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Makeup Revolution | Dia de los Muertos Palette Swatches & Review

As you saw in my recent Makeup Revolution haul, I've been pretty excited about the Dia de los Muertos palette for a while. The combination of brights and neutrals really caught my eye, and that matte yellow/green! Please be warned, this is picture heavy, but I like to give you guys the most imagery possible, so that you can make informed decisions! 
Please also remember that I am incredibly obsessed with details, so try to let you know about all the good and the bad. It's just how I am. 
The packaging for the palette is sleek, and is made of a beautiful shiny, dark red plastic. A lot of people think it's black, and at first glance it is, the first thing I noticed when I unboxed this was that it was blood red. 
You can sort of see the red in the picture below. You can see the red shine in the bottom right corner, it's red, not black. Also if you take the sponge applicator out and hold the palette up to the light, you can see it through the little compartment! The palette has rose-gold writing on the front, like a lot of the Makeup Revolution products, and the sticker on the back indicates the type of palette. The artwork on the boxes is so beautiful, I wish that they'd somehow incorporate it into the packaging, or at least put the name of the palette on the front. I have similar issues with the Sleek palettes though. Also the sticker on the back of my DdlM palette was wonky, but my Welcome to the Pleasuredome one is not. 
Much like the Sleek palettes, the MR palettes come with a clear insert with the names of the shadows on in white. I really love that they've given their colours names, I think it adds a little something extra to the product, however I'd really prefer it if the names were printed either inside the palette, or corresponding on the back like some MUA palettes have. Another big feature MR have added to these palettes, is the HUGE mirror. It's a really great decision, as the mirror covers the entire lid so you have a good view of your face, and not just your eyes when applying the shadows. 
In this palette you get twelve shimmer and satin shades, and six matte shades for only £6, and that's bloody good value for money! That's three eyeshadows for £1! You also get the usual double-ended sponge applicator, I love these applicators, I think they're brilliant for patting eyeshadow on to the lid and really building it up. The shimmer and satin shades are all in rectangular pans, and the matte shades are all circular and have a waffle pattern over the tops.
You've been patient enough, it's time for the close-up shots and swatches! Also, all swatches are over MR's Focus & Fix Primer, and are all only ONE SWIPE of each shadow. 
Top L-R - Laugh more, Smile, There is Always a Way Back
Bottom L-R - Love Life, Live Life, Theres No Time to Waste
Love Life - A beautiful satin peach champagne
Laugh More - Frosty silver-toned white
Live Life - Frosty pink shimmer
Smile - Satin taupe lilac
Theres No Time To Waste - Yellow toned matte cream
There Is Always A Way Back - Neutral pink-toned taupe matte
Top L-R - Get Busy Living, Or Get Busy Dying, Go And Get The World
Bottom L-R - Redemption Is Near, Salvation Is Inside, Comeback Queen
Redemption Is Near - Bright satin hot pink
Get Busy Living - Burgundy brown frost
Salvation Is Inside - White with slight green pearl
Or Get Busy Dying - Navy shimmer
Comeback Queen - Hot chocolate matte
Go And Get The World - Pure taupe matte
Top L-R - Get Out There, Turn The TV Off, Be You
Bottom L-R - Affirmation, Celebrate Life, Live With Passion
Affirmation - Blackened purple velvet
Get Out There - Grey matte with lots of blue shimmer
Celebrate Life - Sparkly bottle green
Turn The TV Off - Soft satin magenta
Live With Passion - Bright highlighter yellow matte with green undertones
Be You - Mid-tone matte purple

These shadows are all so beautiful, I'm particularly partial to the bright highlighter yellow, and the jewel-toned satins and shimmers in the last swatches. I can't wait to try out Redemption Is Near and Smile is such a beautiful neutral! The eyeshadows are all so unbelievably soft, they remind me of the texture of Urban Decay shadows, and are softer than Sleek. This does mean that there is a little fall-out, particularly in the highly frosted colours and a couple of the mattes. The shimmers and frosts are all VERY pigmented, I feel that some of the mattes' pigmentation could be improved, like the yellow cream, highlighter yellow and purple. 
All-in-all for £6 I definitely think this palette is worth it, it's less than a Sleek palette and you get more shadows in a wide variety of finishes! 
You can check out the Dia de los Muertos palette here

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