Monday, 14 July 2014

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones - Angelic Power Perfume

Isn't that title a mouthful? This is where you nod in agreement, 'yes, yes it is', and ...congratulations we're a cult! Just kidding! 
I recently bought one of the two perfumes that were released in conjunction with The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie. I originally wasn't interested in the movie, Lily Collins wasn't one of my favourite actresses, then I saw Aidan Turner was in it and so decided to watch it...I LOVE IT! Lily Collins was brilliant, and I'm now nearly 1/2 way through the second novel in the series! 
This perfume was £12.50 from Amazon, and is made by Laurelle of London. 
The box is pretty big, and is a satiny finish. It's black withered runes all over it, and the writing and Angelic Power symbol are in metallic gold. 
The bottle is almost a circle in shape, but the top and bottom are both indented. I really like the bottle, I've never seen anything like it. There are circular indents on either side, on the front the angelic power rune is indented. Unfortunately both the rune and the wording on the front of my bottle are really wonky, you can see that the bottom of the rune leans to the left, and the writing slopes down to the left. I don't know why but that really irks me, I emailed Amazon and they're sending me £3 back, not much but it's something. The lid is clear plastic, it's wide at one end and tapered to the other.
One thing I noticed, is that from the front all of the red runes are back-to-front. However, overall the bottle is ver pretty and looks beautiful. 
The perfume smells slightly floral and then dries down to a sweet floral vanilla scent, which is absolutely beautiful. I'm VERY impressed with the wear time on this, it wears all damn day! I have perfumes that smell amazing at the beginning of the day, and then smell like nothing after an hour, but this is very consistent and smells lovely. It also stays well on hair, I like to spray perfume on my hair to make it smell nice! 
Please appreciate that I have TINY hands, but the bottle is massive! I do like how they made the pump red to correlate with the runes, but I find that the top of the pump feels a little small so I do get some on my finger when spraying it. 

Overall, I really like this perfume. It smells lovely and the bottle is very pretty, even if some parts are irksomely wonky and the runes are backwards. It looks lovely on the shelf and I think that for nearly £13 this is a great deal! I'm picking up the Strength perfume as well, so look out for a review of that soon!

I apologise for not getting this up yesterday, when scheduled, but it was a friend's birthday and I fell asleep when writing this post last night! 

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