Sunday, 27 July 2014

Makeup Revolution | Welcome to the Pleasuredome Palette Swatches & Review

I have already reviewed and swatched the 'Dia de los Muertos' palette from Makeup Revolution. Now it's the turn of the 'Welcome To The Pleasuredome' palette, named after the Frankie goes to Hollywood song and LP. 
I've found that these palettes can get scratched really easily, so if that's a bother to you, keep them in the original boxes. I love the artwork on this box even more than the Dia de los Muertos palette, and just wish that they'd incorporate this into the palette's own packaging. Also, I feel like I managed to capture the red tint in the outer packaging better this time around. See that red 'glow' in the centre right? 
This palette, like all of the MR Salvation palettes is made of a dark red plastic with rose gold writing on the front. The red can only be seen in certain lights, but if you take the eyeshadow applicator out and hold it up to the light you'll see it! This red shift is like the damn Loch Ness Monster, I tell you! I find these palettes hard to open, but that might just be my feeble muscles, and the name of the palette is on a sticker on the back. I'd really like for them to engrave the name on the front so you don't have to keep opening/turning the palettes over to see which ones they are. 
The names of the shadows are on another plastic removable sheet, I just wish they'd engrave them but I guess it's saving money? The names are all taken from the 'Welcome to the Pleasuredome' song by Frankie goes to Hollywood, and the shadows vary from neutrals on the left end to brights and jewel tones at the other end. For only £6 this palette is VERY good value for money, as it offers six matte colours, and twelve shimmer, pearl and satin colours (colours not shades). The shadows are all very pretty and pretty pigmented with decent colour payoff. 
Top L-R - Xanadu, Jungle Call, Long Way From Home
Bottom L-R - Welcome To Pleasuredome (where's 'the'?), Where Lovers Roam, What A Push Over
Welcome To Pleasuredome - Soft shimmery cream
Xanadu - Sheer peach shimmer
Where Lovers Roam - Warm-toned satin taupe
Jungle Call - Purple toned neutral
What A Push Over - Opaque warm matte cream
Long Way From Home - Matte coffee
Top L-R - Using My Power, Sell It By The Hour, Love Your Body
Bottom L-R - Moving On, Moving At A Million Miles An Hour, Diamond By The Shower
Moving On - Sheer cool bunny brown
Using My Power - Denim blue satin
Moving At A Million Miles An Hour - Copper hot chocolate sheen
Sell It By The Hour - Bright shimmery turquoise
Diamond By The Shower - Dark matte khaki
Love Your Body - Sheer purple matte
Top L-R - Even When They Reach The Top, There Goes A Supernova, Never Doing What I Am Told
Bottom L-R - You Really Can't Afford Me, Shooting Stars Never stop, I Can Do It
You Really Can't Afford Me - Blackened teal satin
Even When They Reach The Top - Purple jewel satin
Shooting Stars Never Stop - Dark gold shimmer 
There Goes A Supernova - Opaque dark green shimmer
I Can Do It - Blackened Green Matte
Never Doing What I Am Told - Basically black grape matte 

I really like this palette, MR does some great pallets that are good value and have beautiful eyeshadows in them. They've also recently released a whole host of new palettes, some even feature blushes and concealers! All in all, I'd definitely recommend this palette for the neutral lover who wants a little bit of adventure for the rest of the Summer. 

Monday, 14 July 2014

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones - Angelic Power Perfume

