Sunday, 27 July 2014

Makeup Revolution | Welcome to the Pleasuredome Palette Swatches & Review

I have already reviewed and swatched the 'Dia de los Muertos' palette from Makeup Revolution. Now it's the turn of the 'Welcome To The Pleasuredome' palette, named after the Frankie goes to Hollywood song and LP. 
I've found that these palettes can get scratched really easily, so if that's a bother to you, keep them in the original boxes. I love the artwork on this box even more than the Dia de los Muertos palette, and just wish that they'd incorporate this into the palette's own packaging. Also, I feel like I managed to capture the red tint in the outer packaging better this time around. See that red 'glow' in the centre right? 
This palette, like all of the MR Salvation palettes is made of a dark red plastic with rose gold writing on the front. The red can only be seen in certain lights, but if you take the eyeshadow applicator out and hold it up to the light you'll see it! This red shift is like the damn Loch Ness Monster, I tell you! I find these palettes hard to open, but that might just be my feeble muscles, and the name of the palette is on a sticker on the back. I'd really like for them to engrave the name on the front so you don't have to keep opening/turning the palettes over to see which ones they are. 
The names of the shadows are on another plastic removable sheet, I just wish they'd engrave them but I guess it's saving money? The names are all taken from the 'Welcome to the Pleasuredome' song by Frankie goes to Hollywood, and the shadows vary from neutrals on the left end to brights and jewel tones at the other end. For only £6 this palette is VERY good value for money, as it offers six matte colours, and twelve shimmer, pearl and satin colours (colours not shades). The shadows are all very pretty and pretty pigmented with decent colour payoff. 
Top L-R - Xanadu, Jungle Call, Long Way From Home
Bottom L-R - Welcome To Pleasuredome (where's 'the'?), Where Lovers Roam, What A Push Over
Welcome To Pleasuredome - Soft shimmery cream
Xanadu - Sheer peach shimmer
Where Lovers Roam - Warm-toned satin taupe
Jungle Call - Purple toned neutral
What A Push Over - Opaque warm matte cream
Long Way From Home - Matte coffee
Top L-R - Using My Power, Sell It By The Hour, Love Your Body
Bottom L-R - Moving On, Moving At A Million Miles An Hour, Diamond By The Shower
Moving On - Sheer cool bunny brown
Using My Power - Denim blue satin
Moving At A Million Miles An Hour - Copper hot chocolate sheen
Sell It By The Hour - Bright shimmery turquoise
Diamond By The Shower - Dark matte khaki
Love Your Body - Sheer purple matte
Top L-R - Even When They Reach The Top, There Goes A Supernova, Never Doing What I Am Told
Bottom L-R - You Really Can't Afford Me, Shooting Stars Never stop, I Can Do It
You Really Can't Afford Me - Blackened teal satin
Even When They Reach The Top - Purple jewel satin
Shooting Stars Never Stop - Dark gold shimmer 
There Goes A Supernova - Opaque dark green shimmer
I Can Do It - Blackened Green Matte
Never Doing What I Am Told - Basically black grape matte 

I really like this palette, MR does some great pallets that are good value and have beautiful eyeshadows in them. They've also recently released a whole host of new palettes, some even feature blushes and concealers! All in all, I'd definitely recommend this palette for the neutral lover who wants a little bit of adventure for the rest of the Summer. 

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