Monday, 9 June 2014

Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoos 24k Gold, Everlasting Navy, Metallic Pomegranate

 The other day I went to put some money in the bank, and low and behold, Boots is right next to the bank, so naturally I went in. After browsing around for a while, and picking up some of the Rimmel Scandaleyes Kate Pencils, I saw that Maybelline was on 3 for 2, so abandoned the Rimmel stuff to check out the Maybelline stand. 
I think we all know what the Color (yup American spelling because that's whats on the packaging) Tattoos are, and if you don't here's a quick round-up. 
Maybelline has developed these amazing, beautifully coloured cream shadows called Color Tattoos that are on par with MAC's Paint Pots. These shadows have been around for years, and are definitely comparable. 
So, back to what you came here for! I picked up three colours, and have decided to shove them all in this post, rather than do three separate posts on the same thing, different colours, so this post is pretty picture heavy! 
I've been ogling Metallic Pomegranate ever since my Stiletto from Benefit dried up (t'was vair, vair old).
For me it was a toss up between the turquoise and Everlasting Navy, in the end I went with this one as it went better with my other two colours. However, I will still be getting the turquoise! 
Finally I got 24K Gold, again, I've wanted this one for a while, but again it was a toss up between this and the champagne, which I still want to get! 

Metallic Pomegranate is a pretty deep magenta/burgundy colour with lots of gold glitter, and a small amount of red glitter. It is a little sheer at first but is definitely buildable, it's a GREAT base for MAC's Cranberry eyeshadow. It's nor particularly blendable with fingers, but I still need to try using these with a brush. I really wish that these had no glitter, I really like just metallic cream shadows but ho hum. This isn't an exact match for Stiletto, as it's more red than aubergine. When applied it has a warmer russet tone than a cooler aubergine/maroon colour.
Everlasting Navy is a blackened blue navy with very fine blue and purple micro glitter. This is a very blackened colour, and has some kind of long-lasting super powers! It comes off more metallic than sparkly, which as you've already heard I really like, however I do wish it was a nice solid metallic like Endless Purple. That's my favourite one! 
24K Gold is a bright, metallic yellow gold with lots of yellow gold glitter. I LOVE this colour, it's so bright and I really like using it as a liner rather than a full shadow, it's a great true bright, yellow gold. This is one I REALLY wish was a metallic rather than a glitter, but it's really beautiful and I want to start working it into my Summer looks, it's bright and beautiful! 
I don't know why my fingers look like I've photoshopped them out of a background, it's weird...
The wear time on these is pretty good, and the glitter (especially from 24K) sticks around for days, as in I swatched these three days ago, have had showers etc. and there is still glitter on my skin! The blue and red are much sheerer than I'd like them to be, I'd prefer them to be a pure, metallic, opaque finish but heck, what can I do? I like these and think that for £4.99 these are a pretty great dupe for the MAC Paint Pots, as well as being long-lasting and I'm pretty sure they're waterproof. I have 7 out of the 11 colours released here in the UK, but I think they're coming out with more (literally can't tell you HOW DAMN EXCITED I am about this), as there are four more colours on the Boots site, Persistantly Pink, Pink Nude, Creme de Nude and Naked Ambition. I think that these might be from the neutrals line that was released in America?!? 
You can get these at any Maybelline stockists, but my favourites are Boots and Superdrug as they almost always have some sort of sale or deal on cosmetics! 
Here's a look I did with Pomegranate and 24K:
If you want to see a post on the other four colours that I have, just let me know down below! 
Here is my last tutorial, it's a pretty, neutral eye with some badass brows! The brow game is strong with this one. 

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