Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Yes To Grapefruit Correct & Repair Face Wipes - Review

This is a quick review of the Yes To Grapefruit Face wipes, I have been using these for about two weeks or more and have given them chance after chance. But I'll get into that later. 
The packaging is really nice, it's my favourite kind of packaging on makeup wipe/face wipe products. The packet is bright pink with little light pink grapefruit slices all over it, and it has one of those clicky lid things. 
^ These ones. I like the clicky lids because it actually makes you feel like you are closing the package, rather than just trying to stick a piece of plastic back down. They never lose their seal, so your wipes will always be moist, whereas on other packaging the piece of plastic you're supposed to stick down always seems to lose it's stickiness. Yah know? 
The wipes have this weird cube pattern all over them, like they are quilted. 
These are meant to be "Cleansing, Exfoliating and Brightening". They are cleansing, they are exfoliating and they are brightening, if bright red is your thing. You are supposed to use them gently 1-2 times a week, or "as needed". I don't feel like these have significantly improved my skin. A few days ago I tweeted saying that I'd used a wipe and my face felt like it was on fire, now, usually after using exfoliating products, my face feels smooth and a little warm, but not too red. I put down this 'fiery' feeling to me maybe using the wipes too roughly...alrighty then I'll use them gently next time. 
That next time was about five minutes ago this is my face now...
The end of my freaking nose is red! My nose NEVER goes red, from anything! It looks like I've got a really bad rash or something, and my face is really hot. It's smooth but not at all comfortable. I don't like these wipes, I really want to try the Yes To Cucumber ones, I think that they'll be more soothing. But these promised to "Correct and Repair", and now I'm just sad. If you want something super exfoliating use these, but they are a no from me. 

-Sidenote: I've seen the Vampire Academy movie, and as an avid lover of the books, I liked it. There will probably be a tutorial or TWO coming up *wink but not in a creepy way*- 

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