Sunday, 29 June 2014

What I've been doing and other miscellaneous antics

I have been out of college (free) for eleven days now, and quite a lot of things have happened in that time. It's not even two damn weeks! So I just wanted to sit down and "chat" with you for a while, let you know where I am, and what's going on with everything. I've been working hard on creating a blogging and YouTube schedule, as well as creating more content for my channel. 
I'm now aiming to post on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday on here (le blog) and on a Monday and Friday on my YouTube channel (I will also be posting on Wednesdays on there on occasion too) which you can see in my new YouTube banner
I've also been working on clearing the clutter from my life, aka, I'm a very messy person and can't keep anything tidy for any length of time. 
Finally, I am working harder on my Etsy store and the bits I'm selling, as well as possibly opening another one and adding new pieces to a new line! Also, I'm still trying to find a job... 
Here's a little look into some of my most recent posts on my YouTube channel, I'd really appreciate a little 'subscribe' if possible. You've no idea how amazing it is when you get a new subscriber, it's one more person that likes what you're doing and what you're putting out there, just like when I get a new follower on here! Now we've gone soppy... 
Also, I REALLY love Futurama at the moment. REALLY!!! 
There are new TUTORIALS! 

So lots and lots there, and if you're a 'Harry Potter' fan like your's truly, I've just (as in about an hour ago!) released a new line in my Etsy store that'll be right up your 'Diagon Alley' - see what I did there? There are house crest necklaces, and a Marauder's Map necklace, the range is looking at expansion too! 
I hope you guys enjoy my videos and my jewellery, and everything else. Remember that if you want to know anything or see anything on my blog or YouTube channel, just ask! I'm always here to be asked! 

Friday, 27 June 2014


HUMANS of all races, ages, sexes, sizes, something magical has happened! I am this week's co-host on the Bright Side Beauty Blog Hop! Much excite! Go and check out Kristin's blog here, and follow her. She's lovely and I'm so grateful for this opportunity! I've been participating in this blog hop for AGES, and I'm very privileged to be doing this. Thanks for your support! 
Meet Me on the Brightside

Happy Friday! The weekend is here!  Add your blog link to the weekly Bright Side Beauty Blog Hop for a chance to network with other amazing bloggers, gain new followers, and find amazing new reads. 

The blog hop's linky list will be open now, until this Monday night 11:59 pm, Ohio time. There are only a few guidelines so read, follow, and let the fun begin.  Don't forget to come back every Friday to join the blog hop and enter future giveaways!!!  

The blogger this weekend with the most views/clicks from the link list will win a co-host spot on next weekend's hop so get your network on! 

This week's co-host is...

Stephanie Maverick(me!)

Remember to add the new blog hop button to your blog or sidebar to increase your views and help attract more bloggers! 

Also remember to check out my YouTube channel, I've been re-vamping it and there is a LOT of stuff going on there. I've also set up a schedule(!). I will be posting on my blog every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, and then on my YouTube channel every Monday and Friday (and sometimes Wednesdays if I'm having a heavy video week!). 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Glosses - Stellar & Apocalyptic

When these glosses were released a while back, I read a few reviews on them that were less then stellar...then Victoria Donelda reviewed them, and I went out and bought two. 
I decided on Stellar and Apocalyptic, as both were cream finishes and both were bright colours that would be fun in the summer. 
The packaging on these things, is awesome. I really like that extra bit of jagged detail to the lid, that just makes these glosses stand out from the rest. The plastic is opaque black at the top and gradients down into clear plastic, which is great because it means you can see the try colour of the product before purchase! All the writing is in silver. 
One thing that I really love about the packaging is the 'dispenser' type bit that is pictured above. Simply because if your gloss doesn't have the seal on, it's easy to see whether the gloss has been used or not, you can see more product in this clear piece of plastic if the wand has already been removed! 
Compare that to what you see at the top of the bottle here, it's now full of product as I'd removed the applicator! Details, details my friends! The above is Apocalyptic, which I think was the shade worn in the adverts. 
The applicators have a little scoop out of the flat side so that the sponge can pick up more product, this is the first time I've seen it where the hole doesn't go all the way through like on many L'oreal products. It definitely offers more coverage, and stops you from having to dip the wand more than needed, which will overtime stop the incorporation of more bacteria in the product, compared to a wand with no dimple! 
These things are CRAZY pigmented! (Apocalyptic Left, Stellar Right) This picture is with just one stroke, which is amazing, they are even more opaque than the L'oreal L'extroadinaire liquid lipsticks. 
The formulation is smooth, a little thick but not at all sticky, they do set a little and leave a nice, bright stain, so you won't miss the colour once it's gone! 
Apocalyptic - A beautiful bright, raspberry pink. It's a bright opaque pink, more of a neutral pink rather than warm or blue toned on me. 
Stellar - A  bright coral colour that's perfect for the summer, again it's amazingly pigmented, and so beautiful. Both are cream finishes. They both give a very smooth, clean finish and don't settle into dry skin. They are somewhere between a liquid lipstick and a lipgloss, and give a very nice, high-shine finish. They are beautiful and for £6.49 in both Superdrug and Boots, I think they're definitely worth it! 

