Sunday, 29 June 2014

What I've been doing and other miscellaneous antics

I have been out of college (free) for eleven days now, and quite a lot of things have happened in that time. It's not even two damn weeks! So I just wanted to sit down and "chat" with you for a while, let you know where I am, and what's going on with everything. I've been working hard on creating a blogging and YouTube schedule, as well as creating more content for my channel. 
I'm now aiming to post on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday on here (le blog) and on a Monday and Friday on my YouTube channel (I will also be posting on Wednesdays on there on occasion too) which you can see in my new YouTube banner
I've also been working on clearing the clutter from my life, aka, I'm a very messy person and can't keep anything tidy for any length of time. 
Finally, I am working harder on my Etsy store and the bits I'm selling, as well as possibly opening another one and adding new pieces to a new line! Also, I'm still trying to find a job... 
Here's a little look into some of my most recent posts on my YouTube channel, I'd really appreciate a little 'subscribe' if possible. You've no idea how amazing it is when you get a new subscriber, it's one more person that likes what you're doing and what you're putting out there, just like when I get a new follower on here! Now we've gone soppy... 
Also, I REALLY love Futurama at the moment. REALLY!!! 
There are new TUTORIALS! 

So lots and lots there, and if you're a 'Harry Potter' fan like your's truly, I've just (as in about an hour ago!) released a new line in my Etsy store that'll be right up your 'Diagon Alley' - see what I did there? There are house crest necklaces, and a Marauder's Map necklace, the range is looking at expansion too! 
I hope you guys enjoy my videos and my jewellery, and everything else. Remember that if you want to know anything or see anything on my blog or YouTube channel, just ask! I'm always here to be asked! 

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