Thursday, 12 June 2014

MAC Kelly Osbourne Kelly Yum-Yum Lipstick

 Yup it's Yum-Yum time, and for reference, I will be calling this KYY as thats a bother to write out, and I'm lazy. KYY set me back £16.50 from Selfridges, but is also stocked in Debenhams and MAC online, I think that they'll have a House of Fraser release at some point too. You can also check it out at your local MAC shop or counter. 
The box and tube are the same lilac/lavender/whatever satin finish, it's slightly matte with little glittery/shimmery particles. The tube is a standard MAC tube but is lilac, the strip is patent black, as is the normal MAC logo, and Kelly's signature is sketched across the bottom half in red. The lilac plastic does have a cheaper feel to it than regular MAC lipsticks, it's not lighter or thinner, but the plastic is not as smooth and streamlined. Also feel that the printing on these tubes hasn't been as good as it would be on regular MAC lipsticks. By this, I mean that I have a red dot out of place on my Dodgy Girl lipstick, and the C on the end of the black printed MAC above is slightly smudged downward. However, it doesn't bother me as much as it might a collector. 
 KYY is a satin finish lipstick, meaning it dries slightly shiny, semi-matte finish. 
 When I first opened this tube I couldn't believe how bright it was! I don't have Candy Yum-Yum so can't make the comparison, but this is a bright, true Barbie pink. 
 It's so bright! By Barbie, I mean BARBIE pink, it's a beautiful bright pink. That's it. It has slightly warmer undertones, but is still slightly blue. I would say that to me this is a neutral toned pink, it leans neither cooler nor warmer on me. It is supposed to be more wearable than CYY, and I definitely think it is. 
 It has a nice, moisturising texture and wears solidly for about 3 hours on me. I'm a MAC Neutral 15 skin tone, if that helps anyone with their decision. It's a beautiful, bright summery lipstick, I can definitely see myself sporting this one more than a couple of times this summer! Although this isn't my favourite out of the two I purchased (as I've fallen head over heals for Dodgy Girl) I think that for pink-loving Barbie girls out there, this lipstick is en point! 
Please excuse my naked face, I had to put this on my face as soon as it arrived... I think that this adds so much to my face, and will contrast well with green eyes. I'd say if you're looking for a bright, wearable pink this summer, check this one out! I don't have any bright pinks so am really happy to start of my collection of them with this beauty. 

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