Monday, 23 June 2014

MAC Sharon Osbourne Duchess Eyeshadow Quad

As you know I made a small(!) purchase with MAC a couple of weeks ago, and managed to get my hands on some pretty awesome things. This is one of them! The MAC x Sharon Osbourne Duchess Eyeshadow Quad. 
All of Sharon's bits came packaged in patent red boxes, with a satin lilac signature on the front. The boxes don't have the names of the quads on them. 
The quad is the usual MAC quad, except here it is red with Sharon's signature on the top. The name of the quad and the shadows are all on the back too, which I think it really useful as I really hate when products come with names printed on little clear sheets, and I always lose those! 
The colours in this palette are of a warm palette, so they aren't cool-toned browns, they are much warmer. Top - Sweet Eyes, Left - Femme Fatale, Right - Sexy Eyes, Bottom - Embark (which you can also get in the main line). 
 These shadows are all extremely pigmented, and so beautiful! The two VXPs are very creamy, and very smooth, they remind me of the texture of Urban Decay's shimmery shadows. 
L-R Sweet Eyes, Sexy Eyes, Femme Fatale, Embark. 
A look I did with the palette, it's one of my new favourite things to reach for, and I'm getting A LOT of use out of it! There will be a tutorial on this look up on my YouTube channel this week! 
Did you get what you wanted from the collection? 

Saturday, 14 June 2014

MAC Kelly Osbourne Bloody Brilliant Eyeshadow Quad

Can we please all just give Kelly O and MAC a round of applause for the name of this palette? It's great! Bloody Brilliant is one of those things I say all the time, and I feel like it's typically English, if Ron says it in Harry Potter, it is. 
 The box packaging is similar to that of the rest of her line, a satin lilac box with MAC on in patent black and Kelly's signature in patent red. The box is thinner than a bronzer box, and a centimetre or two longer. The box doesn't have the name of the palette written on it. This quad is £33, which for four shadows and the quad is pretty decent. If you count each shadow separately £10 each and the quad palette is £6.50, so that'd be £46.50 if you were to buy everything individually, and here you get 3 limited shades too. 
 The packaging is pretty, I do prefer the new quad packaging to the old one. This and the Sharon quad are the first ones I've ever bought from MAC. It has a magnetic closure, and is a lilac satin plastic with a clear window with Kelly' signature in red across the front, just above the MAC logo. It's a really pretty palette, and the packaging is nice. There's just something about this plastic that cheapens it, I don't have a regular mac quad to compare them but compared to the Sharon quad and the 15 pro palette, the plastic has a less 'substantial' feel to it. 
 Colours from top L-R, Spoonful of Sugar (Veluxe Pearl), Tickety Boo (Satin), Fizzy Rose (Satin), Shadowy Lady (Matte - main line).  
 Spoonful of Sugar is a beautiful shiny silver with grey/purple undertones, I really like this for an inner corner highlight. It's easier to use with fingers or a larger brush, than with a small brush, which is what I wanted to use initially. I've watched a couple of reviews of this palette by American YouTubers, they didn't seem to know what Spoonful of Sugar was, it's like "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" yah know! 
Tickety Boo has been plugged as a revised version of Quarry, it's not, at all. Quarry comes off more brown and is much less pigmented than Tickety Boo. TB is a beautiful transition colour for these shadows, and is a lovely purple tinted neutral for those with green eyes! 
Fizzy Rose, OHMYGOODNESS! It's so pretty! Purple has long been one of my favourite colours, it's a beautiful, bright lilac that looks amazing as a pop of colour on the lid. You do have to pack this one on though. 
Shadowy Lady is the only main line shadow in this palette, it's a blackened blackberry matte. It's nice and not too pigmented, unlike a lot of people I look for a buildable dark colour/black than a seriously pigmented one, so this is perfect for me. 