Isn't that title a mouthful? This is where you nod in agreement, 'yes, yes it is', and ...congratulations we're a cult! Just kidding! 
I recently bought one of the two perfumes that were released in conjunction with The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie. I originally wasn't interested in the movie, Lily Collins wasn't one of my favourite actresses, then I saw Aidan Turner was in it and so decided to watch it...I LOVE IT! Lily Collins was brilliant, and I'm now nearly 1/2 way through the second novel in the series! 
This perfume was £12.50 from Amazon, and is made by Laurelle of London. 
The box is pretty big, and is a satiny finish. It's black withered runes all over it, and the writing and Angelic Power symbol are in metallic gold. 
The bottle is almost a circle in shape, but the top and bottom are both indented. I really like the bottle, I've never seen anything like it. There are circular indents on either side, on the front the angelic power rune is indented. Unfortunately both the rune and the wording on the front of my bottle are really wonky, you can see that the bottom of the rune leans to the left, and the writing slopes down to the left. I don't know why but that really irks me, I emailed Amazon and they're sending me £3 back, not much but it's something. The lid is clear plastic, it's wide at one end and tapered to the other.
One thing I noticed, is that from the front all of the red runes are back-to-front. However, overall the bottle is ver pretty and looks beautiful. 
The perfume smells slightly floral and then dries down to a sweet floral vanilla scent, which is absolutely beautiful. I'm VERY impressed with the wear time on this, it wears all damn day! I have perfumes that smell amazing at the beginning of the day, and then smell like nothing after an hour, but this is very consistent and smells lovely. It also stays well on hair, I like to spray perfume on my hair to make it smell nice! 
Please appreciate that I have TINY hands, but the bottle is massive! I do like how they made the pump red to correlate with the runes, but I find that the top of the pump feels a little small so I do get some on my finger when spraying it. 

Overall, I really like this perfume. It smells lovely and the bottle is very pretty, even if some parts are irksomely wonky and the runes are backwards. It looks lovely on the shelf and I think that for nearly £13 this is a great deal! I'm picking up the Strength perfume as well, so look out for a review of that soon!

I apologise for not getting this up yesterday, when scheduled, but it was a friend's birthday and I fell asleep when writing this post last night! 

Friday, 11 July 2014

Makeup Revolution | Dia de los Muertos Palette Swatches & Review

As you saw in my recent Makeup Revolution haul, I've been pretty excited about the Dia de los Muertos palette for a while. The combination of brights and neutrals really caught my eye, and that matte yellow/green! Please be warned, this is picture heavy, but I like to give you guys the most imagery possible, so that you can make informed decisions! 
Please also remember that I am incredibly obsessed with details, so try to let you know about all the good and the bad. It's just how I am. 
The packaging for the palette is sleek, and is made of a beautiful shiny, dark red plastic. A lot of people think it's black, and at first glance it is, the first thing I noticed when I unboxed this was that it was blood red. 
You can sort of see the red in the picture below. You can see the red shine in the bottom right corner, it's red, not black. Also if you take the sponge applicator out and hold the palette up to the light, you can see it through the little compartment! The palette has rose-gold writing on the front, like a lot of the Makeup Revolution products, and the sticker on the back indicates the type of palette. The artwork on the boxes is so beautiful, I wish that they'd somehow incorporate it into the packaging, or at least put the name of the palette on the front. I have similar issues with the Sleek palettes though. Also the sticker on the back of my DdlM palette was wonky, but my Welcome to the Pleasuredome one is not. 
Much like the Sleek palettes, the MR palettes come with a clear insert with the names of the shadows on in white. I really love that they've given their colours names, I think it adds a little something extra to the product, however I'd really prefer it if the names were printed either inside the palette, or corresponding on the back like some MUA palettes have. Another big feature MR have added to these palettes, is the HUGE mirror. It's a really great decision, as the mirror covers the entire lid so you have a good view of your face, and not just your eyes when applying the shadows. 
In this palette you get twelve shimmer and satin shades, and six matte shades for only £6, and that's bloody good value for money! That's three eyeshadows for £1! You also get the usual double-ended sponge applicator, I love these applicators, I think they're brilliant for patting eyeshadow on to the lid and really building it up. The shimmer and satin shades are all in rectangular pans, and the matte shades are all circular and have a waffle pattern over the tops.
You've been patient enough, it's time for the close-up shots and swatches! Also, all swatches are over MR's Focus & Fix Primer, and are all only ONE SWIPE of each shadow. 
Top L-R - Laugh more, Smile, There is Always a Way Back
Bottom L-R - Love Life, Live Life, Theres No Time to Waste
Love Life - A beautiful satin peach champagne
Laugh More - Frosty silver-toned white
Live Life - Frosty pink shimmer
Smile - Satin taupe lilac
Theres No Time To Waste - Yellow toned matte cream
There Is Always A Way Back - Neutral pink-toned taupe matte
Top L-R - Get Busy Living, Or Get Busy Dying, Go And Get The World
Bottom L-R - Redemption Is Near, Salvation Is Inside, Comeback Queen
Redemption Is Near - Bright satin hot pink
Get Busy Living - Burgundy brown frost
Salvation Is Inside - White with slight green pearl
Or Get Busy Dying - Navy shimmer
Comeback Queen - Hot chocolate matte
Go And Get The World - Pure taupe matte
Top L-R - Get Out There, Turn The TV Off, Be You
Bottom L-R - Affirmation, Celebrate Life, Live With Passion
Affirmation - Blackened purple velvet
Get Out There - Grey matte with lots of blue shimmer
Celebrate Life - Sparkly bottle green
Turn The TV Off - Soft satin magenta
Live With Passion - Bright highlighter yellow matte with green undertones
Be You - Mid-tone matte purple

