails. Make a large dot in the centre at the base of the thumb and ring nails. Make smaller dots to the outer side of the other nails, but outer I mean the direction of your pinky finger, not your thumb. Make these dots about halfway up, near the outer part of the nail, not the centre. 
4. Add your gems, I used small silver round gems on the pinky, index and middle fingers, and bright red teardrops on the thumbs and ring fingers. 
5. Then add a slick of topcoat, again I used my base coat as a topcoat. And you're done! 

I'm really happy with how this look came out, and I hope you guys like 'Tutorial Tuesday', I forgot to take pictures as I did this, sorry!!! But that's what I intend to do every week, you'll be able to see tutorials that aren't even on my YouTube channel! 
It's a very easy manicure, but looks amazing in real life. You could always layer a white and pearlescent polish on top of each other, something like Models Own's Snow White and Mavala's Glamour. 

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