Wednesday, 11 June 2014

MAC Kelly Osbourne Dodgy Girl Lipstick

As you saw in my haul post, I recently bought a few bits from the MAC x Osbournes collections. I figured that my first two posts reviewing these products should be about the lipsticks, simply because they seem to be what sells out the fastest. So this is the review of Dodgy Girl. Just as reference, I purchased my products from Selfridges. 
Dodgy Girl set me back £16.50, all the lipsticks in this collection were that price. I'd link somewhere that you can find it but I'd say your best bet is at your local counter or shop. 
The packaging is pretty, it's a satin finish lavender tube with a black patent ring and logo, with Kelly's signature on the base in patent red. It's pretty, I don't find the lipstick to be lighter than other base line MAC lipsticks, however the plastic itself is not as smooth, or sleek in some way. It has a different feel to it, the plastic (like many people have said) does feel cheaper, but I've compared the regular lids to this one and the plastic is the same thickness. It's something I can't put my finger on. I feel like their quality control wasn't the same as normal either, as on my Dodgy Girl lipstick there's a small (and I mean small but still...) red dot to the side, just under the black band (not viewable from this angle). I also have a problem with my Kelly Yum-Yum with the print too. Hmm. The twist is patent black, and MAC is written inside in lavender to correspond with the theme. 
Let's get on to the important part here, the majestic thing of beauty that rests within these strange confines. Dodgy Girl is a matte lipstick with a creamy finish, meaning it's not drying like Russian Red or Ruby Woo, and doesn't look like it has that finish in the tube. 
It is a little more pinky than in the picture above, but I tried to adjust it to be as close as possible (my camera's crap). It's a bright lavender formula, with a drop of white and fuchsia to make it stand out like crazy. The addition of white gives you a beautiful, bright colour that will be really striking, for some reason though, I feel really comfortable wearing this! 
(Reference for the picture, I am MAC Neutral 15 with slightly pigmented lips)
The formula is creamy, but matte. The wear time is pretty decent, I popped this on at 3pm and it's 8pm now and just starting to wear out, but it leaves a pretty stain, think Benefit's Lollitint but more lilac. I haven't tried this with a liner yet, but have my eye on NYX's Purple Rain liner. I have to say when it wears though it's not so cool, but it stays in its beautimous state for a fair 3-4 hours with the wear only showing after eating. It wears thin on my bottom lip in the centre, leaving a stain and then a light lavender on the inner part of my lip, you know the bit? 
I just can't get the beauty/gloriousness/beautiumousness captured on camera! It's so beautiful! If I were a witch, this would be my go-to Summer lipstick, it's truly stunning and not like anything I've ever owned before. I've heard nothing but good things about this lippy and am so glad that the girls over on Specktra popped up their swatches and persuaded me to buy it. Let's just be clear here, I am so in love with this thing that I am considering buying a back-up, something I've NEVER done before! I want this on my face 24/7! 

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