These shadows are all so beautiful, I'm particularly partial to the bright highlighter yellow, and the jewel-toned satins and shimmers in the last swatches. I can't wait to try out Redemption Is Near and Smile is such a beautiful neutral! The eyeshadows are all so unbelievably soft, they remind me of the texture of Urban Decay shadows, and are softer than Sleek. This does mean that there is a little fall-out, particularly in the highly frosted colours and a couple of the mattes. The shimmers and frosts are all VERY pigmented, I feel that some of the mattes' pigmentation could be improved, like the yellow cream, highlighter yellow and purple. 
All-in-all for £6 I definitely think this palette is worth it, it's less than a Sleek palette and you get more shadows in a wide variety of finishes! 
You can check out the Dia de los Muertos palette here

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

What Happened When: I learnt to complain to companies

No, I don't mean the usual, stereotypical complaining about things like the weather...although it is inconveniently stormy today, I mean complaining to companies. Now, I have NEVER complained about customer service, as mine is generally good everywhere. I complain about other things, like when a product isn't right or is broken etc. 
This is the second post in my 'What Happened When' series, it's not planned, it's just a series of things I want to tell you guys about, and things that I think are important. You can check out my 'What Happened When: I watched Blackfish' post. Also, if you follow me on Twitter, I always complain to companies first on there, before I take to email. So if somthin's goin' down and you follow me there, you'll be the first to know! 

Complaining is something that I've always had a hard time with, and I feel like over the last couple of months, I've matured a lot. Mentally. I realise that if I'm not 100% happy with something, there are always customer service people that are there to help/deal with me. 

My first complaint was a simple quick tweet to O2, and then a quick argument with them as to why service hadn't been working in my area for three days. Low and behold it was fixed that day and back to full signal! 

I LOVE Tyrells crisps, especially the vegetable ones (Parsnip, Beetroot and Carrot) so when I was treated to some by my loving Mutti, I was surprised to find less than a third of product in the bag. Don't get me wrong, I know crisp companies pump gallons of air into the bags, but this was so significant that I NOTICED it. Which I wouldn't usually if there was a slight discrepancy. 

So I tweeted them, they then emailed me and we sorted out a deal, meaning they sent me a 'box of samples'. I was expecting a couple of small Walker's style bags, low and behold when my samples arrived (VERY QUICKLY!) they'd sent me four big bags of crisps, one of the vegetable crisps, one crinkled veggie crisps with garlic, one sea salt and black pepper and a barbecue one! - Good? Heck yeah! 

