Thursday, 22 May 2014

Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Eyeliner in Black Velvet

This thing has been EVERYWHERE! Urban Decay recently released a collection of black eyeliners, they are meant to be the best of the best black eyeliners. They are all formulated for different people, and different styles of eyeliner depending on what you like in a liner, and how you like to apply it. There's a gel liner (which I also have my eyes on), a new brush, a felt tip liner and quite a few others! 
I saw these first on Wild Kat Makeup's channel, and completely fell in LOVE with this collection. I think it's nice when companies start to come out with something for everyone, they released the Naked 3 for those who love nudes, the Electric palette for bright pigment coveters and finally a bundle of black liners for those who just want the perfect finish. Altogether this year, snaps for Urban Decay! 
The fact that this liner is called 'velvet' is the main reason it sparked my interest, velvet just sounds luxurious and soft and deep...I love velvet in both fabric form and cake form. I'm a girl, leave it. 

The last review of an Urban Decay liner I did was of Bourbon, which you can view here. The packaging for the velvet liner is the same as the regular 24/7 liners. I LOVE the formula of 24/7 liners, for me, they really do last an entire day. I'll leave my eyeliner on overnight and it'll be there in the morning almost completely perfect, I know you're not supposed to do that but hey?! Please note the last UD liner I bought was Bourbon, so the 'original' 24/7 packaging may have changed since then, I don't know. 
The differences in packaging aren't particularly obvious which I like, it's more linear. The Velvet box is a more matte casing than the original boxes. Also, the sticker on the end (above picture) is one long strip down one side of the packaging, the sticker includes the ingredients and the barcode. This is instead of the name sticker being a circle, and the ingredients printed on the box. 
The actual pencil is a matte black casing rather than a shiny/glittery casing, which I really like because it reflects the finish of the liner. Urban Decay do really well here, with their liners the outer casing reflects the finish so that you don't have to open them all to see whether they are matte, sparkly or metallic! The lid and base are a darker, greyer colour than on the originals, which are a bright silver. 
You can see from the picture just how matte this thing is, it's SUPER matte! It's probably the most matte black eyeliner I own, so if that's what you're looking for get it. It's the pencil that's meant for those who love a smokey eye, I love blending this up into dark brown shadow. It also creates an amazing smokey eye just by itself! Again if a smoky eye is your thing, get it! 
This is a quick, one swipe hand swatch. Look at the pigmentation! 
This is that swatch the next morning! Look at the staying power of this thang! 
The formula is thick, smooth and creamy. It applies like a dream, and I've found that the pencil is smoother than Bourbon. 
I prefer to wear this smudged into my eyelashes, rather than in my waterline. I usually go over my waterline once with this really lightly, and whilst I'm doing that with the pointy tip part, I use the wider base bit to smudge it into my eyelash roots(?). Something like this. 
I'm also really loving the Sleek Vintage Romance palette! So pretty! 
I digress...I managed to get this in the Debenhams Sale for around £13, I usually only buy Urban Decay stuff when it's on sale. But you can still buy it there for £15. Is it worth that much? Honestly, I will re-purchase this when I run out, it's my second-favourite eyeliner, it's beautiful! But if you just want a long-wearing black liner, look to the high-street. This is definitely made for people who are willing to pay money for what they specifically want. 

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