Below is a look I did quickly with the shadows. 
The colours have not been edited, I will admit, I smudged out a big spot on my forehead but what can you do? It's such a beautiful palette, I'd definitely recommend it if you're a fan of cool tones, purples or silvers. This is for you! 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

MAC Kelly Osbourne Kelly Yum-Yum Lipstick

 Yup it's Yum-Yum time, and for reference, I will be calling this KYY as thats a bother to write out, and I'm lazy. KYY set me back £16.50 from Selfridges, but is also stocked in Debenhams and MAC online, I think that they'll have a House of Fraser release at some point too. You can also check it out at your local MAC shop or counter. 
The box and tube are the same lilac/lavender/whatever satin finish, it's slightly matte with little glittery/shimmery particles. The tube is a standard MAC tube but is lilac, the strip is patent black, as is the normal MAC logo, and Kelly's signature is sketched across the bottom half in red. The lilac plastic does have a cheaper feel to it than regular MAC lipsticks, it's not lighter or thinner, but the plastic is not as smooth and streamlined. Also feel that the printing on these tubes hasn't been as good as it would be on regular MAC lipsticks. By this, I mean that I have a red dot out of place on my Dodgy Girl lipstick, and the C on the end of the black printed MAC above is slightly smudged downward. However, it doesn't bother me as much as it might a collector. 
 KYY is a satin finish lipstick, meaning it dries slightly shiny, semi-matte finish. 
 When I first opened this tube I couldn't believe how bright it was! I don't have Candy Yum-Yum so can't make the comparison, but this is a bright, true Barbie pink. 
 It's so bright! By Barbie, I mean BARBIE pink, it's a beautiful bright pink. That's it. It has slightly warmer undertones, but is still slightly blue. I would say that to me this is a neutral toned pink, it leans neither cooler nor warmer on me. It is supposed to be more wearable than CYY, and I definitely think it is. 
 It has a nice, moisturising texture and wears solidly for about 3 hours on me. I'm a MAC Neutral 15 skin tone, if that helps anyone with their decision. It's a beautiful, bright summery lipstick, I can definitely see myself sporting this one more than a couple of times this summer! Although this isn't my favourite out of the two I purchased (as I've fallen head over heals for Dodgy Girl) I think that for pink-loving Barbie girls out there, this lipstick is en point! 
Please excuse my naked face, I had to put this on my face as soon as it arrived... I think that this adds so much to my face, and will contrast well with green eyes. I'd say if you're looking for a bright, wearable pink this summer, check this one out! I don't have any bright pinks so am really happy to start of my collection of them with this beauty. 

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

MAC Kelly Osbourne Dodgy Girl Lipstick

As you saw in my haul post, I recently bought a few bits from the MAC x Osbournes collections. I figured that my first two posts reviewing these products should be about the lipsticks, simply because they seem to be what sells out the fastest. So this is the review of Dodgy Girl. Just as reference, I purchased my products from Selfridges. 
Dodgy Girl set me back £16.50, all the lipsticks in this collection were that price. I'd link somewhere that you can find it but I'd say your best bet is at your local counter or shop. 
The packaging is pretty, it's a satin finish lavender tube with a black patent ring and logo, with Kelly's signature on the base in patent red. It's pretty, I don't find the lipstick to be lighter than other base line MAC lipsticks, however the plastic itself is not as smooth, or sleek in some way. It has a different feel to it, the plastic (like many people have said) does feel cheaper, but I've compared the regular lids to this one and the plastic is the same thickness. It's something I can't put my finger on. I feel like their quality control wasn't the same as normal either, as on my Dodgy Girl lipstick there's a small (and I mean small but still...) red dot to the side, just under the black band (not viewable from this angle). I also have a problem with my Kelly Yum-Yum with the print too. Hmm. The twist is patent black, and MAC is written inside in lavender to correspond with the theme. 
Let's get on to the important part here, the majestic thing of beauty that rests within these strange confines. Dodgy Girl is a matte lipstick with a creamy finish, meaning it's not drying like Russian Red or Ruby Woo, and doesn't look like it has that finish in the tube. 
It is a little more pinky than in the picture above, but I tried to adjust it to be as close as possible (my camera's crap). It's a bright lavender formula, with a drop of white and fuchsia to make it stand out like crazy. The addition of white gives you a beautiful, bright colour that will be really striking, for some reason though, I feel really comfortable wearing this! 
(Reference for the picture, I am MAC Neutral 15 with slightly pigmented lips)
The formula is creamy, but matte. The wear time is pretty decent, I popped this on at 3pm and it's 8pm now and just starting to wear out, but it leaves a pretty stain, think Benefit's Lollitint but more lilac. I haven't tried this with a liner yet, but have my eye on NYX's Purple Rain liner. I have to say when it wears though it's not so cool, but it stays in its beautimous state for a fair 3-4 hours with the wear only showing after eating. It wears thin on my bottom lip in the centre, leaving a stain and then a light lavender on the inner part of my lip, you know the bit? 
I just can't get the beauty/gloriousness/beautiumousness captured on camera! It's so beautiful! If I were a witch, this would be my go-to Summer lipstick, it's truly stunning and not like anything I've ever owned before. I've heard nothing but good things about this lippy and am so glad that the girls over on Specktra popped up their swatches and persuaded me to buy it. Let's just be clear here, I am so in love with this thing that I am considering buying a back-up, something I've NEVER done before! I want this on my face 24/7! 

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