Third time, my new perfume came in the post (this was yesterday - Monday 7th) it's the 'The Mortal Instruments - City of Bones - Angelic Power' perfume. I will be doing a review. I opened it and everything looked good, until I looked at the front of the bottle. Said bottle is covered in 'runes' which I will explain in the review, and there is the 'Angelic Power' rune on the front, mine is skewed to one side, again it's definitely noticeable, it's not just a little wonky that thing's SKEWIFF! So I opened up an Amazon live chat, and had a little chat with the guy at the other end, he's refunded me a quarter of the price meaning my perfume has gone from £12 to £9, not a lot but still, IT'S SOMETHING! 

Last and most recently, as in it was sorted today is Victoria's Secret. VS is pretty new here in the UK, I've known about it in the US for a LOOONG time but it's new here, and I took a trip to Blue Water to check it out (as well as do some serious shopping). The bras there are so unbelievably soft and smooth, I'd rather buy one of them than two M&S ones. Seriously. Luckily when I went it was the VS Semi-Annual Sale, I got two bras, I bought one and my Aunt treated me to a beautiful teal 'Fabulous' one (fabulous is the style name). I put the thing on and it was soft and pretty and oh-so-fab, but when I came to take it off at the end of the day I felt like my (*graphic*) boobs were sweaty. This was when it was REALLY hot here, so I just presumed okay, sweaty boobs no biggie, then I saw that the bra was oozing...OOZING my friends! 

It was only one cup, so I decided to call them, they told me the 'Fabulous' bras are filled with lotion (?) and that I could return or exchange it. This Saturday - 5th July, I drove the hour or so to exchange the little bugger. Unfortunately because there were no bras (in any style) in my size left in the sale, I went up to the desk, happily getting a voucher card. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to exchange my bra for another 'Fabulous' bra, (remember mine was FAULTY, I didn't take it back because I didn't like it, or it didn't fit right, damn thing was BROKEN) as there weren't any more in the sale. But, there were full-priced ones...I wasn't allowed to exchange my faulty product for one in a different colour, remember I'd already driven over an hour to return this damn thing. I was damn angry but still payed the extra £30 to get the new bra, because I NEEDED a new bra, yup I had to pay nearly double extra! 
Today, I decided to email Victoria's Secret UK, telling them this. They very quickly responded, and I am now getting a £50 (!) voucher card sent to me. Yup! £50! That's crazy! 

This just goes to show, if you're not 100% happy with something, let the company know. No, you're not being cheap, you're getting compensation, and letting the company know that something might be's feedback with perks (?). 

So if you are shy like me, step out of that and assert your rights. Because you have them! 

A quick apology that this hasn't been a 'Tutorial Tuesday' but, I felt that this was more important. 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Makeup Revolution Haul #2

As you probably already know, Makeup Revolution have come out with even more products for a new line. They released five new palettes called the 'Salvation' palette, and five smaller palettes of baked eyeshadows, as well as a plethora of other things. This haul will be like a haul and a first impressions post! 
I decided to pick up two of the 'Salvation' palettes, and two of the baked eyeshadow palettes. I knew that the one thing I wanted was the 'Dia de los Muertos' palette, it's so pretty. Welcome to the Pleasuredome is one of my favourite songs, so I had to get that one, also that turquoise shadow really swayed me! I then got the 'Chocolate Deluxe' baked shadow palette (left) because look at that pink/gold! And the 'Pure and Innocent' baked shadow palette (right).
The 'Chocolate Deluxe' baked eyeshadow palette contains five pink-toned shadows, four of which are on the neutral side. The bright pink/gold shadow on the left really caught my eye, and it's absolutely beautiful in real life too! The pure innocent palette is packed with five beautiful neutral shades, the stand out shadow again in here for me, is the one furthest to the left on the bottom row. It has a beautiful green shift to it! 
The 'Dia de los Muertos' palette was what I had to place this order for, I completely fell for the bright green/yellow matte colour and the bright pink shimmer. These shadows look so beautiful and fun, can't wait to try them out. 
NOTE: Just a quick not to say, although these palettes look black, they aren't, they are actually made of a dark, translucent red plastic, not black. I mentioned this to Makeup Revolution on Twitter, and they said that no one else'd It was one of the first things I noticed haha! But that was probably because I was staring at my 'DDLM' palette for so long, for some reason it was really hard to open compared to the 'Welcome to the Pleasuredome' palette...? 
I love 'Welcome to the Pleasuredome' the song, so had to get this, plus, LOOK AT THAT TURQUOISE! This palette has pulled together some beautiful neutrals, as well as some gorgeous undertoned colours. I love how the mattes at the far end are toned with green and purple, rather than just adding plain brown tones, muchos beaut! 
All I can say is that I'm REALLY looking forward to trying these out and reviewing them for you! 

Thursday, 3 July 2014

MAC New York Haul

Before we get started, no I didn't go to New York, no I've never been and yes, I would like to go. A friend's mum went on a trip to NYC and asked if I'd like anything, of course I had a I asked for a few things. Let me just tell you how good the exchange rate is, these things altogether if bought in the UK would cost £47. My friend's mum got them for $55, which here, is £35. I got £12 (nearly the price of one of these things) off, so happy!
Aneh-whay onto the hurl! 
I got a Pressed Pigment, a new lipstick (because I don't have enough already *sarcasm*), and a Select Cover-Up concealer because I'd already finished my Moisturecover one up. 

The Pressed Pigment is in Blonde Streak, it's so sparkly and is beautiful both wet and dry. My new lipstick is the famous Heroine, after my success with Dodgy Girl, I've really started to love purple lipstick. It's not something you see a lot in Surrey! 
Finally I decided on the Select Cover-Up concealer, Nikkie from NikkieTutorials on YouTube, has been raving about it for aaaaaages. It's the same one used on Angelina Jolie for Maleficent! I got the NW15 shade as it's the lightest. 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Tutorial Tuesday - 'Defiance' 'The Pale Wars' Nails

If you've been here for a while, you will know I LOVE doing TV and Movie themed nails, for example, I've done 'Being Human', 'Kili' and 'The Hobbit' nails. I've been thinking about making sets of 'Hobbit' nails and selling them, but I digress... 
'Defiance' is back and I am so, so happy. It is one of my all time favourite TV shows, it's sci-fi and is ultimately, amazing. 
If you don't know what 'The Pale Wars' are, it's basically a nine-year-long war between the Earth Military Coalition and the Votanis Collective (this particular look is based on Castithians, pale white aliens). 
I decided on holographic nails, as it reflects both white and silver (as well as a load of other colours), silver for Earth, and white for Castithian colouring. The red jewels are for the blood shed during the six battles. 
1. Start of with a base coat, my favourite at the moment is the Sally Hansen Miracle Cure strengthener. I will be reviewing this because, it's amazing! 
2. Add a couple of coats of a white or silver holographic nail polish, I used GOSH's 549 Holographic Hero. 
3. Use a clear nail polish (or in my case my base coat) to add little dots on the nails. Make a large dot in the centre at the base of the thumb and ring nails. Make smaller dots to the outer side of the other nails, but outer I mean the direction of your pinky finger, not your thumb. Make these dots about halfway up, near the outer part of the nail, not the centre. 
4. Add your gems, I used small silver round gems on the pinky, index and middle fingers, and bright red teardrops on the thumbs and ring fingers. 
5. Then add a slick of topcoat, again I used my base coat as a topcoat. And you're done! 

I'm really happy with how this look came out, and I hope you guys like 'Tutorial Tuesday', I forgot to take pictures as I did this, sorry!!! But that's what I intend to do every week, you'll be able to see tutorials that aren't even on my YouTube channel! 
It's a very easy manicure, but looks amazing in real life. You could always layer a white and pearlescent polish on top of each other, something like Models Own's Snow White and Mavala's Glamour. 
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